USA Container Home Laws & Permits

USA Container Home Laws, Permits & Regulations

If you are interested in SCH, it is recommended to check the local and USA container home laws of the local area. This is the best way to make sure you are not going to break any about using shipping containers. The guidelines presented below are meant to give you useful information and bring some light to this case.

Alternative uses of shipping containers

While shipping containers were built with a particular purpose, and that is to ship large quantities of goods anywhere. Many people noticed their incredible potential in terms of re-purposing them.

Use of shipping containers as a home

There are the following features that explain the idea of using them as home:

  • They were built to be solid and reliable and have a capacity of holding up to 55,000 lbs.
  • These qualities make it easy to understand why some thought about using them for home building.
  • Shipping container houses are gaining popularity due to
  • The recycling and re-purposing of large metal containers.
  • The chance of having a modern and unique-looking home.
  • And the flexibility offered by this solution.
  • In the present day, this building sector alone reached a value of several billions of dollars.

Restrictions by USA Container Home Laws

However, one cannot use shipping containers for the building of a home without proper permits. And permits cannot be obtained if the containers are not approved by the regulating entities in charge of this aspect.

What are the regulating entities that can release the required approvals?

The International Residential Code and International Building Code are responsible for the conversion of shipping containers into residential units. Commercial and residential construction of shipping containers was first outlined by the International Code Council.

This guideline was issued in February 2016, and it is called ICC-ES AC462. It is expected for the Modular Building Institute and National Portable Storage Association to put their imprint on future regulations. Still, most of the regulations in this sector are issued by the local building code entities. So it is definitely worth checking them out.

What Kind of Permits Do I Need for Container House

Just like any other building project, everything starts with a design. Ideally, you should get the help of a professional designer. They can come up with the best design for your shipping container home by following the area where you live. Still, it’s important not to proceed to complexities or to the money until you contact the representative of the local municipality.

Local regulations

Local regulations may be different from those issued by the state. Before you begin spending large amounts on your dream, it would be ideal for getting this aspect sorted out. However, presenting a design made by a professional to the building commissioner will show that you are determined. Moreover, you’re committed to respecting the standards and building a reliable home right from the start.

USA Container Home Laws

Submission of different documents

Your document must contain the technical specifications of the containers you will use and the technical drawing of the containers. It’s usually requested for the authorities to see if the containers are indeed suitable for becoming a residential structure. If this is a requirement, it can be quite tricky to get all of this information. You will have to track down the manufacturer of the container, which is, in most cases, located in China.

You see, shipping containers are usually leased to a number of companies throughout their lifetime. So you will have to go down the line until you manage to find the provider of the container. If you are lucky enough, the provider will be able to give you a specs sheet and technical drawing.

Final step

Finally, you will need a permit from your local authorities. Although shipping container houses are not something new, many areas are still not used to such requests. And they might not know how to address your permit application. It may be a challenge to even locate the person that is issuing the permit. But it’s always good to start by talking to the one in charge of building permits in your area. A building permit is not always required. So if this is your case, skip this part and get down to building your shipping container home.

Container Home Laws – Is it Legal to Build Shipping Container Home in My state.

For many residents of the USA and SC, a home is considered the most affordable way to have a dream home. Be sure that having such a home built in your state is legal before including it on your list. So, the question of whether it is legal or not to build a shipping container home in your state arises.

USA Container Home Laws – Answers

The answer to this question is that most US states allow the building of homes out of shipping containers. Of those who do not allow it yet, many are considering it and even looking for ways to regulate it.

However, even if your state allows the building of shipping container homes, your city or county may not. So, again, check your local laws regarding this aspect. To find out about the legal terms in your area of residence, you will have to contact the county or city planner. Moreover, check out the recommendations in this case.

Even if you obtain approval from the planner to build a shipping container home, you will still have to respect the zoning of your area. And you have to consider the building coding that is applicable where you live.

What are Shipping Container Building Codes?

Besides zoning, you will also have to pay attention to building codes. Such a code will tell about standards required when building in a certain area, so it’s vital. So, you cannot build a structure that violates the building code of the area where you wish to construct it.

Things consider before applying for a building permit

When you apply for a building permit, one of the things you must do is to prove that you will comply with the building code. Building code must belong to the area where you want to build your shipping container home. Only if you make proof that you will comply will you be able to receive the approval you need.

In the US, these building codes are, in general, provided by the International Residential Code and International Building Code. They can also change once a year or in two years. So it is worth checking these codes out before you start your building project. It is worth mentioning that some states use their codes in this sector. So building codes are among the first things you should check before coming up with the design of SCH.

Can I Apply Online for Permits

Yes, you can apply for a permit online, as long as you know to which department to send your application. And you must have all the required documentation. This is why talking to someone from the municipality could help out.

Here you will learn more about the local regulations on shipping container homes and what is needed to build one. When you have all the information you need:

  • You can start collecting permits.
  • Finish your home’s design.
  • And everything else needed to apply for a permit online.

Obtaining a permit, regardless of its nature, is a task that requires a lot of time and patience. Luckily, there is a way to get the permit you need online. By accessing Online Permits, you can apply for the permit you need comfortably and conveniently. However, make sure you have everything needed in order to send an eligible permit. This means that you should already have all the approvals required by your local legislation.

What is Shipping Container Zoning?

Every state in the US has specific zoning regarding the areas available for building purposes. The zoning will indicate the type of building that can be made in a particular area. Zones are created so that a city can develop in harmony and according to the plans of the municipality.

Not all cities have zoning, like Huston, for instance, which is an exception to this rule. So, before starting your SCH project, you should check the zoning code where you plan to build it. The zoning code will tell you what kind of buildings is allowed there. So you’ll know how to make the design of your future house.

International Shipping Container Regulations

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