Shipping Container Home Builders in Asia


List of Shipping Container Home Builders in Asia:

Find here container home builders in Asia It is the largest continent in terms of size and population. The diversity it offers in the form from beautiful beaches in Thailand to tropical jungles in Indonesia is unmatchable. With an increase in population, Asians started looking for alternative housing options that are affordable and eco-friendly. China, being the most populous country in the world, houses most container home developers. It must be noted that all the shipping containers in the world are made here and exported to other countries for various purposes. It was, therefore, natural for China to enter the custom-container market. These structures are very popular in the continent due to the shortage of land and ever-increasing population.

1. Container Kings Thailand

Container Kings has been in the industry for over 25 years and adheres to the highest service standards. Their container homes are structurally-sound, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. The company works closely with you from understanding your dream to bringing it to life. All the structures are waterproof, fire-resistant, weather-proof, and insect & rodent-proof.

Shipping Container Home Builders in Asia

2. Champion Prefabs | Prefab Container Homes

Champion Prefabs offer an array of designs for your prefabricated container home. You can expect your home to be equipped with all kinds of modern fittings including fire alarms, air-conditioners, smoke detectors, etc. All their structures are weather-proof and leak-proof to survive extreme climatic conditions. You can also get your home fully insulated for a warmer environment.

5. Aathaworld

Aathaworld believes in innovating the ways of constructing homes. Their creative solutions ensure almost zero wastage during the building processes. You can work with them for a small unit or a big project using multiple shipping containers. The company will take care of delivery and installation along with taking approvals from the local authorities.

6. Home-Malaysia Handy Container (S) Pte Ltd

The company provides fully customized shipping containers for all your needs. You can expect all the modern fittings, container roofing, and air conditioning. For added safety, the company can also make your home explosion-proof. They offer custom-sized container structures that are formed by joining multiple containers. You can even sell your old container here.

7. Porta Cabins

Porta Cabins build container structures using high-quality materials for providing durability. They offer several patterns, designs, and sizes to meet everyone’s requirements. All their container homes adhere to international standards. The buildings are weather-resistant and feature compact designs. You will find durable finish standards and aesthetically designed units here.

8. Pro Touch

Established in 2015, Pro Touch is famous for reasonable prices and prompt delivery. It is one of the best container-home developers in Saudi Arabia. The company utilizes both new and used shipping containers for providing you a cost-effective solution to your housing needs. The projects can be tailor-made as per your instructions.


9. Speed House Group of Companies

Speed House Group has been in the construction business since 1974. With decades of experience and knowledge, the company can deliver the toughest design in the form of a container home. A highly-experienced research and development team ensures to bring new ways of manufacturing to reduce costs and maximize your benefit.

10. Hybrid Homes (Pvt) Ltd

Hybrid Homes believe in utilizing used shipping containers to develop an eco-friendly structure. All their container structures are safe and can withstand tsunamis and lightning. You can expect fast delivery in 1-3 months, depending on the complexity of the design. The container homes can be fully temperature-controlled and are also backed by a 20-year warranty.


G.A. Builders offer innovative designs and high-quality services. Their container structures are functional and deliver optimum performance. You can receive an energy-saving, earthquake-resistant, cost-effective, and eco-friendly house in a short period. The company’s previous works represent contemporary architectural designs. You can also hire their consultancy services for your project.

12. Container Homes Nepal

Container Homes Nepal believes in providing value for your money by delivering high-quality container homes at a reasonable price. The company can develop anything from a single-family home to a multi-story apartment, a pop-up shop to a shopping center. You can expect complete customization with your choice of flooring, fittings, and layout.

13. Container Homes

The company can deliver all kinds of structures built from shipping containers. All their buildings adhere to the highest construction standards for delivering quality. They can deliver a container home in Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Finland. Drawing inspiration from the surroundings, the company offers an unlimited range of designs and layouts for your next home.


14. Karmod

Karmod is known for its speed. If you like a design fabricated by them, they can deliver it to you in just one day. You will find plenty of beautiful designs at reasonable prices. For custom designs, the company will work closely with you to meet all your expectations. All their containers adhere to international standards and can be delivered to any part of the world.

Need for Container Home Builders in Asia:

Shipping container homes have gained popularity in recent years as an affordable, eco-friendly, and unique housing solution. While this trend has taken off globally, some regions have been quicker to adopt this innovative living space than others. In Asia, several countries have shown a particular interest in shipping container homes. Here are some of the most popular countries for shipping container homes in Asia.


China is one of the biggest markets for shipping container homes, with a booming demand for affordable and sustainable housing. Container homes have become a popular choice in urban areas, where land is limited, and traditional housing is too expensive for many people. Shipping container homes in China are not only practical and affordable, but they also offer an element of uniqueness and creativity that is highly valued in modern Chinese culture.


Japan has a long history of using recycled materials in architecture, and shipping container homes are a natural extension of this tradition. Container homes in Japan are often designed to be mobile, with the ability to be easily moved to different locations. They are popular with people who want a flexible and versatile living space, as well as those who are looking for a unique and environmentally friendly home.


In the Philippines, where natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes are common. Container homes have become a practical and sustainable solution for housing. Shipping container homes can withstand extreme weather conditions and provide a safe and secure shelter for families. Additionally, container homes in the Philippines can be built quickly and at a lower cost than traditional housing.


India is a vast and diverse country with a shortage of affordable housing in many areas. Shipping container homes have become an attractive option for people looking for a cost-effective and sustainable solution to their housing needs. Container homes in India are often designed to be modular and easily expandable, allowing families to add rooms as their needs change.


Indonesia is another country where shipping container homes are gaining popularity. With a growing population and limited space in urban areas, container homes offer a practical and affordable solution. Container homes in Indonesia are often designed to be eco-friendly, using sustainable materials and solar power to reduce their carbon footprint.

Conclusion Container Home Builders in Asia

shipping container homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice in Asia, with a growing number of countries embracing this innovative and sustainable housing solution. Whether it is for affordability, versatility, or eco-friendliness, container homes offer a unique and practical way of living that is attracting more and more people across the continent.

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