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South USA container home manufacturers

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K & K International is a small family owned business and believes in delivering you quality work. You will be glad to know that they allow you to visit their site to choose any container you like. They ensure complete quality control by taking care of your delivery needs too. Customer service is their priority and they value your needs very well.

As the name suggests, it is not a single company but an alliance of numerous firms dealing in container houses. Let me tell you that this gives them the advantage of serving your container needs throughout the United States. You just need to fill in your zip code on their website to find an Alliance partner in your area.


The company offers customized modular container homes built with sustainable and renewable materials with innovative designs and layouts. I would love to inform you that they offer a safer and burglar-proof construction with the highest security ratings for buildings in the market. They also export outside of the USA and their designs are awe-inspiring!

Containers In Motion believes in delivering high-quality finest designs at a budget. You will get abundant options in designs, colors, fixtures, and floor plans. They can also provide you with special ‘grow containers’ specially made for your backyard. Just tell them the veggies or herbs you would like to grow and they will build a design accordingly.

Sundog structures has featured on HGTV’s Container Homes because of the quality they deliver. Their buildings are smart and sustainable and display sleek aesthetics. You will be glad to know that they have a range of existing plans for both residential and commercial buildings. With a plethora of options to choose from, you will surely find your dream home in a matter of minutes.


Florida container home builder manufacturer


CGI Container Sales is the world’s largest full-service supplier to the intermodal industry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they deliver high-quality products and services. You will be amazed by the options they carry for new, used or modified shipping container structures. They have superb customer support and major sales location throughout the United States.

BMarko has some of the highly talented engineers who can deliver your dream home better than your expectations. They have a special ‘3D Shipping Container Modifications Division’ that can change a shipping container into an excellent piece of art. Let me tell you that they also have two other divisions for modular steel and wood constructions. This specialization allows them to deliver the best results one can expect from a container home manufacturer.


Each container house built by the Tiny House is so strong that it can withstand hurricanes and other natural disasters. They can also provide you with an off-grid construction having its solar system, water system, and waste tank. You will be surprised to know that their very own workshop is also solar-powered. Additionally, you can also get your home completely insulated.

The company chose the name “I can build it” to justify never telling a customer ‘NO’. Challenge them with whatever custom design you desire for your home and they will build the impossible. Their 60 years of combined experience in the worlds of residential and commercial construction allows them to deliver the best to you.


Cargo container house builder Maryland

North Carolina

The primary focus of GreenBox is to extend savings to us all through constant refinement of efficiency of build time which comes with volume sales. I’m glad to inform you that they offer ‘Move-In Ready’ container homes. They can also deliver your custom designs. If you don’t like their design or have one with yourself, you can tell them the facilities you would like to have in your dream house and they will prepare a design just for you.

Building container homes since 2013, Ls Smith upcycles shipping containers to beautiful modular structures. Their highly-efficiently team has designed, developed, and delivered both single and multi-family homes. You will be surprised to know that most of the times the company is fully-booked for the quality it delivers.


Container houses builder North Carolina

South Carolina

Jenshau’s team has over 100 years of experience in the Container Modification Industry. It is a secure, state of the art Container Modification Facility located one-half mile off Interstate 95 in Walterboro, SC. I’m very excited to tell you that Jenshau will be the first in the area to offer SC State approved Mini Modular Homes.

It is a locally owned & operated company dedicated to meet all your container housing needs. With abundant wealth of knowledge and experience under its belt, you are bound to receive marvellous results from Piedmont Green. The company ensures to save costs at every step by cutting down on construction and modification costs.


Pepsi, Boeing, Amazon, Frito Lay, NASA, Shell, Tesla Motors, and US Air Force are just a few clients served by the Western Container Sales. You can find both new and used containers for your needs here. Let me inform you that all their used containers carry a One-year warranty for delivering the expected performance.

Mobile Modular is a local supplier for reliable shipping containers and mobile offices. I must tell you that they have a huge collection of ground-level storage containers, cargo containers, and portable storage containers for rent. With their large fleet of trucks and trailers, you can expect to have your container delivered typically within one business day.

West Virginia

You can find both new and used containers for owning or renting purposes here. I must inform you that they bulk buy their shipping containers to get heavy discounts and are, therefore, able to offer you the best prices. To top it off, they have also partnered with a company that offers you ‘container financing’ for getting your beautiful container home constructed in easy installments.

Whether you want to rent, purchase or lease a shipping container, Sopogy offers you the lowest prices in West Virginia. You will find many choices for new and used container homes with the company. As per your budget, you can choose among the ‘one trip’ containers or ‘wind and water-tight’ containers.

East South Central


Tiny Houses make living off-grid easy. Their daily selection of best small house plans, ideas, and solutions are truly inspiring. You will find endless variety on their website and social media channels that allows you to select a design for yourself. If you have already built your container home, you can also submit it to the company for others to get inspired.

You can get all your custom modifications done from Decater Container. The company provides low-cost container storage solutions. I must tell you that you can both buy or rent a custom fabricated container here. All the containers are 100% guaranteed to have good flooring and are wind and watertight. They also offer container pickup and delivery from your doorstep.


The company specializes in delivering quality refurbished cargo containers to all of Danville. You won’t find any plastic or wood units at DefPro because they use only steel frames for providing you a strong housing structure. Their shipping containers are highly durable and watertight. DefPro partners with regional intermodal shipping companies in Danville for providing you a faster service.

The company makes container homes out of heavy-duty steel containers and ensure to add insulation to their structures. You will be amazed by the fact that their container homes can survive the harshest weather in the world. I must also tell you that they ship all over America, quickly and efficiently.


Custom contaner home builder Missouri

The company gives attention to every detail to provide you a container home built with the best material sourced, from the initial container selection through the finishing touches. All the modular houses are inspected to be water and wind tight. I’m glad to tell you that they are also fully insulated for your ultimate comfort.

Located fifty miles south of Kansas City, Missouri, their single and double homes can be delivered to the lower 48 states. You must make an appointment before planning a visit. For a custom design, they will offer you a choice of siding, colors, flooring, cabinets, and more. You will be thrilled to browse through their wide selection of floor plans.


Southeast Container is a local company based out of Nashville and serves the surrounding areas as well. You can both buy or rent a container from them. They offer a range of insulation options ranging from foam insulation to insulation panels to blanket insulation and other natural methods to protect the construction from harsh climate.

You can expect to find all kinds of new, used, and refurbished shipping containers for your requirements. I’m thrilled to tell you that you can get your shipping container customized with windows, vents, roll-up doors, and much more. The company believes in providing up-front and transparent pricing to all of us.

West South Central


Arkansas Containers serves all of Arkansas and Southern Missouri. I’m extremely happy to inform you that the company offers a unique rent-to-own option. You can choose from 24-month, 36-month, and 48-month terms to suit your budget. Arkansas Containers has its own trucks with hydraulic trailers for a precise and hassle-free delivery experience.

Located in Glencoe, the company is passionate about reducing the negative impact on the planet. They have versatile designs and layouts for creating a beautiful container home. I’m thrilled to share with you that they offer financing at extremely affordable rates. With Tiny Homes, you can own your dream home paying as low as $52 a month.


A&M Container is a locally owned and operated family business that focuses on providing us all container solutions at the regional level. Starting its operations in 2002, the company has served the United States Government with its quality products. All their shipping containers are superbly engineered for strength and longevity. You will be glad to know that they also offer numerous insulation packages depending on your budget and needs.

Since 1979, Gauthiers is providing container solutions to the community and beyond. The vast shipping container assets of the company has been took over by Pac-Van recently. But I must tell you that their quality remains the same. You can buy or rent a new or used container and get it modified. All the designs are custom-built, though you can find some inspiration from their previous works.


Oklahoma Container provides portable high-security steel containers for lease or sale. You will be amazed to know that the company offers free delivery to your doorstep within 25 miles of its location. For your convenience, they also offer secure online bill payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more.

Conex boxes offers complete customization in paint job, locks, reinforced doors, and windows to customize the exterior. They also provide you a fully modular interior complete with shelves, flooring, insulation, and ventilation installed according to your specifications. I must tell you that they can deliver your dream home anywhere in the United States


Contain Builders provide the Austin’s first fully functional modular container homes. The company believes in providing affordable, durable, and sustainable solutions for the community using cutting edge re-cycled, renewed, and re-used technologies. They offer three different packages to suit your budget. These are again fully customizable as per your needs and preferences. Let me tell you that you also get the option of financing your dream project.

Chiseled straight out of the hills of Central Texas, Kountry Containers works on the principles of sustainability. You will receive a free hour consultation for discussing the project you are desiring to construct. You will be glad to know that the company will take care of all the state permissions.

Container House Manufacturers South USA

Container House is specialized in ISO container conversions & new fabrications. Operating since 1975, they fabricate buildings and structures from the ground up. Let me tell you that they have the facility of In-house CAD drawings available in 3D. All their work is performed in-house on their 5 acres of land located conveniently near the Port of Houston.

Based in Needville, Texas, Backcountry Containers is a premier provider of custom shipping container homes. Share your vision with them and they will turn it into a reality. They ensure to provide you exceptional quality taking care of the material used at every step of your project. Started as a family business, the company values its customers the most and you will surely feel special while collaborating with them.

Teton Buildings has over four decades of experience in the world of modular construction. They provide high-quality structures that are functional and easy for everyday use. You will be amazed by the progress the company has made. From its beginning in 1967, Teton Buildings now owns 365,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

StackHouse Container Homes have a strong network of builders, contractors and designers to make your shipping container home dreams a reality. The founder, Zach Hargraves, has over 20 years of experience in the home building industry. This makes him deliver the quality you deserve. I must tell you that they also lend their expertise to ensure your DIY project is of professional quality.

Texas Shipping container manufacturers


Whether you have a big project in mind or a small one, Krieger will turn it into reality. I must tell you that all their designs are stamped by a licensed professional engineer for approval. They also provide consultation services if you are planning to develop your shipping container home on your own.

Go Home Here provide container solutions in San Antonio. They take away all your tension of acquiring a shipping container, fabricating it, and getting it delivered. The most interesting offering they have is AirBnB installations in the form of container structure. These can become a very effective way to earn some side income for you.

Numen Development is a consulting firm focused on facilitating the creation of innovative spaces. They believe in dealing with container structures that are structurally, financially, and environmentally efficient. You will be glad to know that the company can create a concept design as well as assess the feasibility of the design you have in mind.

Metal Building Homes can create beautiful designs for all your container needs. They can install all the facilities you desire to have in your dream home. I would love to share with you that they also work on insulating your container home to protect you from the harsh environment. You can also get a free quote from them describing them your requirements in advance.


Container House Manufacturers South USA

Conclusion – Container House Manufacturers South USA:


One question that often arises is whether the South of the United States is a good place to build a container home. Here are some of the reasons why the South could be an excellent location for building a container home.

South of the United States can be an excellent location for building a container home. With its favorable climate, availability of land, lower cost of living, emphasis on sustainable living, and flexibility in design, it’s easy to see why the South is a popular choice for those looking to build a container home. If you’re considering building a container home, the South could be the perfect location for you.


One of the primary reasons why the South could be a good place to build a container home is the climate. The South typically experiences hot and humid summers and mild winters. Shipping containers are made of steel and can absorb and retain heat, which can be beneficial during colder months. Additionally, container homes can be designed with proper ventilation to ensure comfort during hot summers.
Availability of land: The South has a vast amount of land, which makes it an ideal location for building a container home. Whether you’re looking for a secluded piece of property or prefer a location closer to a city, the South has plenty of options to choose from. Many people opt to build their container homes in rural areas, which can offer a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.


Building a container home can be a cost-effective option compared to traditional home building. The cost of living in the South is generally lower than in other parts of the country, making it an affordable option for those looking to build a home. Additionally, shipping containers can be purchased relatively cheaply, which can help keep construction costs down.

Sustainable living:

Container homes are a popular choice for those looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Containers can be repurposed, and building a home using a shipping container can reduce waste and environmental impact. The South is home to many people who value sustainability and eco-friendly living, making it an ideal location for container home living.

Flexibility in design:

Container homes offer flexibility in design, and the South has a thriving architecture and design community. Many architects and designers specialize in container home design, and the South is home to many of them. This means that you’ll have access to a wide range of design options, and can work with professionals who are experienced in container home construction.

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