Container Home Builders West USA

Container home builder Colorado

You will find this Directory of Container Home Builders West USA if you live in that part of the USA. However, since most of these companies ship their prefabricated houses, you might look into them even if you live elsewhere.

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Gold Container Home 

Gold Container Home is built by an engineer carrying an experience of massive 35 years. The company makes use of technology to deliver you a container home that reflects the heat into the environment. You will be amazed by the beauty of the designs they have created in their previous works.

Arizona container home builder
AZ Containers

Since 2002, AZ Containers has been delivering portable container structures in the greater Phoenix and across Arizona. Working with a small team, you can be sure to get heard and receive excellent customer service from friendly team members. You can also expect complete climate control in your shipping container home.

Camelback Container Services 

Phoenix Mods, formerly known as Camelback Container Services, serves the entire nation with its quality work. They offer full-service modification for your container home. You can expect insulation as well as advanced facilities like HVAC installation in your little dream home. The company can also equip your home with solar lighting and save your power bills.


Container Homes

Colorado Container Homes ensures to provide you the ultimate comfort and safety. The company can provide you with all kinds of modifications to suit your specific needs. It can also assist you in financing your new home as it is difficult to secure a loan for a portable structure otherwise.

Container Home Builders West USA
Container Home Network

The company provides complete guidance from checking the feasibility of your project to the final assembly of the unit. It takes away the burden of all the paperwork and permissions required under the law. Taking into account your budget and other needs, the company can also help you secure a loan for your container home.


Idaho Storage Containers

Company serves Southwestern Idaho. The company acquires shipping containers at a bargain directly from the equipment managers. It passes on the discount to us all. All their container homes are made from wind and water-tight shipping containers. You have the option to buy or lease a container from them.


Conexwest can perform complete modifications to the shipping container to create your dream home. The company hand-picks all its containers and provides a 10-year warranty on its new ISO shipping containers. You can expect custom sizes, complete modifications, and the inclusion of all amenities like HVAC to your shipping container home.


CLR Services

CLR Services is an expert in working with typical dimensions of shipping container units. However, they can customize the size as per your needs, if required. They can deliver a beautiful container home and can also build an office space out of the steel units. The company also offers shipping containers on rent.

Columbia Containers

Columbia Containers provides storage solutions since 1973. With this expertise, they can also build custom container homes for you. All their shipping containers are hand-picked and, therefore, water, fire, and wind-resistant. These are bear-proof and pest-proof too. You can also get your container home equipped with solar power from this company.


Alternative LivingSpaces

Whether you want a modest single-room apartment or a luxury villa created out of shipping containers, Alternate Living Spaces can do it all. The company has been featured on several media channels including HGTV and Tiny House Mag. They can create the most difficult structures with ease. You can expect to have all the luxury facilities in your container home.

Container Home Builders West USA

New Mexico


Luckdrops translate to high quality in the field of container structures. They build homes that will meet all the building codes. They select strong steel structures that can withstand snow, wind, fire, earthquakes, and floods. Their designs are minimalistic and classic alluring beauty. The company believes in equipping all their designs with multiple functionality.


Kustom Container

Kustom Containers deals in both new and used shipping containers. The company can turn your imagination to reality, so feel free to discuss the designs you have in mind. They can even take care of the delivery of your home to your doorstep. You will find plenty of beautiful designs created by the company in the recent past.



Wheelhaus has been building container structures since 2006. With more than a decade of experience, the company can provide you with all kinds of designs and floor plans. You can expect everything from traditional to ultra-modern in their container homes. They deliver anywhere in the US and Canada. Wheelhaus can also help you with the financing part.

Brekke Storage

Brekke Storage is a family-owned business running successfully since 1983. All their shipping containers are carefully inspected for quality and are, therefore, wind-proof and water-tight. The company offers complete modification and can equip your home with all the modern facilities. They are known for their superior and friendly customer service.



Container Specialties of Alaska

This is a family-run company modifying shipping containers since the 1980s. They can build everything from single a container structure to multiple ones. You can expect floor lining, insulation, and other modern amenities in your container home. They can deliver a modular home anywhere in Alaska. You can get a free quote from the company for your project.

Alaska Custom Containers

Alaska Custom Containers designs container homes while maximizing storage space for your convenience. You can imagine sliding glass doors, beautiful wall finishes, and complete temperature control while working with them. They value each of their customers and work on every project with a unique mindset. The company delivers shipping containers throughout Alaska.


Green Container Homes

Green Container Homes believes in delivering above-average products for a below-average price. Their shipping containers are fire-resistant, termite-proof, mold-proof, and earthquake-resistant. Whether you need a tiny home or a large modular container structure, the company can deliver it all. Green Container Homes has been featured on LA Times and for the designs and quality it offers.

Shipping container home builder California


Taynr can deliver single and multi-family homes, secondary dwellings, and other such shipping container structures to meet your specific needs. All their shipping containers are tested for quality and are resistant to corrosion, pests, and fire. They have a team of highly skilled engineers to turn your imagination into reality.

Kubed Living

Kubed Living believes that one size does not fit all and treats each of their projects differently. They have created single-family homes, backyard structures, multi-family homes, and commercial structures by far. Their container homes are equipped with all the modern amenities for your comfort. You can expect foam insulation for superior temperature control.

California container home manufacturer
Meka Modular

Meka Modular believes in saving time and costs and can deliver quality structures much faster than others. All their container buildings comply with American Standard Modular Prefabrication as well as Canadian Standard Association (CSA). The company can ship prefabricated homes and assemble them at your place within a day.

Container Home Builders West USA


Affordable Portable Housing

Affordable Portable Housing deals in all kinds of shipping container structures, whether residential or commercial. They also buy your old container structures which can partially fund your new home. They use all-steel containers and make them weather-proof for a comfortable living. You can also expect financing support from the company.

Tiny Pacific Houses

Tiny Pacific Houses was started to help homeless people. It has now grown to fulfill the dreams of many others with its experience. The company can provide you with both custom designs as well as off-the-shelf designs for your new container home. They have plenty of floor plans for you to choose from.

Container home manufacturer Hawaii


Contek Pro

Contek Pro has its manufacturing unit to keep control over time and budget. All their container structures come with a guarantee. The company provides a dedicated project manager for each of its projects to ensure quality and speedy delivery. You can expect to receive excellent after-sales support for your project.

Relevant Building Company

Relevant Buildings can create both small and large container structures as per your requirements. Each of their units is Eco Trust compliant and solar-ready. You can expect your shipping container homes to be net-zero energy buildings, saving you huge sums in power bills. The company has created some really pretty designs in the recent past.

Oregon shipping home manufacturer


HyBrid Architecture

Hybrid Architecture is a team of highly experienced architects, real estate developers, and builders. The company believes in delivering the true value of your money. With the experience of more than a decade, they are efficient in delivering their projects on time and within budget. You can expect to receive ultra-modern designs in your budget.


Founded in 2003, Cargotecture holds the experience to deliver high-quality services. Along with design development and project management, they also offer consultancy services for your dream home. It has created both residential and commercial container structures by far. Even if you are a do-it-yourself builder, the company can help guide you to the right path.

Container Home Builders West USA

Stay tuned, we are constantly adding more companies to our Directory of Container Home Builders West USA.

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