Ready to Ship Luxury Container Homes from China

Modern two story container family house

Did you know that there are ready to ship luxury container homes from China? We will help you find one that suits your need and budget. Here are some samples:

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A. Two-story luxury container house designs:

  • Low-Cost Housing Technology Prefabricated Living Container House 40ft expandable homes with AU specs

This prefabricated, incredible, portable container house can easily be moved anywhere. This stylish and durable home is a perfect solution for affordable living. It provides extremely fast installation services. The internal and external walls are made up of lightweight steel. You can either paint them or leave them cream-colored. You can choose any model you want. It has a sturdy structure and is constructed from a 2.5-4mm galvanized steel frame provided with fire protection.

Luxury Shipping Container Home from China

      • Energy storage container house luxurious 20ft container standard

This modern container house is made up of steel structures and sandwich panels. It includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. the convenient installation is an additional benefit if you order this container house. The company ensures a secure ceiling by constructing it with metal. The highly durable floor is made up of PVC. So, you can live wherever you want with this all-in-one container house.

Shipping Container house from China

  • Prefabricated eco modular prefab house 20ft mobile folding container home:

This modular container house can be used as a spare room, first home, rental investment, training room, crib room, etc. it can be ordered in several colors. You can stock then one on the top on the other to make a multilevel home…You can also avail of the customization services of the product. The container house comprises a 3mm galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel doors and walls. You can even add stairs if you want to and decorate the walls with metal sheet cladding and PVC plate.

Concept of Folding Customized Container house




B. Two-room luxury container house designs:

  • High-Quality Pack Shipping Container Two Bedroom Prefab Container House for Sales

It is a portable folding container house that can be assembled and dissembled greater than 6 times. The service life of the product is more than 20 years. You can combine it freely in three directions. It has an integrated roof, integrated floor, wall panel with AC socket, door opening, and much more. There is a separate kitchen, bathroom, meeting room, gatehouse, etc.

Two-room luxury container house designs

  • 40 Ft Flat Pack Shipping Container Two Bedroom Prefab Container House

The company is famous for providing high-quality container houses. This durable container house meets the high standards of safety and health. It is environment friendly and can be placed anywhere. The company can also design a unique and new prefab house for their customers. The proper insulation of the container house is highly energy-efficient and can be perfect for both windy winters and summers. You will need only three hours to build it.

Two Bedroom Prefab Container House

  • Beautiful expanding color steel mobile container house large space two-room simple prefabricated box house

This container house is made up of steel and is portable. You can place it in a courtyard, house, or villa. The container house is highly modern. It can be used in an outdoor setting for residential areas. The generous appearance, environmental conservation, internally customizable services make it different from others.

ready to ship luxury container homes from China

C. Three-room luxury container house designs:

  • Quick installation of container house and luxury modular container prefabricated house with three rooms

Three-room luxury container house designs

All parts of the container house will be made according to the client’s preference. It could be made into a two or three-room home.  It is low cost, has a durable structure, and provides environmental protection. The material of the container house is easy to install and is light in weight. It’s 27 to 35  sq meters and requires around 10 minutes to install, saving time and manpower. The container house contains a security door and is tiny in size.

  • Newest Container Tiny House/Store/Office for Sale with Furniture China

The material used to make this container house is a wooden sandwich panel, steel, etc. This modern container room will add value to your place. You can get this product in white or any other optional color. The window frame is made up of aluminum alloy or plastic steel. For electricity, we provide distribution boxes with lights, switches, sockets, breakers, etc. You will also get a customized shower, basin, and pedestal fan services.

Office for Sale with Furniture China

  • OYYF Mobile Portable Modified Complete Container Home Bungalow with Three Rooms 

Eco Green Roof


The product has a one-year warranty and a life span of 50 years. The size of the container house is around 145 meters sq. this model has three rooms and can be used in hotels, villas, or houses. This portable modified container house has a bungalow-type look which gives a luxurious appearance. It is highly economical and for vacations or in commercial areas.

D. Four-room luxury container house designs:

  • Four bedrooms one bathroom luxury 20 40ft prefab folding container homes for sale Prefab Houses

This container house has a warranty of more than 5 years. It is equipped with a sliding glass door and contains a wall of rock wool and a sandwich panel. The windows are sliding, and the vinyl flooring ensures a strong container house base. The kitchen of this expandable container is open. Six persons will take one day to complete the installation process of the house.

Four-room luxury container house designs


  • OYYF Prefabricated Modern Flat Pack House Four Room Prefab Container Home

The design style of this luxurious four-room container house is modern. This prefabricated modern four-room container house can be used in a residential housing area. The structure of the house contains four rooms. The wall of the container house is made up of imported pine, anti-corrosion wood, and magnesium oxide materials. It provides a comfortable area and large space with corrosion resistance and heat insulation properties.

Four Room Prefab Container Home

  • Four-bedroom, 1800 sf, shipping container modular house

Having three children is a complete joy; however, it might be difficult to build a place for them. Providing a comfortable place for them can be a daunting experience. But this container house will solve all of your problems. It provides four rooms and a separate kitchen and bathroom facility. You can even enjoy the perfect evening by spending time on the balcony of this container house.

Four-bedroom, 1800 sf, shipping container modular house

E. Expendable luxury container house designs:

    • Expandable container house luxury homemade in China portable, modular homes portable folding garage movable houseExpendable luxury container house designsThis container house can be assembled and disassembled many times. It can be customized and is available in white, blue, red, and other colors. The product’s main structure is made up of steel and sandwich panels. The windows are made of aluminum and plastic steel to ensure the durability of the product. The life span of this container house is 25 to 30 years.
      • Prefabricated home storage container extendable houses module for departs

      This modular container house is extendable. It has one parent’s bedroom and one kid’s bedroom. This 37/74 sqm container house also has an open kitchen. The kitchen cabinets can be customized. Other electrical appliances like the oven, range hood, the dishwasher will also be provided with the package if needed.

      Two Bedroom Prefab Container Home

      • Free 40ft expandable container house

      The structure of this container house is such that it can prevent earthquakes of magnitude 8mm. Materials used to construct this container house are steel beams, purlin, steel columns, etc. it can be used as a mobile clinic for doctors, which can be extended based on available space. It was used in Africa for refugees that suffered from war. It is movable, and you can set up this container house anywhere you want.

      40ft expandable container house

F) Container house designs with pools

  • Customized luxury prefab house with container pool:The materials used to construct this container house are sandwich panel, steel C-type purlin, etc. the floor of the container house is made up of fiber-cement, water-proof and fire-proof. You can order the product in any color you want. It can be used in hotels or any outdoor area. There are sliding PVC profiles windows with 800mm to 1100 mm dimensions. Partialy Inground Pool Container

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