10 Great Tiny Home Bathroom Designs

Tiny Home Bathrooms

Tiny homes are beautiful but need to consider functionality for an untidy look. For the lack of space, we tend to give importance to living space instead of bathrooms. Due to this reason, the majority of tiny home bathrooms are left with very limited space. This calls for some intelligent tiny home bathroom designs that incorporate all the necessary features smartly. Here we bring 10 such tiny home bathroom designs carefully chosen to cover you in all situations.

Tiny Home Bathroom Designs

1. Bathroom Laundry Room

California Tiny House Inc. created this beautiful tiny home bathroom with all the necessary facilities. A flushing toilet is added on one side and a shower space on the other. The middle portion of the bathroom is utilized for installing a full-sized sink with a storage cabinet beneath. A vanity mirror is also added above the sink. A washing machine has also been included in the design to compensate for the small space. It has been placed adjacent to the toilet seat after building a separation wall. A small shelf is provided above the washing machine for keeping the laundry.

Bathroom Laundry Room 2
Source: California Tiny House

2. Contemporary Bathroom

This contemporary bathroom is housed in a 160 sq. ft. shipping container home built by Nate Garnero and Doug Burdge. This home called ‘Bauhaus’ is inspired by the 2018 Woolsey Fire in California. The tiny home bathroom features luxury fittings like a pedestal sink with a vanity mirror. It opens up at a wooden deck that has an outdoor shower installed. A full-length glass door is installed at the entry. This additional shower ensures to keep the house is clean after a trip to the nearby beach. The wall opposite the sink features an enclosed shower area and a flushing toilet seat. The bathroom wall adjoining the living space carries a lot of storage space. Due to a full-length glass door on the outside, this design brings in ample natural light.

Source: Buhaus

3. Minimalist Bathroom

This bathroom is part of a tiny house built out of a 20 ft. shipping container by Container Build Group, Australia. The minimalist design features only the three essential things in the bathroom. The toilet seat and shower area lie on one side while the other side holds small twin sinks. The designer has chosen two basic colors; white and brown for the bathroom interiors. A big openable window is also installed over the flushing toilet to bring in natural light.

Tiny Home Bathroom Designs

Source: Container Build Group Australia

4. Bathroom with a wooden touch


This bathroom is built by Honomobo for its 640 sq. ft. tiny shipping container home. The wooden touch added to the white bathroom gives it a beautiful modern look. Storage space has been included underneath the sink that also features a vanity mirror. A full-sized bathtub is installed at one end that also carries a showerhead above. So, it can be used as a shower area as well. The portion can be separated with a shower curtain to prevent the water from splashing all over the bathroom. The toilet seat has been placed in the middle of the sink and bath area. Though this design features a lot of artificial light, it doesn’t have a window for some natural one. You can, however, add an openable window on the side of the sink. There is always room for customization in such designs.

Tiny Home Bathroom Designs


Source:  Hono Mobo

5. Bathroom with mosaic tile walk-in shower

This mostly-wood bathroom is built by architect Ty Kelly from Larango Studio. It is housed in an off-grid container home in Montana. The bathroom features wood all over the floor and ceiling. A full-sized sink with a mirror above and storage underneath is installed at the entry of the bathroom. This is followed by the flushing toilet seat. And the best part of the bathroom is situated at the end – the walk-in shower. It is separated from the rest of the area with a permanent wall. This separation is covered with wood on one side and tiles on the other. The beauty of the shower area has been enhanced with the mosaic tiles. A glass window is also included in the design for bringing in natural light in the shower room. Though adjusted in a small space, this bathroom’s design makes it look bigger than it is.

Tiny Home Bathroom Designs

Source: Prefab Container Homes

6. Bathroom alongside a passage

This tiny home bathroom is perfectly suitable for shipping container apartments. Built alongside a passage, it is fully equipped with all the facilities that you can think of. This compact bathroom built by CargoHome features a shower area and a flushing toilet. A sink with a vanity mirror is also added in the middle of the enclosed shower area and seat. This bathroom design is a part of the shipping container home project called ‘The Helm’ of the US-based builders.

Sources: Cargo Home

7. Cozy Bathroom Design


This cozy bathroom design is built by an Australian container house designer, Portable Operational Demountable Dwelling (PODD). Though their website is under maintenance currently, we found their exceptionally brilliant previous works elsewhere. This tiny home bathroom design features a sink on one end and a shower area on the other. Storage space is added underneath the sink to save space. The toilet seat is strategically placed next to the enclosed shower area. A wide glass window has been incorporated in this design to make some room for the entry of natural light.

Cozy Bathroom Design
Source: Tiny House Talk

8. Crystal Clear Bathroom

This tiny home bathroom is a part of Crystal’s Palace built by Container Build Group, Australia. The bathroom features a beautiful bathtub that has a window facing the little home garden. Taking a bath in this tub lets you relax in the lap of nature. The bathroom is also equipped with a separate shower area that is enclosed with a glass door. The sink and toilet seat are added on the opposite side of the bathroom to cover up for the limited availability of space. All the walls of the bathroom are kept white except the wall containing the window. It is fitted with colorful tiles to add a charming appeal and contrasting look.

Crystal Clear Bathroom
Source: Container Build Group

9. Sophisticated Bathroom Design

This design is built by Container Traders, Australia. The all-white tiny home bathroom adds sophistication to your house. Each part of the bathroom is neatly done with the sink being placed in the middle. The shower area is enclosed with a glass door that again adds to the beauty of this design. It is functional at the same time. The toilet seat is placed on the other corner of the bathroom. The design also features a wide window that brings in ample natural light in the area. A curtain or a sliding door can be added to separate this bathroom from the rest of your house.

Sophisticated Bathroom Design
Source: Container Traders

10. Bathroom with an industrial charm

This tiny home bathroom design is closest to nature on this list. Built by The Trig, the bathroom carries an industrial charm with metal used in its construction. The recycled local material used in its creation makes it look more beautiful. The design complements the tiny Tasmanian home it sits in. Some of the internal plumbing is left exposed to give this bathroom a raw look. The bathtub is placed in the open instead of installing it in the bathroom itself. This is the most interesting feature of this one-bedroom tiny container home. The natural surroundings are serene and private making it the best bathroom design on our list. This house is also listed on Airbnb and secured the position of a Finalist in the 2016 Tasmanian Tourism Awards. It utilizes solar and hydro-sustainable energies for contributing its bit towards the environment.

Industrial Bathroom Tiny

Open Bath

Source: The Trig Australia

In Conclusion Tiny Home Bathroom Designs:


Space is never a limitation to incorporating a feature you love in your tiny home bathroom. Taking ideas from the above designs you can always build a bathroom that satisfies all your requirements. After all, it’s a good shower that takes away all your fatigue after a tiring work or exercise session. So, mix and match these designs to create a relaxing bathroom for your tiny family home.

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