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Impact of Temperature on the Onsite Septic System

The operation of an onsite septic system can be affected by several exterior factors. Some of them like family’s lifestyle or drain-field’s soil we already discussed in a series of articles dedicated to onsite septic systems. The important, although often underestimated factor is the ambient temperature (in a wider sense – the climate zone). Winter …

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Effluent Disposal Systems – Unconventional Approach

What are Effluent Disposal Systems Learn here what could be Unconventional Effluent Disposal Systems and how to build them. Raised Drain-fields Raised drain fields are made of extra, above-the-ground layers of soils suitable for the treatment of effluent. In contrast to “as-it-is” native soil in traditional drain fields, raised drain fields are “engineered” for the …

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effluent disposal systems

Conventional Effluent Disposal Systems

All Conventional Effluent Disposal Systems consist of Distribution Systems and Absorption Systems. The Distribution Systems receive partially treated effluent from the Septic Tank(s), then convey it and distribute (spread) over the Absorption System. They may function based on forces of gravity or by the use of sewage pumps. Gravity-based systems are the least expensive and …

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Composting Toilets for Container Homes

Composting Toilets for Container Homes

As mentioned earlier, household-generated wastewater is a mixture of grey, dark, and blackwater. The disposal of blackwater, as potentially the most harmful part of wastewater for human health, and the environment is strongly controlled by legislative measures and as a result – most demanding. One way to solve these problems at locations without municipal services …

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Types of Septic Systems Container Homes

Types of Septic Systems

  What are the Types of Septic Systems  In the previous section of this cycle of articles dedicated to on-site Sewage Disposal Systems, we addressed issues related to Septic Tanks as individual components of such systems. You will find descriptions of their functionality, typical construction materials, crucial elements to meet environmental requirements, preferred location, issues …

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Greywater Treatment and Disposal

Container Home Greywater Treatment and Disposal

Learn about Container Home Greywater It may be beneficial to keep container home greywater separated from the remaining sources of wastewater (blackwater and dark water). Technically speaking, it will require separated plumbing throughout the house (which practically means – adding an independent greywater line pipe). While it may be a demanding task in houses with …

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