Container Home Manufacturers Nort East USA

new england shipping container builder manufacturer

List of Container Home Manufacturers Nort East USA:

New England



Marengo is one of the few companies in the Northeast having extensive experience building with Shipping Containers. Their thorough understanding of the Building codes allows them to negotiate with applicable Building authorities. What we get, as a result, is cost-effective structures, as opposed to a DIY container house kit. Let me tell you that the company believes in continually researching and improving its techniques.

TQS container home builders is a family-owned business. The owner Mark Cook ensures to maintain quality in each of his projects. I must share with you that not only does the company recycles shipping containers but also goes an extra mile by contributing its profits to non-profit organization. TQS supports Green Zone Housing and a percentage of profits goes to the organization.

Container Home Manufacturers Nort East USA



With an experience of sixteen years, SnapSpace Solutions knows how to combine the best of both worlds. You can expect all the benefits of traditional as well as modern structures. Their designs are modern, chic, and disaster-resistant. You will be amazed by the customization options offered by them. They have even built a pool within one of their client’s shipping container house.

Adam Kalkin designs are playful and cool. Whatever your dream design is, they will make it happen. The interior spaces they have created in their previous projects are nothing short of imagination. You will be surprised by their offerings and the way they incorporate courtyards and external entrances into the whole design is surely eye-catching.



Mini Warehousing is a small, local, family operated business. The company repairs the shipping containers by replacing the problem areas with new fittings. This makes the container houses to last longer. I would like to inform you that they also offer complete modification for all your container needs.

Design Distill is made by a highly skilled and experienced team. They narrate the design projects for your modular indoors and beautiful outdoor landscapes. From single-family homes to multi-story structures, they are a genius in building them all with both new and used shipping containers. You will find plenty of awe-inspiring designs created by them.

New Hampshire

This one is a Veteran owned and operated company serving New England since 2015. They have recently expanded their operations in container customization. You can expect to get high-quality shipping containers at a good price. With their owned delivery trucks, they ensure to deliver your dream home at your doorstep. I must tell you that they allow you to choose your container by visiting their place.

Page Street has been serving clients throughout southern New Hampshire and beyond for over twenty years now. You will be glad to know that with their premium direct-to-metal paints, container homes are sure to last longer as the coating protects them from rust. Apart from customization, they also carry ready-made doors and windows for a quicker delivery.

Rhode Island


Shipping Container Homes & Buildings provide a complete solution to all your shipping container structural needs. From customization to housing-related services, they offer it all. Their team comprises of trained and experienced designers, builders, and product distributors. You will be truly amazed by the marvellous creations built by them.

Starting its operations in 2004 with a small rental fleet of storage containers in Westerly, Out-Back Storage has now grown to a full-fledged container solutions company. It now owns a 10,000 square foot building to work on containers and can refurbish, modify, and fix the containers faster with this facility. I must tell you that they excel in customer service and won’t let you go away with disappointment.


Paquette Inc is a locally owned and operated company that serves the areas of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern New York. With an experience of 50 years and ownership held by family, you can be sure to receive the quality you deserve. I’m excited to share with you that they have a super-friendly customer service team that will patiently listen to all your requirements.

Mobile Mini was founded in 1983 and has built a very reputable name in the industry. You will be surprised to know that their network includes 138 locations in the US, 15 locations in the UK, and 2 locations in Canada. They have served US military, medical centers, educational institutions among others. The company has been listed on NASDAQ since 1994 and is, therefore, very transparent in its dealings.

Mid-Atlantic US

New Jersey

Integrated Equipment Sales provides both new and used shipping containers for modification purposes. I must tell you that adding ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and insulation to your custom home design is what they excel in. With their extensive experience of dealing with shipping containers, they can deliver you the comfort of permanent structure in a container home.

Container Home Manufacturers Nort East USA

Incorporated in 1969, Interport now has a dedicated modification facility on 50 acres. The company carries a huge inventory of new and used shipping containers in various sizes, types, and conditions. I must tell you that their customers visit them without an appointment for selecting a shipping container. You can expect modern lighting, heating, ventilation, and HVAC facilities in your dream home.

New York


Steele House has been serving Upstate New York since 2009. Tim Steele with his small but efficient team works on each project diligently. I must tell you that the company aims to make each of their client’s container-home stronger than traditionally “stick-built” house. They weld the containers to plates that are cast into the foundation. Your house is going to survive even the most extreme weather conditions with this process.

SG Blocks is a big name in the container modification industry for the quality it delivers. The company created the first-ever Starbucks drive-through utilizing the shipping containers in South Salt Lake City. I must tell you that SG Blocks is the first container supplier to receive an ESR from the International Code Council (ICC).


Container Home Manufacturers Nort East USA




CW Dwellings provide shipping container homes that are fire, mold and, insect resistant. It is noteworthy that during the design phase and construction phase the company follows US Residential Building Code. You will be glad to know that they offer both heating and air-conditioning equipment in all their units for a better in-home experience.

Transport Planning has been in the industry since 1980. You can expect almost all the facilities in your container home that can be made available in a traditional structure. The company can provide you with complete insulation, HVAC, exhaust fans, AC, additional lighting panels and more. The possibilities are endless with such an experienced company.

 We hope that the list of Container Home Manufacturers in Nort East USA helped you choose yours. Stay tuned, more is coming…

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