Shipping Container Plans – Order or DIY?

Shipping Container Plans - Order or DIY

Securing a floor plan for your shipping container house plays a major role in turning your dreams into reality. A floor plan lets you see your finished house even before commencing any construction activity. Having a floor plan in 3D format further allows you to experience the feeling of being inside your future home. This way, you can easily make changes to your plan if you don’t like any aspect of it.

Where and how to obtain shipping container floor plans?

You now know the importance of having a floor plan for building your shipping container home. It is time to determine the sources from where you can obtain a floor plan for your construction. Broadly classifying, there are only two sources to get a shipping container floor plan:

  1. Online sources

  2. Offline sources

Let us delve deeper into these sources to know the options we have.

Online sources to obtain floor plans

You can create your floor plan online without paying a dime. Some plan designers allow you to build a free floor plan for personal use. These online websites allow you to follow the DIY route for creating a shipping container plan. Some of them also offer a floor plan built by a professional at a charge. Let us discuss these websites here:

4 Best Floor Plan Creators Online

1) Floorplanner

It is an extremely lightweight 2D and 3D planner that works well on all the popular browsers.

2) Floor Plan Creator

It is a multi-platform tool with cloud synchronization that allows you to create one free floor plan online.

3) Homestyler

This completely free software allows you to purchase the furniture you use to decorate your completed floor plans.

3d shipping container home plans

4) SmartDraw

It is available as both an online and downloadable software that can be used free for the initial 7 days.

5 Free Floor Plan Designers Online

1) RoomSketcher

It allows you to create 3D pictures and 360-degree views for your designs or order a plan from an expert.

2) HomeByMe

It is an extremely user-friendly tool allowing you to create a plan in 3D or order a professional one online.

3) Visual Paradigm Online

It is a free multilingual tool for non-commercial use compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux that stores your data online.

4) Archifacile

It is a completely free tool available in 4 languages that allows you to create a detailed floor plan online.

5) Roomle

It is a beginner-friendly tool that allows the creation of 3D plans and purchase furniture directly from the plan itself.

Best 4 Free Floor Plan Apps for Android and iOS

1) Planner 5D

Available both for Android and iOS users, it helps you create beautiful designs with 5000+ items in its library.

5d floor plan container home

2) Houzz

Along with helping you create a floor plan and provide design inspiration, Houzz can connect you with home improvement professionals.

3) Home Design 3D

It allows for creating a floor plan from scratch or from an existing blueprint and offers 1500+ furniture items for decoration.

4) Magic Plan

It provides central access to all your work to your team so you can collectively work on the same project.

Offline sources to obtain floor plans

1) My Site Plan

My Site Plan has a team of experienced CAD designers to provide you a customized floor plan. Over 20 years, the company has designed 1000s of plans for a wide variety of buildings. It has also got these plans accepted by the building authorities all over the US. Along with a floor plan, you can source conceptual layouts and 3D renderings for your shipping container home. Both residential and commercial plans can be ordered for your shipping container project.

container house floorplans

For sourcing a floor plan from this company, you will have to:

  1. Provide the level of detail you need for your shipping container plan.
  2.  Provide the address of your future home.
  3. Share any deeds, surveys, or sketches you might possess.

The company will then assign your order to one of its experienced designers. You will be contacted via email if the designer requires any other information. Once the plan is delivered to you, you can request for any adjustments, if desired. These further modifications are made at no additional charge since the company believes in complete customer satisfaction. You can expect to receive your plan on the next business day.

2) Floor Plan Online

Floor Plan Online is a Washington based company that can help you with the creation of your shipping container plan. It serves the needs of both homeowners and real estate marketeers with its efficient designing team. The company provides 3 types of services:


In this type of service, the professionals will only clean-up the source files of your floor plan. Also, 2D images and 3D models of the plan will be created. You can order this service if you already have some sketches of your floor plan with you.

Partial service

Under this service, the professionals will create a floor plan for your shipping container home or office. You can use your photographer or photos of the site.

Full service

If you don’t have time to prepare a plan or take photos, consider receiving the full service from the company. The professionals will create a floor plan for you onsite and take photos as well.

The cost of these services varies by your location and the total floor area. For further information, you can always get in touch with the customer support team of the company via call.

3) DC Floor Plans

DC Floor Plans has over 10 years of experience in the architecture and designing field. The company has created drawings, renderings, and floor plans for single-family homes, offices, condos, restaurants, and more. It serves the region of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. DC Floor Plans serves the needs of both homeowners and real estate agents. You will be glad to know that the company cares for our environment along with providing designing services. It donates 1% of its revenues to non-profit organizations working for the betterment of our environment.

You can expect to receive detailed floor plans covering interior walls, stairs, kitchen appliances, built-ins, plumbing fixtures, and more. The company delivers floor plans drawn to scale in real-time. The cost of sourcing a customized floor plan depends on the total floor area and additional services needed.

off line floorplan container house

Pros and Cons of Ordering

When you are planning to order a floor plan or go by the DIY route, consider the benefits of both. This will help you decide which option is better for your needs. Let us here consider the pros and cons of both orderings and preparing a floor plan on your own.

Pros of ordering a floor plan

A professional plan covers the minute details of the finished house. This gives you the exact idea of how your future home will look like.

A floor plan ordered from an expert carries a high chance of getting approved by the local building authorities.

A professionally designed floor plan helps in the construction process as it is easier to understand for the housing contractor.

Cons of ordering a floor plan

You will have to shell out some decent amount of money for ordering a floor plan from an expert.

You will not be able to make unlimited changes to your floor plan if desired.

Pros of a DIY floor plan

A DIY floor plan saves you tons of money that you pay to a professional for designing your floor plan.

You can modify your floor plan at any time of the day or night since you are working by yourself. Also, unlimited changes can be made to the plan, if required.

Cons of a DIY floor plan

Your floor plan might get rejected by the local building authorities due to a lack of professional knowledge.

Since you are not an expert in creating a floor plan, there might exist some errors in your plan. These errors will pose a lot of problems during the construction process and cause a delay.

The Bottom Line

A floor plan will make the construction process of your shipping container home or office much easier. No doubt, the DIY route for the creation of your plan is time-consuming but it does offer many advantages. On the other hand, ordering a floor plan from a professional will save you both time and hassle. Your current requirements and the pros and cons of these two options will help you choose the right path. In all cases, the success of your construction project shall be your main aim.

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