Prefabricated Shipping Container Home Builders in the US

US Shipping Container Home Builders

We are building for you a Directory of Shipping Container Home Builders in the US. As you probably know shipping container homes are new “craze”. As a result, more and more prefabricated home builders are adding them into their production line. Some brand new companies are also emerging as we speak. So, your chances to get your dream eco-friendly home are growing bigger.

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Shipping Container Home Builders in Midwest USA


RS2 Architects

Founded by a licensed architect and interior designer, RS2 Architects is all about quality and perfection. The company provides container construction and remodeling services for both residential and commercial projects.

Ilinois Shipping Container Home Builder


Meka Modular

Meka Modular offers a wide variety of prefabricated shipping container homes for serving residential, commercial, and institutional needs. The company adheres to the guidelines issued by the International Residential Code and offers a 10-year warranty on its homes.


Ilinois Shipping Container Home ManufacturersSource


Three Square

Three Squared is a Detroit-based builder expert in creating energy-efficient container homes that meet all the building and safety codes. The company uses a unique technology to save 50% in construction time and 25% in costs.

Michigan Shipping Container Home Builder



Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA values your unique style and incorporates it into the designing aspect of your shipping container home. From custom-designed decks to solar technology, you can expect all kinds of modifications in the readymade models offered.

Ohio Shipping Container Home Builder



Established in 2012, ModernBlox creates prefabricated residential and commercial spaces out of shipping containers for delivery across the United States. The company can provide you with the desired design including the off-grid constructions that are eco-friendly and self-sufficient.

Oklahoma Shipping Container Home Builder




This company creates both RV and permanent dwelling models from shipping containers while maintaining the highest quality standards. The company manufactures all the units in its RVIA inspected plant and can perform the desired modifications for you.

Wisconsin  Shipping Container Home Builder


The Casa Club

The Casa Club is the best resource for going through a wide variety of prefabricated shipping container homes for inspiration. You will get to know about the different options available and on saving spaces with the smart installation of furniture.

Iowa Shipping Container Home Builder



Cross Container Homes

Cross Container Homes can provide you with all sizes of residential and commercial spaces with the interiors you desire. Along with a prefabricated container home, the company can also help you with securing finance for your construction.

Kansas Shipping Container Home Builders



Blackbox Container Studios

This container home builder works with proper planning as it follows 3 steps each during the designing and construction stages. The company works closely with you or your general contractor throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction.

Minnesota Shipping Container Home Builders



Mini Mansions Tiny Homes

The company delivers you with a NOAH certified shipping container home that is strong enough to withstand extreme weather. Though the homes offered by the company feature wheels, you will find all the facilities inside for a comfortable living.

Missouri Shipping Container Home Builders



American Trailer and Storage

With more than two decades of experience under its belt, the company can deliver results much higher than your expectations. You can order all kinds of modifications related to flooring, insulation, painting, security, and more.

Nebraska Shipping Container Home Builders


North Dakota

Storage Pros

Storage Pros carries decades of experience in dealing with shipping containers and can provide customized solutions to your needs. You can expect personalized customer service, high-quality output, and delivery at your doorstep from this company.

North Dacota Shipping Container Home Builder


South Dakota

Shipping Containerz

Shipping Containerz offers modular homes that can be easily transported and assembled at your place in less than 30 minutes. Along with prefabricated container homes, the company also provides additional services like surveying and certification of containers in South Dakota


North East USA


Marengo Structures

Marengo Structures offers comprehensive services including site consultation, construction, and modification for creating a beautiful prefabricated container unit. You can expect a cost-effective and timely delivery with the efficiency and expertise held by the company’s professionals.

Connecticut Shipping Container Home Builder



SnapSpace Solutions

With an experience of more than a decade, SnapSpace Solutions is an expert in creating durable, efficient, and cost-friendly structures. All the prefabricated shipping container homes built by the company are completely personalized to suit your needs.

Maine Shipping Container Home Builders



Mini Warehousing

Mini Warehousing offers container structures in different sizes and can perform the necessary modifications for both commercial and residential buildings. You can even order solar fittings for your prefabricated shipping container home for receiving an energy-efficient structure.

Massachusetts Shipping Container Home Builder


New Hampshire

Shipping Containers of New England

This company holds experience in building homes, garages, barns, sheds, offices, pools, and commercial spaces out of shipping containers. You can expect lower overall costs due to wholesale container prices, minimal intermediate expenses, and company-owned delivery vehicles.

New Hempshire Shipping Container Home Builders



Rhode Island

Outback Storage Containers

Outback offers prefabricated shipping container homes for both temporary and permanent residential dwellings while taking care of your budget. The company can perform the desired modifications and allows you to fill a modification sheet online for your ease.

Rhode Island Shipping Container Home Manufacturers



Mobile Mini Solutions

Mobile Mini offers shipping container structures in a variety of sizes and heights as per your requirement. The company has its network spread across the world and is listed on the US stock market making it reputable.

Vermont Shipping Container Home Builder

New Jersey

Interport Container Solutions

The company has a large on-site container modification shop offering custom-built building solutions to fit your budget. It offers simple pre-engineered modifications and can also work out complex designs if you desire.

New York Shipping Container Home Builder

New York

SG Blocks

SG Blocks has designed some of the world’s most famous shipping container buildings including a mobile showroom for Mini Cooper. The company can provide you with a tiny or a large prefabricated container home on time and within your budget.

Shipping Container Home Builders New York



Transport Planning

Transport Planning holds highly experienced and diversified staff for creating high-quality prefabricated container structures for both commercial and residential use. You can expect excellent customer service, competitive prices, and a vast inventory of shipping containers to choose from.

Shipping Container Home Builders Pennsylvania


South USA


K&K International Inc.

K&K International takes care of your housing needs from start to finish by selecting, modifying, and delivering your structure. All your ideas are turned into reality by the company’s certified welders at its 22,000 square foot warehouse.

Delaware Shipping Container Home



Containers In Motion

Whether you want a large home or a tiny house on wheels, Containers In Motion can create it for you. The company builds beautiful designs and can also help you with the financing aspect of your dream home.

Shipping Container Home Builders Florida



BMarko Structures

BMarko has been serving the clients with modular construction needs since 2014 and delivers sustainable structures within your budget. You can order all kinds of modifications for both residential and commercial shipping container structures of all sizes.

Shipping Container Home Builders Georgia



I Can Build It

This company is famous for creating some of the most unique container home designs with decades of experience it holds. You can rely on the company’s workmen for basic handyman duties as well as creating a complete container structure.

Shipping Container Home Builder Maryland


North Carolina


Greenbox offers prefabricated shipping container homes that can be delivered to you as early as in 3 months. If you choose the DIY route for construction, the company can provide you with helpful blueprints to fasten the process.

North Carolina prefabricated container homes


South Carolina

Piedmont Green

Piedmont Green provides you with energy-efficient container homes that save you power bills for years to come. It combines the highest quality construction materials with excellent craftsmanship to create the house of your dreams.

South Caroline Container Builders



Western Container Sales

This company is among the largest buyers of used shipping containers in North America and can, therefore, offer competitive prices. It offers custom modifications for creating the desired prefabricated shipping container home through its partner companies.

Virginia Container Home Builder


West Virginia

Onsite Storage Solutions

Onsite Storage Solutions offers shipping containers from 10 feet to 53 feet long with varying heights including high-cube ones. The company has its trailers for delivery and can also help you with the financing aspect.



Decatur Container

Decatur Container offers prefabricated shipping container structures in different sizes for both commercial and residential uses. You can secure a custom-built mobile home or a fixed one from the company as per your requirements.



Port Containers USA

Port Containers offers extremely secured shipping containers and discusses your building requirements for providing custom solutions. The company has its vehicle to take care of the delivery process as well.

Kentucky Shipping Container Home Builders



Custom Container Living

Established in 2015, Custom Container Living offers pre-built as well as custom-made designs for shipping container homes. The company ensures to be in touch with you from consultation through the final delivery for complete satisfaction.

Mississippi Shipping Container Home Builder




Conexwest offers a wide variety of containers ranging from 10 feet to 45 feet and can perform the desired modifications. You don’t have to worry about the delivery of your structure since the company has its delivery fleet.

Tennessee container home builder



Tiny Homes of Arkansas

The company offers tiny container homes, workshops, storm shelters, cabins, sheds, swimming pools, and storage containers for your needs. Along with some beautiful designs, you can also expect to own your dream home for extremely low monthly payments.

Arkansas container home manufacturers



A&M Container Sales and Rentals

A&M Container is known for its commitment to excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and quality offerings. The company provides all kinds of modifications to bring your desired design into reality and takes care of the delivery process.

Louisiana container home builder



Oklahoma Container

This company Container offers extremely secured container structures for both residential and commercial uses. The company’s specialized trucks and professional drivers ensure to deliver your container in the right condition.

Oklahoma Container Home Manufacturers



StackHouse Container Homes

StackHouse Container Homes has an excellent team with decades of designing and construction experience to create your dream home. The company can build residential, commercial, and mobile container structures ranging from 100 to 5,000 sq ft.

Texas container house builders


Container Home Builders West USA


Gold Container Home

Gold Container Home partners with an experienced architect to create extremely beautiful designs for its prefabricated shipping container homes. It uses specialized technology to provide you with a strong, secure, modern, efficient, and weather-resistant container structure.

Arizona Shipping Container Home Builders



Colorado Container Home

This company modifies shipping containers into custom-built homes, cabins, horse stalls, garages, classrooms, playhouses, concession stands, and more. You can select the size and order the necessary modifications before getting your dream home delivered by the company personnel.

Colorado Shipping Container Home Manufacturer



Idaho Storage Containers

Provides quality shipping containers for modification purposes and can carry out deliveries in difficult terrains as well. You can expect secured container structures, personalized solutions, and exceptional customer service from this company.



Columbia Containers

Columbia Containers offers strong and weather-resistant shipping containers structures in sizes ranging from 10 feet to 45 feet. You can order a unit for both commercial and residential use on rent, rent-to-own, or ownership basis.

Montana Container House Builders



Alternative Living Spaces

Alternative Living Spaces offers beautiful pre-built models of prefabricated homes and can also create a custom design for you. The experienced team of the company has done many projects and can, therefore, be trusted for your needs.

Nevada Shipping Container Homes


New Mexico


Luckdrops offers beautiful container home designs with all the modern amenities and comfort while taking care of your budget. The company takes care of the minute details to maximize space and efficiency in each of its prefabricated container homes.

New Mexico Shipping Container Home biulders



Kustom Container

Kustom Containers provide you with both storage containers and prefabricated shi[[ing container structures for all your needs. The company is extremely transparent in its dealings and displays the prices for different modifications offered on its website.

Utah Container Home Builders




Wheelhaus applies high-quality craftsmanship to each of its prefabricated models to create a durable, energy-efficient, and spacious shipping container home. The company offers a wide variety of beautifully designed pre-built models and can also customize them as per your needs.

Wyoming container house builders



Alaska Custom Containers

Offers comprehensive services by providing storage containers, prefabricated container homes, and handling their transportation across Alaska. Whether you want a tiny container apartment or a huge multi-family container home, this company can create it for you.

Alaska container home builder




Meka Modular

Meka Modular has been serving residential, commercial, and institutional container structure buyers all over the world since 2009. It offers a wide variety of prefabricated shipping container models and is completely transparent about the prices

California Container Home Builders



Affordable Portable Housing

Аfordable Portable Housing helps you with the drafting process and obtaining permits along with creating a prefabricated container home. You can order both mobile and permanent container structures for your residential and commercial needs.

Hawaii Container Home Builder



Relevant Buildings

Relevant Buildings offers prefabricated shipping container homes ranging from 320 to 900 square feet and can provide the necessary customization. All the container units are built in conformity with the Uniform Building Code to provide you with a high-quality structure.

Oregon Container Home Builders



Hybrid Architecture

Since 2007, Hybrid Architecture has been creating beautiful prefabricated container structures by utilizing modern technologies in Digital Modelling and Prefabrication. The experienced team takes care of all your design needs to bring your dream home into a reality.

Washington Container Home Builders



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