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Legal Shipping Container Home Laws

Local Laws

Before constructing a house, you need to take some appropriate permissions from the local authorities for the same. Let us have a look at the legalities involved in the process in different countries.

building container home price


Total cost of construction shipping container home depends on: whether you are buying a new or old container, are you hiring constructors to do all the work or you consider DIY, etc …

protect shipping container home


Protect your home from the elements! What is the difference between grounding and earthing the same?
How to protect your home from fire?

Energy Sources & Safety

  • Learn what are the options available for equipping your container home with electrical energy.
  • Choose the best for you and your family.
  • Should you choose to connect your portable home with the municipal grid or go off-grid?
  • How to save energy in many ways for using it later?
  • Most importantly you should:
  • Pay special attention to the safety
  • Hire a specialist to install¬† and maintain electrical installations
  • Obtain an Electrical Installation Certificate



Energy Sources

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