What Should A House Blueprint Include And What is The Price

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Every house should have a set of blueprints so that the builder knows exactly what they have to do. One very important thing to note, all areas of the country have their own building codes which must be followed. While the house blueprints include several important parts, however, it will not include plumbing, heat, and air conditioning drawings.

The house print should include 7 very important parts:

  • Foundation plan – The foundation plan includes detailed drawings of type of foundation, any crawl spaces, or a basement. The plan also includes the placement of support beams, posts, and footings.
  • Floor plan(s) – The floor plan includes the positioning of all walls, doors, and windows of each floor of the house. Each of the floors and present from an overhead view.
  • Roof plan – The roof plan is important in that it illustrates all of the elements of roof formation. It details roof materials, it shows the location of the ridges, valleys, and hips. If there is a chimney in the house it will be listed along with any decorative finishes.
  • Exterior elevation – This view from the outside of the house is a 2-dimensional drawing that includes the outside wall and roof materials.
  • Building sections – This is a unique cutaway view of the house. The views include several angles of adjacent spaces. It also includes a relationship between the roof, house, and ground.
  • Electrical plan(s) – The electrical plans include a complete layout of all the locations of the light fixtures, outlets, and switches on each floor.
  • Construction notes and details – The notes and details may include any additional information about the foundation, interior and exteriors walls, and floors.

Who is qualified to make house blueprints?

When it comes to house blueprints there really is only one option; a drafter. A drafter or draftsperson is trained to create all of the necessary blueprints that your construction teams will use. A drafter will use numerous tools including specialized software programs to help them draw up all of the different plans that make up the house plans.

A draftsperson has highly specialized training in several phases of house design including the following skills:


How much does it cost for house blueprints?

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty, now that we got the discussion about what blueprints are and who prepares them. It is time to discuss the most important thing when it comes to getting the blueprints done, how much does it cost. The cost is broken down into two categories; draftsmen cost and printing cost. Each one will be calculated separated when the billing is prepared and invoiced by the place you hired.

Draftsman cost – The draftsman cost is very complex and it depends on a number of factors. The going rate for today’s draftsmen ranges between $826 and $2705. This is because of the going hourly rate for a drafter is between $80 and $130 per hour. So, with the standard number of hours that a drafter puts in for a full set of house plans is 10 to 13 hours.

Blueprint printing cost – While the majority of the cost comes from drawing up the plans, you still need to set aside some extra money to cover the cost of the printing of each of the pages of the blueprints. Due to the large size of the paper, the cost is reflected in the cost per square foot, which ranges between $0.40 and $3.00 per square foot.

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