10 Great Container Public Bathroom Designs

Public Container Restrooms

Public bathrooms are an important civic amenity. We hope that these 10 container public bathroom designs will help you get the ideas to construct the ones you like. Providing a bathroom facility in the areas lacking this basic arrangement is the key to improving the quality of life. Establishing public bathrooms at construction sites and beaches helps to secure basic human rights for people. But the time and cost of building these structures pose a problem in their widespread development. This is how people started resorting to better alternatives like shipping container public bathrooms. These bathrooms, including toilets and restrooms, are easy to establish and take much less construction time. They are also an affordable solution to provide public bathroom facilities on a large scale.

Container Public Bathroom Designs:

Shipping containers can be utilized in a variety of ways for constructing public bathrooms. Let us explore 10 great container public bathroom designs here:

1. Basic design

The most basic design of a container public bathroom constitutes a twin toilet unit with a flush system. This design by Container Cabins Limited includes electric lighting, water heater, and electric heating. The use of a galvanized steel sheet and aluminum checker plate ensures to make this portable public bathroom extremely durable.


Source: Container Cabins UK

2. Bathroom Blocks

This design converts a shipping container into bathroom blocks to provide for the toilet and bathing facilities. The size of the shipping container can be chosen based on the number of toilet blocks required. The use of timber flooring and high-quality paints adds to the beauty of these bathroom blocks. Port Shipping Containers can also add a range of accessories to these blocks. This can take the form of air vents, mirrors, showers, toilets, basins, wall partitions, vinyl flooring, and soap dispensers.


Source: Port Shipping Containers Australia

3. Bathroom Cabin

Bathroom cabins are perfect for small spaces as they have a compact structure. These are quite durable featuring a steel base and aluminum frame. You have the option to choose the material of the floor from the Magnesium Oxide (MGO) board and aluminum checkered plate. This public bathroom carries all the modern facilities including flush, basin, lighting, and exhaust fan. Dingrong Steel Structure allows you to choose from the squat and seat models. Also, shower and floor drain can be included in the design depending on your preference. It is a perfect addition to parks, railway stations, tourist attractions, construction sites, and other such busy places. All the components of this portable container public bathroom can be assembled with bolts and screws rather than welding. A single unit can be assembled in an hour.


Source: Dingrong Container Homes Houses

4. Portable public bath

These portable public bathrooms are equipped with all the facilities one can ask for. Designed by the best craftsmen, these portable baths are built following all the building standards. The Pinocchio public baths include:

● Entrance hall with washbasin
● Washing area
● Dressing area
● Steam room
● Compartment for storing equipment

Container Public Bathroom Designs
Source: Vagonka

5. All-in-one Container Public Bathroom

This all-in-one container public bathroom features a strong build of steel all over. With the unique modification done on the shipping container, such design can last for over 30 years. The design includes bathing cabins, basins, flush seats, and wall-mounted urinal toilets. Every section is beautifully segregated for maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene.

Container Public Bathroom Designs
Source: KHomeSteelStructure

6. Running Water Restroom

The running water restrooms built by DropBox Inc. utilize 20-foot shipping containers. The modifications are performed to include insulation and climate control in the bathroom design. Non-skid rubberized floors are built for safety and maintenance reasons. For adding to the beauty of the design, the restroom exterior is wrapped with fiber cement. These industrial-grade units can be easily attached to your main water and sewer lines. This design is flexible to carry its waste and water tank for making the unit self-contained.

This unit contains 3 partitions:

● Men’s toilet
● Women’s toilet
● ADA compliant restroom

Source: DropBox Inc

7. Raised Bathroom design

The raised bathroom design is a unique modification performed to the shipping container that is both useful and visually appealing. The exterior of the bathroom is painted and separate entries are constructed for men and women. The interior offers a sink, flush seat, and a shower area. Other accessories like a vanity mirror, a storage drawer, and a hand dryer can also be included in the design as per your preference.

Container Public Bathroom Designs
Source: 3DGApt

8.  Paid Container Bathroom

This public toilet design is in use at the Corfu port in Greece. Along with the beauty it expounds, the toilet is quite functional with the features it offers. The stainless steel sanitary equipment ensures durability. For maintaining proper hygiene, all the sanitary elements are equipped with sensors. The doors of this toilet are connected to a payment system and open only when the payment is done. A ramp is added to make adjustments for the height difference between the ground and the toilet. Such public toilet units are 100% prefabricated by Euromodul. The installation requires the unit to be connected to your site’s power source, main water supply, and sewage.


Source: EuroModul

9. Bathroom with tankless water-heating technology

For creating this design, Falcon Structures modified 40-foot shipping containers into a public bathroom. All the sanitary fittings are strong and durable as they are made of stainless steel. Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is used to cover the interiors of the container making it easy to clean. The Waterproof flooring is made slip-resistant for adding the safety feature. Dyson Airblade hand dryers are installed in these units for ensuring hygiene and reducing the wastage of paper. Eco-Smart water heating technology is used to provide temperature-controlled water inside the toilet. This design also features restrooms for men fitted with wall-mounted urinals. Other facilities include:

● Motion-activated vent fans
● Photocell lighting
● Indoor LED lighting
● HVAC for temperature control

Source: Falcon Structures

10.  Container Public Bathroom Designs

A 20-foot shipping container is converted into a restroom. It can serve the purpose of both a lounge room and a bathroom. This public bathroom design is built by Pac-Van for the employees working at a coal mine. The design features a vertical sliding window carrying security bars and a solid steel man door as an entry to the restroom. Shipping container doors have not been utilized and sealed permanently. The wall installations include vinyl-covered gypsum for god looks and easy maintenance. Foam insulation is added to the flooring before covering it with false wood vinyl. Other features include –

● Air conditioning
● Baseboard heating
● Overhead lighting
● 30-gallon water heater
● Standing shower
● Vanity with a sink
● Mirror
● Towel racks

It also features an interior door that separates the bathroom from the lounge area. A ventilation system has also been added above the shower to eliminate the moisture buildup.

Source: PacVan

In Conclusion Container Public Bathroom Designs

Public bathrooms are a necessity in every nation. The government and employers must establish them in places of need. Building up a permanent structure is a difficult and time-consuming job. Moreover, it is impractical to create permanent structures for the workers at construction sites. Such places can utilize the power of shipping container bathrooms. The designs discussed above are practical and useful for many setups. With a little modification, you can also use these designs to build a container public bathroom. A vision and some creativity are all it takes.

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