About Us

As a young engineer, I wanted to share my journey with like-minded people and spread whatever knowledge I collect. My varied experiences allowed me to create a bundle of information in the form of i Container Home. The trend of living in the alternate spaces inspired me to collect more knowledge about the possibilities. I loved the idea of using used shipping containers for constructing homes. Not only are the final structures eco-friendly but also strong and affordable. For closely watching the development of container homes it was essential to get in touch with the industry insiders. I work closely with these experts to bring all the information and present it to you. Our team tries to put it in an easy to understand manner for your convenience.

Our Mission

The aim of creating this website is to help people learn about this eco-friendly way of living. Making people aware of the very details of container homes is the main mission of creating this website. Since the idea has the power to improve many lives, it must reach more and more people around the world. Our goal is to encourage everyone to follow the path of sustained living to help our planet. We aim to make people aware of the benefits offered by these container structures. We are also trying to add useful resources at this website so that you can use the power of containers. Helping people to collect knowledge and apply it is what we aim for.

How Can We Help?

Container homes are a new trend that is going to stay for the benefits it offers. These establishments can become tricky for the fact that the sector is relatively new. This makes it crucial to gain complete knowledge about the process before stepping into it. This is where we step in. Our small team can help you get information related to:

        • Constructing a container structure You can look for the basic information about the container structures to get started. The advanced details about the building aspects are also covered for in-depth knowledge about this industry.
        • Facilities that can be built from container buildings
        • Container home suppliers  You can find the contact information of local suppliers along with the services they offer. Their unique selling points and deals are brought to light for your convenience. Since container structures can help the lives across the world, we are trying to collect information throughout. We are covering the whole world to help everyone out there.
        • Safety issues: Protect your container home from lightning, fire, etc…
        • Energy:  We talk about energy sources, storage and off-grid living in general
        • Legal issues – How and where to obtain permits, local laws, etc…


    • All this information is checked for authenticity by our little team operating this website. We hope that you get to acquire some useful information on each of your visits here. Our website iContainerHome will continue to serve you with the useful content related to the container structures.

Mark Johanson & Team