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Listing of Container Home Builders Midwest USA

In our Directory of Shipping Container Home Builders Midwest USA, you can find the manufacturer that can meet your needs and build a dream house for you. Get a free estimate and low starting prices and start following an easy road from start to finish!

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 East North Central


RS2 Architects

Located in Wheaton, RS2 Architects has been in the construction business since 2005. They believe in recycling only those shipping containers that will make durable structures out of them. The company helps you to get clearances from the local govt. for the new establishment. Out of the 2 shipping container homes built in the Chicago area by far, 1 has been constructed by the company.

Advantage Structures

Advantage Structures offer both new and used shipping containers for a variety of uses. They can even provide you with a custom size container according to your requirements. Their services expand throughout the Chicago area and greater Midwest. You can expect all sorts of custom modifications from the company.



Meka Modular

Meka Modular was established in 2009 and has been serving both residential and commercial clients since then. All their units fit the parameters of ISO shipping containers and meet the local building code for your convenience. These modular structures are built to withstand floods, earthquakes, winds, and snow. The company takes care of the delivery and installation as well.

Illinois Transport

Illinois Transport has been in the construction business since 1973 and was acquired by Joshua Coley in 2013. Joshua has over 25 years of experience in the intermodal industry which allowed him to provide us with container structures. You can expect used, refurbished and modified shipping containers from the company.


Medco Development

The company believes in using lightly used shipping containers to deliver strong structures to you. You will find both modern and traditional designs in their completed projects. Whether you desire to build the house of your dreams or require just a backyard in your house for growing crops, ModEco will do the job.

Three Squared, Inc.

Three Squared is one of the best companies in the USA building multifamily and mixed-use cargo architecture. They create beautiful designs that meet the local building code as well. You can expect fully customized container structures delivered to your doorstep by the company. They also offer container homes that can save energy costs by up to 70%.

Container Home Builders Midwest USA


Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA is a family-run company that believes in delivering high-quality services for all your container needs. They have more than 20 years of experience and several satisfied clients. The company will be using only ISO shipping containers for building your container house. It is known for mixing classic and glam-chic designs to complement your lifestyle.

J.Evans Custom Solutions

J.Evans Custom Solutions delivers shipping container structures to both residential and commercial clients. You can trust them for the tiniest of the container home as well as the most elaborate luxury container home. They have built some jaw-dropping designs by far. You can expect all kinds of modifications and amenities from the company.



Located in Tulsa, ModernBlox serves the entire United States. The company builds designs that are functional and durable to provide you value for your money. You can get a container house constructed completely off-the-grid from this company. This will save you huge amounts in the form of water and power bills.

Twisted S Containers

Twisted S Containers is a family-operated business that serves Oklahoma and the surrounding states. The company believes in hand-picking each of its containers to ensure that you get a rust-free home. All their structures are wind and watertight. They offer free delivery within 60 miles of the company’s yard in Nicoma Park.



With an experience of 25 years, ESCAPE is bound to deliver you the quality your dream home deserves. All their container homes are constructed strong to stand tall against heavy snow, winds, extreme cold, and searing hot climatic conditions. They have their trucks to deliver you the completed homes nationwide.

ContainerPort Group

ContainerPort has been in the container industry since 1971. You can both buy or rent a shipping container from them. They offer a complete modifications to suit your specific needs. The company has 8 container yards containing a wide variety of shipping containers to choose from and invites you for a visit. You can expect complete temperature control with fully insulated units as well.

 West North Central



The company can deliver you a shipping container home in any size you desire. Their in-house container specialists listen to your requirements carefully to create a unique design for your needs. Each of their container structure is strong, secure, and weather-tight adding strength and durability. Their experienced team can deliver even the most complicated customization you have in your mind.

The Casa Club

The Casa Club showcases all kinds of shipping container homes whether big or small. It provides you with an inspiration to create a custom design for your very own container home. The blog shares traditional, modern, and ultra-modern structures with you to help you decide what is right for you.

Container Home Builders Midwest USA


Cross Container Homes

With an experience of 10 years in the industry, Tim Cross ensures to bring the highest quality of craftsmanship in each of his projects. His small team works diligently to meet your needs precisely well. You can expect a custom size and all kinds of facilities in your container home. The company can also help you secure finance for your new home.

Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living believes is your satisfaction. It can build single container home or a larger one combining multiple shipping containers. The company offers a wide choice of floor plans to suit your specific requirements. Located 50 miles south of Kansas City, they can ensure delivery anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Shipping container home manufacturer Kanzas



With an experience of more than a decade, Alchemy can surely turn your dream house into a reality. The company has some of the best engineers, designers, and architects to build anything out of a shipping container. You can work with them on a project basis or pay an hourly fee, depending on your design structure.

BlackBox Container Studios

With 20 years of experience, Shane Schaaf is an expert in innovating beautiful designs and structures. The little team ensures to deliver you the imagination of designs you share with them. The company works closely with each of its clients for complete satisfaction. Clear communication and great customer service sets them apart from their competitors.


Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living builds homes that fit your needs and budget. They offer plenty of choices for floor plans and designs. The company does not accept a walk-in to choose a container but lets you take an appointment before a visit. Located 50 miles south of Kansas City, they deliver their container homes to the lower 48 states.

Mini Mansions Tiny Homes

It is a small team consisting of husband and wife with experience of 30 years in the building industry. Safety and longevity are the two pillars holding the company. The couple will get into your shoes to understand your requirements for your dream home. Living in a tiny home themselves, they know what is needed to make your container home comfortable for life.


Mammoth Containers

Mammoth Containers provide completely secure and sturdy steel container structures. All their container homes are water-tight, wind & gust proof, rodent & bird proof ensuring durability. The company can deliver your container home to your doorstep. It offers free shipping within 150 miles and charges only $2.50 per mile for longer distances.

American Trailer and Storage

American Trailer and Storage was founded in 1994 and holds decades of experience to provide you with high-quality services. You can both purchase or rent a shipping container from the company. Having served quite a few Fortune 100 companies, American Trailer and Storage can do wonders in creating an innovative design for your container home.

North Dakota

Midwest Storage Containers

Midwest Storage Containers deals in both new and used shipping containers. They keep a wide variety of containers in stock to ensure quick delivery. You can expect full customization from the company to suit your needs. They can deliver their container structures anywhere in the US fast. The company will promptly reply to your request with its friendly customer service.

Storage Pros

Storage Pros has been creating container homes since 2001. It serves North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota. You can purchase or rent a shipping container from the company for your specific needs. They also offer complete insulation and modification to build the house of your dreams. You can get a free quote from the company describing your requirements.

South Dakota

Shipping Containerz

The company has experience of 15 years in the shipping container business. They have a wide selection of shipping containers and welcome you to check them out at their site. Not only in South Dakota, but they can also deliver their container homes anywhere in the USA and Canada as well.

Shipping Container Sale

The company has combined experience in shipping, container leasing, and finance. They work closely with different authorities around the United States and the globe to bring you the best shipping containers whether new or used. The main aim of the company is to deliver you the utmost satisfaction with their quality services.

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