Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Pools

container pool pros and cons

So what are the pros and cons of shipping container pools? Due to the large availability of used cargo shipping containers, many new businesses are popping up all over the world. These businesses are coming up with ingenious ways to use these old, repurposed containers. One of these ways is a swimming pool for the backyard. For this article, we decided that it is important for you the reader to know some of the pros and cons of going with this type of pool for you and your family.

8 pros for buying a shipping container swimming pool

  1. Can save you money

    – Buying an above-ground pool made from a shipping container can save you money over many other types of pools on the market. These pools can be found in several different lengths and provide a much more usable swimming area than traditional round pools. A container pool comes fully assembled and ready to be filled with water.

  2. Unique design

    – A container pool is a uniquely stylish pool that would be the perfect companion to a new shipping container tiny home. Unlike traditional above-ground pools that don’t offer a whole of options, with a shipping container pool you can put your own stylish touch on it. You add a sundeck right off the side of the pool so that you and your guests can enjoy the sun as well.

  3. Highly customizable

    – The exterior of a container pool can easily be customized to help cover up the unflattering look of the outside of a shipping container. It can be painted in a rainbow of colors if you so choose. You can even put a large viewing window on the side of the pool without jeopardizing the integrity of the pool. The outside can also be totally clad in a wide range of wood materials to give it a look that matches the exterior of your home.

  4. Durable

    -Very The benefit of using a repurposed shipping container to construct an above-ground pool is that the container was made out of corrugated steel material. These containers were designed to withstand the harsh elements while loaded on the open decks of a cargo ship. They also are retrofitted with a second light steel and fiberglass shell to help create a long-lasting waterproof interior. The exterior is usually painted or clad in wood to improve its appearance.

  5. A security fence may not be necessary

    – Many cities have special ordinances that center around pool safety. Most of those involve a safety fence that completely encircles any pool and or hot tube. With a height of a container pool and the fact that there is normally only one access to the pool itself you would likely only need to place a lockable gate at the only entrance to the pool itself.

  6. Makes a good lap pool

    – Lap pools have become quite popular these days with swimmers looking for ways to get more training in. Since this kind of swimming involves going in a straight line for a specific distance, having a rectangular shaped put that is 8’ wide and either 20’ or 40’ long would be perfect in the backyard. There is a built-in advantage to this shape of pool over a larger round shape pool.

  7. Portability

    – One of the biggest draws of having an above-ground pool is that it can be moved from one place to another. However, this generally involves a lot of time and effort to drain the pool and disassemble it completely in order to move it. The benefit of having a container pool is that it is fully self-contained and can be readily set up to use and when you want to move it to another location you only have to drain the water. You have it placed on a truck and move it to the new location and set it in place.

  8. Quick and easy installation

    – Nothing is more simple to set up than a container pool as compared to a traditional above-ground pool. Once you have decided on the size of the container pool you want, all you need to do is prepare the location where you plan to put it. The company that you are purchasing the pool from will be able to tell you how to prepare your site to be ready for the delivery day. The container pool will be delivered and put into place on your property and it is ready to hook everything up and fill it with water.

7 Cons for buying a shipping container swimming pool

  1. May not be pleasing to the eyes

    – When it comes to the eye test, a container pool is not likely going to be very attractive sitting in your backyard. The cold look of a large steel box is not for everyone, however, the exterior can be customized in a number of different ways depending on the company that you purchase it from.

  2. Only one entry and exit point

    – Due to design limitations created by the rectangular shape of the shipping container there is one place to put the entrance and exit to the pool. Most designs have stairs leading up to the entrance and exit platform on the end of the pool. After your pool is installed you can come back later and possibly build a sundeck around the pool which could allow you to add an additional exit on the other end of the pool.

  3. One shape fits all

    – Unfortunately, with a container pool, you are stuck with a rectangular-shaped pool. This is much different from the traditional style above group pools which can be round, rectangular, and oval-shaped. There are however, some choices depending on what the seller has in inventory, you could find a pool that is 8’ W X 12’ L. 8’ W X 20’ L , or 8’ W X 40’.

  4. Quality is not assured

    – Since these pools are designed and constructed out of repurposed shipping containers it is really possible to guarantee how long they might last. The manufacturer will likely have processes in place to do everything in its power to ensure that their product will deliver on any and all promises that they make to its customer.

  5. Rusting is a problem

    – Since the container is made out of corrugated steel and steel will eventually rust when exposed to moisture and oxygen. So, you will need to be aware that rust should be expected at some point. This also means that you should strongly consider cladding the outside with good moisture-resistant material. You will also want to regularly inspect the inside and out for any signs of cracks and leaks.

  6. Cannot be used with a saltwater system

    – It is highly discouraged by the manufacturers of container pools not to use saltwater systems in your pool. As you should already be quite aware salt water and steel do not mix well. Due to the amount of extra maintenance that would be required to keep in order to present frequent breakdowns, it would be wise to listen.

  7. Heating can be expensive

    Depending on where you live an above-ground pool can already be difficult to maintain an acceptable temperature, but when you have large portions of the all-steel walls exposed to the sun and other elements it can be challenging. Some heating and cooling systems can be downright expensive.

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