Moving & Relocating Shipping Container House

Moving & Relocating Shipping Container House

Ways of Moving & Relocating Shipping Container House

Find out here different ways of relocating shipping container house. Living in a shipping container house can bring a bunch of exciting experiences on your way. However, you might sometimes come across the need to move or relocate your shipping container house to another location. If you are dealing with any such requirement, feel free to keep on reading. We will share the steps that you need to follow to move and relocate your shipping container house.

Can you relocate the shipping container house?

As you already know, you cannot move and relocate the traditional house. However, it is possible for you to move and relocate a shipping container house. That’s because your shipping container house is made out of numerous modular structures. The complexity of your move would vary depending on the complexity of the shipping container house you have. However, you will still be able to disassemble the shipping container house into modular components and proceed with the move.


Relocating shipping container home

You are doing numerous modifications to the shipping containers to ensure the construction of your house. Hence, it will not be possible for you to follow a traditional approach and move the shipping container house. Instead, you will need to go for a specialized method to proceed with your transportation. This will help you to refrain from causing any damage to the modified shipping containers as well.

Disassembling the shipping containers

Before you move a shipping container house, you should disassemble the shipping containers that are stacked. If there are connections between the individual shipping containers, you should remove them and proceed to get the modular shipping containers. You will not be able to transport multiple shipping containers at a time. Hence, it is recommended to disassemble the stacked shipping containers and modular containers, which you can easily transport.

You should remove all the belongings that you have kept inside the shipping container house before going forward with this step. In other words, you must double-check and ensure that the interior of the shipping container house is empty. This will not just help you to proceed with a convenient move but can also deliver all the support you need to keep your belongings safe from damage. You can move them to the new location after you finish setting up the shipping container house.

Transporting the shipping containers

After you disassemble the shipping containers, you will need to have a clear understanding of how to transport them. You will need to use a specialized truck for transportation. Otherwise, the modifications you have done to the shipping containers can get damaged.

There are multiple options available to consider when you are getting a truck for the transportation of shipping containers. Here are some of the best options available for you to consider.

– Transporting the shipping containers with a tilt-bed truck

If you want to move your modified containers to a shorter distance, you can think about using a tilt bed truck. It is a perfect method available to transport a modified shipping container to a shorter distance, which is under 200 miles. You will be able to get the bed of this kind of truck to tip at an angle. Along with that, you can allow the container to slide off easily. Hence, the driver will be able to arrive at your new location and set up the container on the ground without having to use any extra equipment.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that you need to have lots of space to access the area with a tilt bed truck If you have a lot of space around the shipping container house, you can go ahead with this option.

– Transporting the shipping containers with a flatbed truck

If you want to move the modified shipping containers to a distance of over 200 miles, you should think about using a flatbed truck. It is a cost-effective method available to move shipping containers for longer distances. You will be able to discover a simple fixed platform in a flatbed truck. There aren’t any surrounding walls. Due to the same reason, you will come across the need to have a forklift or crane to move your container. You will also need to have one to get that off from the truck bed.

– Transporting the shipping containers with a step-deck truck

If you have high-cube containers, you will not be able to transport them through the traditional methods. That’s because a high-cube container has a height of around 9.5 feet. This is where you will need to think about using a step-deck truck. The step-deck trucks are pretty much similar to the flatbed trucks. They have a flat and fixed platform. However, the platform in these trucks is lower to the ground. Hence, you will be able to use one and accommodate taller loads with ease.

You will need to use a forklift or container to place the containers on the truck bed and remove them after you reach your destination.

How to unload the shipping containers?

Once you arrive at the new location, you will need to unload your modified containers. The approach you should follow to get the job done would vary depending on the type of container you have. For example, if you are having a shipping container with a length under 20 feet, you will need to lift that with a forklift that has at least 6-foot tines. Then you will be able to place the containers back into position safely. In case if the shipping container is over 20 feet in length, you should get a forklift that offers 8-foot lines. You can also rent a crane and proceed with getting your job done.

Final words for Relocating Shipping Container House

Now you are aware of the steps that you must follow while you are trying to transport a shipping container home. Follow these steps and move your shipping container house to the new location without facing any struggles.

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  1. Thanks so much for explaining how a shipping container house gets relocated. My uncle recently bought one to turn into a sort of tool shed. He’s been looking into how he wants to move the thing and a crane seems like his best option. We’ll have to look into crane rentals and call some professionals to help him move the thing.

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