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Buy shipping container home in UK

Buy Shipping Container Home in UK: Pros & Cons



Repurposing shipping containers is an eco-friendly choice that aligns with sustainability goals in the UK.

Quick Construction:

Container homes can be assembled relatively quickly, potentially saving on labor costs.

Innovative Housing:

Container homes can be seen as an innovative approach to housing, which may receive support in some regions.

Unique Aesthetics:

The industrial aesthetic of container homes can appeal to those who appreciate modern, unconventional architecture.

Potential for Rural Areas:

In rural areas with fewer zoning restrictions, it may be easier to secure permits for container homes.


Strict Regulations:

Stringent planning regulations and building codes in many urban areas can make obtaining permission for container homes difficult.
Insulation Challenges:
The UK climate requires effective insulation to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can add to construction costs.

Limited Interior Space:

Containers have standardized sizes, which can result in relatively compact living spaces.

Modification Costs:

The need for insulation, windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical work can significantly increase the overall cost.

Utility Connections:

Ensuring access to utilities can be challenging and costly, especially in remote or undeveloped areas.

Moisture Management:

The UK’s damp climate may pose challenges related to moisture and condensation inside containers, requiring proper ventilation and moisture barriers.

Design Constraints:

Container dimensions may limit design options and customization compared to traditional homes.

Permitting Process:

The complex and time-consuming permitting process can be a significant hurdle for container home projects.

Transportation Costs:

Shipping containers need to be transported to the site, which can incur additional expenses and require specialized equipment.


Not everyone appreciates the industrial appearance of container homes, which may affect property values in some areas.

Land Availability:

Finding suitable land for container homes can be challenging, especially in densely populated urban areas.

These pros and cons highlight the unique challenges and opportunities associated with building container homes in the UK, where regulations, climate, and local conditions play a significant role in the feasibility and success of such projects.

Is Building Container Home in the UK a Good Idea?

The suitability of the UK for shipping container homes depends on various factors, including local regulations, climate, and personal preferences. Here are some considerations:

Regulations and Permits:

In the UK, planning regulations and building codes can vary by location. You must check with your local planning authority to determine if shipping container homes are allowed in your area. Some regions may have more lenient regulations, while others may have stricter requirements.


The UK experiences a relatively mild climate compared to some other countries, but it can still be quite damp and cold, especially during the winter months. Proper insulation and ventilation will be crucial to ensure comfort and prevent issues like condensation and mold.

Land Availability:

Finding a suitable piece of land to place your shipping container home can be a challenge in densely populated areas. It’s important to consider the availability and cost of land in your desired location.


The cost of building a shipping container home in the UK can vary widely depending on factors such as design, materials, and location. While shipping containers themselves can be cost-effective building blocks, the total cost can add up when you factor in insulation, utilities, and other necessary modifications.


Shipping container homes can be a sustainable choice, as they often involve repurposing used containers. However, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of your project and ensure that it meets any local sustainability standards.

Design and Aesthetics:

Shipping container homes come in various designs, and their aesthetic appeal can vary. Some people love the modern and industrial look of container homes, while others may prefer more traditional architecture. Your personal preferences and the regulations in your area may influence the design options available to you.

Utility Connections:

That you have access to essential utilities like water, sewage, and electricity at your chosen location. Connecting these utilities to your container home may require additional permits and expenses.

Transport and Delivery:

Transporting shipping containers to your site and placing them can also be a logistical challenge, so it’s important to plan for this aspect of the project.


While shipping container homes can be a viable option in the UK, there are several factors to consider, including local regulations, climate, cost, and personal preferences. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, obtain the necessary permits, and work with experienced professionals to ensure a successful container home project in the UK.

What parts of the UK are the Best for shipping container homes

The suitability of different parts of the UK for shipping container homes can vary depending on factors such as local regulations, climate, land availability, and personal preferences. Here are a few regions in the UK that may be more conducive to shipping container homes:

Rural Areas:

Rural areas in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland may offer more flexibility when it comes to building and zoning regulations. These regions often have larger plots of land available, making it easier to find a suitable location for a shipping container home.

Coastal Regions:

Coastal areas can provide picturesque views and a unique lifestyle. However, you should be mindful of the potential impact of saltwater and high winds on your container home. Proper insulation and construction techniques are essential in these areas.


Scotland has relatively lenient planning regulations compared to some other parts of the UK. In some cases, you may find it easier to obtain planning permission for unconventional housing options like shipping container homes.


Wales also has areas with more permissive planning regulations, especially in rural parts. The Welsh government has been supportive of innovative housing solutions, including container homes.

Brownfield Sites:

Some urban areas in the UK, particularly in cities like London and Manchester, have brownfield sites that may be suitable for container home developments. These sites are often underutilized or vacant, making them potential candidates for container housing projects.

Community-Led Projects:

Some regions may have community-led housing projects that are open to alternative housing options like shipping container homes. Joining or starting such a project could be a way to navigate local regulations and find suitable locations.

Remember that it’s essential to research and consult with local authorities before starting a shipping container home project in any specific region of the UK. Local regulations can vary widely, and obtaining the necessary permits is crucial to avoid legal issues down the road.

Additionally, consider factors like the local climate, access to utilities, and your personal preferences when choosing a location for your shipping container home. Ultimately, the best location for a shipping container home in the UK will depend on your specific goals and circumstances.

Where to Buy Shipping Container Home in the UK

Building a traditional home takes time and requires you to construct it on the site. However, you can build a shipping container home quickly, and that too off-site and you can buy a shipping container home in the UK online. But, why should you bother about the construction aspect when there are expert builders out there? You just need to get online and order the design you like. They will deliver a portable shipping container home to your doorstep, completely ready to install. Let us find out the options we have for buying a container home online in the UK:

1) 20ft Shipping Container Home

This tiny home is built from a 20ft shipping container by KC Cabins Solutions Ltd. It offers a living space of 160 sq ft and features a:
⦁ Shower area
⦁ Toilet
⦁ Living area
⦁ Storage
⦁ Kitchenette

The living area can be doubled up as a bedroom by adding a sofa-cum-bed here. You can order this tiny house online for £20,000.

floorplan shipping container home UK

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2) 40ft Shipping Container Home

This house is built from a 40ft shipping container and offers you a living space of 320 sq ft. It features a living area, bathroom, and an open kitchen. The living area can accommodate a foldable bed or a sofa-cum-bed. You can get your hands on this design for £26,500 online.

40ft shipping container home UK 1


3) One-bedroom container home

This portable home offers you a bedroom and a bathroom with an enclosed shower area. It also features a living space with a small open-plan kitchen and dining area. Two small outdoor spaces are also a part of this container home design. You can utilize this design for both a small home or a full-fledged office space. You can order this container house online for £35,000.

Beautiful shipping container home UK


4) 320 sq ft Shipping Container Home

This house is built from a 40ft shipping container offering you a living space of 320 sq ft. It features a living area with an open-plan kitchen. The house also offers you a bedroom space with a lot of storage and a bathroom. You can order this portable container home online for £28,500.

Buying container home in UK

Interior shipping container home UK

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5) Container home with rooftop sitting

This design includes a sitting space on the rooftop. It features a bedroom, an open-plan kitchen, and a living room. It also offers a small office that can be used as a kids’ room as well. You can get your hands on this design for £64,000 online.

3D floorplan shipping container home UK 1


6) Tiny 20ft container house

This tiny house built from a 20ft shipping container features a small kitchen, bedroom/office, and a bathroom. It is fully insulated and wired so that you can install it immediately on receiving. The entrance door features a double-glazed patio sliding. The original design offers a storage area that can be converted into a kitchen or a toilet on your request. You can buy this container home online at a base price of £7,500.


Small container home UK 1


7) Customized container home

This design is offered by Budget Shipping Containers and can be customized as per your requirements. It features one bedroom, one bathroom, and a living room with an open-plan kitchen area. The basic design includes:
⦁ A wooden exteriors coating
⦁ Interior insulation
⦁ Laminated flooring
⦁ An aluminum sliding front door
⦁ Two aluminum windows
⦁ Wooden internal doors
⦁ Tiles in the bathroom

You can expect to pay around £30,000 for the basic unit. However, additional costs must be expected for personalization.

3D floorplan shipping container home UK 2


8) 40ft single bedroom container home

This single-bedroom house is designed by MODS and is built from a 40ft shipping container. It features a bedroom, a living area with a kitchenette, a toilet, and a shower area. This house is completely insulated to protect you from the harsh environmental conditions. The design also includes water and electricity arrangements for quick and easy installation. You can buy it online for USD 36,000.

Buy shipping container house in UK 2

Interior shipping container house UK


Buy Shipping Container Home in UK Bottom Line

A wide variety of designs are available online to choose from. You can select the best option that suits your family’s needs. Even if you don’t like a house plan, you can customize it to include all the desired facilities. Ensure to mention all your requirements clearly before placing an order online.

Whether it is a good idea to buy a shipping container home online in the United Kingdom depends on a variety of factors, including your specific needs, budget, and the reputation of the seller. Here are some things to consider:


Ensure that the shipping container home you are interested in is built to a high standard. Research the seller and read reviews from previous customers to ensure that they have a good reputation for delivering quality products.


Buying a shipping container home online can be an affordable option compared to traditional home construction, but you should be prepared to spend a significant amount of money. Consider your budget carefully and ensure that you are getting a fair price for the product.


Consider the location where you plan to place the shipping container home and ensure that it is suitable for the area. Check local building codes and zoning regulations to ensure that you can legally place a shipping container home on your property.

Delivery and Installation:

Shipping container homes are typically delivered in sections and assembled on-site. Consider the logistics of delivering and installing the home and ensure that you have the necessary equipment and personnel to complete the project.

In summary, buying a shipping container home online in the United Kingdom can be a good idea if you carefully research the seller, and consider the quality, cost, location, and logistics of delivery and installation. It’s always a good idea to consult with professionals, such as architects or builders, to ensure that the shipping container home meets your needs and is suitable for your property.

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