Shipping Container Home Laws in UK

Shipping Container Laws UK

Are They Legal in UK?

The UK, just like any other country, has specific regulations when it comes to building structures. Therefore, permission is required from local authorities whenever you want to build something.

This is applicable in the case of regular constructions, but what about shipping containers? Is it possible to build a structure by using shipping containers in the UK? If the answer is yes, under what circumstances?

It is not the first time in the UK when owners are forced to take down their buildings because they were made without planning permission. So, play by the rules and everything will be just fine.

Why planning permission may be needed

If planning permission is not needed for shipping containers when it is indeed required, why is this happening? Many factors can influence this aspect. It can simply something the local planning authority prefers doing.

They wish to see a uniform development of the area, so they want to check every project that is about to happen.

However, there are situations in which getting planning permission can be more difficult than expected. When this happens, a particular condition is influencing the situation. For example, not many obtain permission for any kind of building if it is planned to be situated in:


  • An Area of Outstanding Beauty

  • National Parks

  • Around UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Norfolk Broads

  • Within the grounds of a Listed Building


Local planners should also know about your plans if you want to position the container in the proximity of a junction or highway. Are you looking to use a shipping container to add extra space to your existing home? In this case, you should talk to the planners as well. They should know how you want to modify your home to see how this will affect the neighborhood.

You need to use proper shipping containers for building a home

You should be aware of the fact that not all shipping containers are suitable for home building
. Find a provider that can offer shipping containers within accepted international standards. Shipping containers don’t need a full foundation, just support at the corners.

This is why building permission is not required in many cases. However, you will still have to respect building regulations. This is even more important if you plan to turn your container home into a permanent residence.


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