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luxury container home Australia manufactured by Containerhomes

If you have been wondering where can you find the best company delivering shipping container homes, look no further. I have hand-picked a few companies to help you find a builder that will meet all the requirements you are looking for. A few of these companies cater to the residents of Australia and the others serve the New Zealanders. You will also find one delivering portable homes in the Pacific Islands.

What to expect from Container Home Manufacturers?

Before proceeding with the list, let me inform you about the functions performed by these companies. This will help you decide whether these companies can serve your purpose or not.


Steel containers are extremely strong and durable and convert very well to strong homes. You will be amazed to know that many companies can offer you structures that are earthquake-safe, hurricane-safe and fire-resistant.

Energy-Efficient homes

Since you are aiming for a cheaper alternative to traditional housing, you will be glad to know that you can further save your bucks spent in the form of electricity bills. Many of these companies offer shipping container homes that are self-sustained with solar power and can function without the main power grid. Such a building will save you a lot of money for decades to come.

Insulated Interiors

The shipping container homes are no less than the traditional brick and mortar houses. Some companies offer you complete insulation to provide you with the warm interiors.

Home Finance

I understand that the traditional financial institutions would not be interested in providing you with a home loan for an innovative home structure that can travel the world. To keep you covered, I’ve added a company in this list that offers easy financing for your dream home. Nothing shall come in your way when you want the best.
With no further delay, let us start exploring the options we have:



The company believes in applying sustainable building methods while providing you with all the luxuries you deserve. I must tell you that they genuinely offer the best price, service, and product designs. The works they have done in the previous 5 years speak for the quality they deliver. They guarantee you the best price in Australia due to savings made in advertising costs.


2. Container Homes Designer Domain PTY LTD

The company utilises the structural integrity of the container to provide you with the desired strength. It focuses on creating internal spatial arrangements for your comfort. I’d like to inform you that the company offers a wide range of services from a wide range of providers that benefits the commercial, Industrial, and Domestic community.

3. Shipping Containers Adelaide

Whether you want to own a container home or just want to a modular structure on hire, Shipping Containers Adelaide will serve your needs. They ensure you a fast delivery and a 100% money-back guarantee. If you live in Adelaide, you will be glad to know that you can hire a container for as little as $5 and it will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

4.Joy Company Pty Ltd

Joy Containers gives priority to safety and comfort over everything else. Your ultimate satisfaction is their goal. The company serves major cities of Australia and provides you assistance for your shipping container homes. I am glad to share with you that they can even deliver high-cube container homes with extra height to provide a more comfortable living space.

5. SCF Containers

With SCF, you can buy, rent or get your shipping container designed for any of your building requirements. Their depots are spread all over Australia to provide shipping container solutions to the whole nation. Let me inform you that they provide a quick quote online for all your requirements so that you can plan your budget accordingly. For a complete modification to suit your designing needs, they have a team of expert engineers to deliver you quality work.

New Zealand


1. Ready Homes

Ready Homes is all about high-quality container living spaces. They give you enough freedom to decide the layout, fixtures, fittings, decor, and security systems according to your budget. In the North Island, they can deliver you a fully built shipping container home in just 12 weeks. Each of their modular home is equipped with R2+ Insulation throughout and double glazed window joinery to provide you the warmth you deserve. I’m thrilled to inform you that they also offer easy financing options for their services.


Studio container home built by Readyhomes NZStudio container home built by Readyhomes NZ

2. IQ Container Homes Ltd 

IQ Container Homes is a family business with family values that ensures quality work for you. The company designs meet and in many cases exceed building code requirements. They offer superior insulation levels and eco-friendly housing material with affordable solar and rainwater harvesting upgrades available for a healthy sustainable home with low running costs. I am pretty much sure that you will be proud to live at a place that leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

3. ContainerCo

ContainerCo is one of the leading independent container storage and servicing businesses in New Zealand. With 16 depots nationwide, the company can deliver shipping container homes throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Let me tell you that ContainerCo is known for its service, whether it’s one container or 20 containers, everyone gets the same service at ContainerCo. All your orders are backed up with a full after-delivery support.

4. Boxman Containers

With head office at Nelson, Boxman Containers have branches throughout New Zealand to serve you across the country and beyond. You will be thrilled to know that they have been in this business since 1990. You can both purchase or hire shipping container structures from them. A specialist in modification, Boxman will deliver you your dream home just the way you require.

5. Taylor Made Container Homes Ltd

You come up with an idea and Taylor Made is there to turn it to reality. From the initial consultation to final designing, they will hear you patiently to deliver a home matching your specifications. The company can get you the consent from the local council for your shipping container home. They also take care of on-site delivery to your desired place and initial foundation.

Taylor Made Container Homes Ltd https://www.shippingcontainerhomesnz.co.nz/

Container home with balcony made by Taylor Made Container Homes Ltd 

6. Royal Wolf Shipping Containers Christchurch

7. ContainerCo(NZL)Ltd Christchruch
8. PodLife
9. Shape Construction Ltd 

Two-Story-Container-Home-manufactured-by-Shape-Construction-Ltd NZ

Two story container home manufactured by Shape-Construction-Ltd NZ

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