Manufactured, Mobile or Modular Houses


Modular Houses, Manufactured or Mobile?

Do you know the difference between modular houses, mobile or manufactured? It can be challenging to notice any kind of difference between all these types, as they are hard to notice. While it is true that differences are slight, different codes are applied for each makes them different categories of houses. So, we are going to look deeper into this case, giving you the chance to better understand them. This will help you determine which authority to contact for obtaining a permit for building a home of these types. It’s understandable why these concepts can be confusing, considering that a manufactured home was once known as a mobile home. In 1976, the name of this type of home was changed to the manufactured home. However, their basic structure remained the same.

1. Manufactured and Mobile Home

Manufactured mobile home

• Made in factory

• Set on trailer chassis According to the standards, both the manufactured and mobile home are set on a trailer chassis permanently. Regarding regulation, these homes should respect the HUD code or Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development released the previously mentioned code. It’s the only code of the kind that covers this type of house throughout the country. The code refers to homes that are made in factories and shipped to the building site mounted on a chassis. They will remain on the chassis for the remainder of their use.

2. Modular Home

• Modules Made in Factory

• Assembled on the construction site

• Have permanent foundation
Modular homes, on the other hand, are homes that have their modules made in a factory. So, they will be assembled on the construction site, instead of in the factory. Also, they will be placed on a permanent foundation and not on a trailer chassis. Thus, they will not be regulated by the HUD code, but by the IBC code. It is worth mentioning that RVs are regulated by a different set of standards. Although they are also manufactured homes.

Differences matter for building codes

The ability to set these homes apart and understand the differences between them is important. This is due to the fact that most shipping container homes available are delivered on a trailer chassis. You can find both the 20 and 40 ft. versions this way. So, you need to know which code is applicable in this case. At the same time, shipping container homes mounted on a chassis should have a clear purpose. The manufacturer or provider should determine whether the home is destined for periodic occupancy or permanent residence. Depending on the purpose of the container home, it will fall under the HUD code

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