How to Store an Extension Ladder in a Garage?

An extension ladder is not something you will use on a daily basis. And not using the ladder regularly means you will need to store it somewhere safe and easily accessible. Your garage is considerably one of the best places you can keep your extension ladder.

Storing a large object like an extension ladder can be pretty challenging. Just putting the ladder into a corner won’t really work as storing. There are a few ways like using hooks, ceiling racks, and many more available hanging tools.

So, the article is filled with some of the easy and best ways you can apply to use the garage as a storage place for your extension ladder.

How Can You Store An Extension Ladder In Your Garage?

There are plenty of ways you can select to store your extension ladder in the garage. You can find many useful gadgets that will help you manage the ladder to hold in the wall or ceiling in your garage. So let’s jump to explore the options to hang a ladder in the garage and store it safely.


The first option we would advise you to take into your consideration is to use hooks. Using hooks to store ladders is relatively more accessible than the others. You can use a drill machine and screw the hook into the spot in the garage you want to keep the ladder. You will have plenty of options in hooks to choose from in the market. Usually, hardware shops have hooks of various kinds. Ensure to select the one that can lift heavyweight.

For Vertical Storage

Vertical storage clips usually have an angled edge so that they can hold the ladder straight on the wall. Vertical hooks come in pairs, so the weight can be equally divided between them and not let the ladder fall.

You can use only one hook to hang the ladder, but it’s better to use two for safety measures.

For Horizontal Storage

Horizontal storage clips are more like clamps that attach to the wall and help to keep the ladder hanging and away from the floor. If the ladder’s height does not fit due to the garage ceiling, you can choose the horizontal position.

To use clips to keep the ladder in a horizontal position, make sure the clips are on an even level to hold the weight equally.


The second easy option you can depend on is installing racks on the wall. Ceiling racks are also famous for storing things in the garage. Choose stainless steel as they are pretty strong and can take heavyweights.

Storing racks come with clumps and screws to attach them wherever you want.  We would recommend you install the frames on the ceiling so you can save up more space. There are also extending options for racks, so storing the ladder becomes much more manageable.


Building a cabinet is not for everyone to store the extension ladder. If only your garage has enough space to create a cabinet, you can take the proper steps to build one. Cabinets can store more than your extension ladder. A cabinet with shelves will hold more things you don’t have space to keep.

If your garage has enough space to install a cabinet, then you can consider the wooden one. You can either build one from scratch. Or you can simply buy a ready-made one from the store. But make sure to take the measurement before purchasing the cabinet, or else it may not fit your garage.

Heavy Pulley

A heavy pulley for storing the ladder will provide more than enough free space in the garage for you. Even if your garage has small space, a heavy pulley will help to create more space. Another benefit of using a heavy pulley is that you won’t need to use your muscles to unload or load the ladder. Heavy pulleys come with an easy hoisting system.

Ladder Storage Hanger

Another easy way you can apply to store ladder is by using a hanger and hanging them from the above. Of all the available options, the most beneficial way to keep any ladder is to hang them from the ceiling. Hoisting the ladder to the ceiling leaves a considerable space in the garage.

Hangers used to store the ladders are quite similar and work the same way a heavy pulley does. One of the many differences between them is that a pulley has its uplifting system and a hanger doesn’t.

Tips For Storing Your Extension Ladder In Garage

Knowing only one of the many ways you can adapt to store your extension ladder is not enough. Applying the proper way is also included if you want to avoid damaging the ladder. Here are some tips for you to properly store an extension ladder.

  • It’s better if you can keep the ladder away from the floor to avoid any damage.
  • Choose hooks carefully you’re about to use that is strong enough to hold the weight of the extension ladder.
  • Don’t hang the ladder before measuring the weight and if the hooks can hold the weight.
  • Inspect your ceiling before installing anything to store the ladder. If the structure of the roof is not strong enough to hold the weight of your extension ladder, then avoid the hanging storage option.


Hopefully, now you know all the possible options you can explore and choose among to store your extension ladder in your garage. Remember that a typical ladder and an extension ladder may seem similar, but their weight begs a lot of differences.

An extension ladder can be shortened if needed, but a typical one cannot be. It depends on how much space you have in your garage to choose what sort of storing option you can apply.

We hope the article contains enough intel to help you choose the best option you can apply to store an extension ladder in your garage. Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion about our article in the below-given box.

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