20 Chinese Modern Container House Designs

Shipping container Home deck

Buying a Chinese modern container house could save you a lot of money. With the increasing retail property prices, there are many people that want to start a modest living. Newer ideas are popping up on the minimalist scheme. One such out-of-the-box idea is to set up your home, inside a box. Yes! You heard it right. You can build your own cute personalized living space where ever you want to. All you require is a container, which is way cheaper than an actual house! You can do the décor as you want. Even redoing is much cheaper than a regular house! These modern container houses are both, minimalist and modern at the same time. Here, we have compiled a few ideas for you if you want to start your own minimalist living style.

1.    A Bali Container House Design

Price: US$ 800

Modern shipping container house from China


A beautiful housing unit that comes with a window, partition, a sunroom, aluminum CNC, and a shower frame. Made out of a steel structure with a service life of 20 years. It is anti-distortion, earthquake and wind. The layout can be changed according to the requirements of the customer.

2.    Ready-Made Container Houses

                                                                                                            Price: US$ 1250

stacked containers building


A number of housing units joined together to form a housing compound.

3. One Bedroom Chinese Modern Container House

                                                                                                          Price: US$1,500

40' stacked homes


One bedroom beautiful independent townhouses stacked on top of each other. The lively orange color and big windows make them even more inviting.

4.    Expendable Container Home Design

                                                                                                        US$ 1800

expendable steel house


A small unit that can be extended to add a study or a living area. The main structure is made of steel and sliding panel windows.

5.    A Low-Cost Tiny Container House

                                                                                                     Price: US$ 1980

Tiny container house from China



This modest housing unit can be customized as a dormitory, shop, or office. It requires minimum maintenance and has a charming deck.

6.    Four Bedroom Container House with Rooftop

                                                                                                       Price: US$ 1,999

multi container house with rooftop


Get your dream house built according to your specifications. The basic unit will be the shipping container that can be built upon each other for the design you want. It supports aluminum sliding windows and is made of a sandwich panel. Rooftop adds to its charm and appeal.

7.    Three Bedroom Container House

                                                                                                   Price: US$ 1,999

 two storey three bedroom container home



A beautiful shipping container house with glass walls, two-story, outside steps to save space, with two independent entrances.

8.    Wood Plated Small Container House

                                                                                                 Price: US$ 2,530

40' wood plated home


Tiny house for simple living. Requires minimum maintenance. Can be used as a vacation or guest house.  Grass roof serves well as isolation and makes a great rooftop terrace.

9.    A Portable Minimalist Container House

                                                                                                Price: US$ 2600

minimalist cargo container house


This cozy shipping container house is made up of a sandwich panel of prefabricated light steel structure. The additional accessories include PVC windows, doors, flooring, and ceilings. The design can be flexible, meeting customer requirements. Ideal for people who like the minimalistic approach.

10.    A Modest Shipping Container House

                                                                                              Price: US$ 2,750

Modest sea container house


A modern basic living unit that can be used for a minimalist approach to living. Consists of 2 aluminum windows and sliding door.

11.    Four Bedroom Prefab Container House

                                                                                                            Price: US$ 3000


Four bedroom stacked containers residence


A beautiful and spacious house that is made up of multiple containers. It consists of all the housing units of a house. The basic structure is made up of steel. An iron staircase has been added to give an independent feel for the upper unit which can be used separately.

12.    Chinese Modern Container House

                                                                                                     Price: US$ 3000

Modern European house design


Built using the techniques of modern architecture, this shipping container house is built with luxury in mind. Glass walls, angled top container give this house a special charm. The outdoor seating area on a rooftop makes it possible to enjoy it to the maksimum.

13.    A Small & Modest Prefab Container Office

                                                                                                               Price: US$ 1.600

Tiny office container China

The mainframe of this container house is made up of a flat tube, while the second frame is made up of a square tube and double flat rube. The wall and roof are made of steel sheets and sandwich panels. It consists of a wooden panel door. On request, further customization can also take place.

14.    A 20 FT Modern Container House

                                                              Price: US$ 7,200

Modern sea container home


A basic small structure built luxuriously with galvanized steel frame. Wall and roof are built of rock wool and glass wool sandwich panel.

15.   Luxury Modern  House with Pool

                                                                             Price: US$ 8000

Modern shipping container home with pool


A beautiful, two-story luxury house. It’s made up of multiple shipping containers, with glass walls and a fireplace as and lovely additions. The swimming pool and lovely courtyard make it really enjoyable place!

16.   Low-Cost Basic Housing Unit

                                                          Price: US$ 1.000

Modest simple sea container house


A very basic structure made up of steel for housing purposes. It comes furnished with a bed and a seat. The structure is made up of steel. It can also be used for dormitories. The wall material is made up of a fiberglass sandwich panel and a rock wool sandwich panel which is fire retardant. It supports aluminum alloy windows and a wooden door.

17.    Luxury Modern Container House

                                                               Price: US$ 10,000

Modern two story container family house


A shipping container house built like a regular family house. Ideal for luxury living at a fraction of the price.

18.    Beautiful Shipping Container House

Price: US$ 18,850


Luxury modern container home from China


A beautiful house that is built using the shipping containers completed with wooden doors and aluminum windows.

19.    Prefabricated Container House for Modern Living

Price: US$ 2.000

Tiny guest house from China


These designs are ISO Certified and can be customized according to customer specifications. These are expandable designs. Each part is portable and can be assembled on site. The structure is made of steel. These are exportable and can be assembled wherever you like.

20.    Customized Container Home for Luxury Living

Price: US$ 16.000


Chinese prefabricated modular home


Ideal for those who like luxury as well as simplicity. Consists of a small bathroom, an extendable living area, and a sleeping area. All units are ready-made and installed at the site. Enjoy your minimalist approach to life with luxury.

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