Buy Shipping Container Home Online in Canada

Buy shipping container home from Canada

Many companies deliver prefabricated container homes across Canada. If you are not a DIY kind of person or short on time, you can always source one online. With plenty of available options from different companies, you can choose the design that suits your requirements. We are here listing some of the best options you can look for:

1) Mobile house made from two 40ft containers

Design of 40ft container home is made by joining two 40ft shipping containers to make the rooms close to squares. The Hungarian manufacturer Kiss Container House carries an experience of more than 7 years in manufacturing container home establishments. The company doesn’t only serve its own nation’s demand but delivers mobile homes worldwide. This shipping container home is available online for USD 51,999.

Buy Shipping container home in Canada

Buy Shipping container home in Canada


2) One-bedroom container home

Cozy one-bedroom home is made by modifying a 20ft shipping container. The house is built by Chiangmai Crafts based in Thailand. It features water-resistant flooring inside. The living space carries a 3.5ft folding bed that can be opened up at night. It is available for just USD 12,800 online.

By container home in Canada By container home in Canada


3) 40ft shipping container home

Here is another great offering by Kiss Container House. Made from a single 40ft shipping container, this house offers a living space of 320 sq ft. The house looks beautiful with exterior timber wood cladding. It features:

⦁ 100mm polyurethane foam insulation
⦁ Interior and exterior wood cladding
⦁ Electric infrared floor heating
⦁ Laminated flooring
⦁ Water and electricity connections
⦁ Lighting
⦁ Aluminum and tempered glass windows and doors
⦁ 80L electric water heater
⦁ Kitchen furniture
⦁ Enclosed shower area
⦁ Toilet

You can get your hands on this house for USD 34,000.

4) Two-bedroom container home

House is built by Canada-based manufacturers Honomobo. It features a living space of 960 sq ft by joining three 40ft shipping containers. The design, called HO3, offers –
⦁ Two bedrooms
⦁ Two bathrooms
⦁ A spacious living area
⦁ An open-plan kitchen
⦁ An optional fireplace

two storey shipping container home Canada


5) Three-bedroom container home

This design features 1920 sq ft of living space with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Built by Meka Modular, the design is called JAM1920. You can choose the finishes and materials while ordering this home online. It features 3 levels of living space with a spacious modern environment.

shipping container townhouse Canada

interior townhouse shipping container home Canada


6) Tiny shipping container home

Designed by MODS this tiny house is built from a 40ft shipping container. It is fully furnished with a bedroom, kitchenette, living area, shower, and toilet. This house is completely insulated to protect you from the harsh environmental conditions. Electricity and sewer arrangements are also included.

exterior cargo container house Canada

interior marine container home Canada


7) Spacious shipping container home

Here is another offering by Honomobo called HO5+ that features a living space of 1530 sq ft. Built from five 40ft shipping containers, this single-level house offers:
⦁ 3 bedrooms
⦁ 2 bathrooms
⦁ A large living room
⦁ Dining room
⦁ Kitchen

This container home is solar photovoltaic ready so you can save huge sums on electricity bills.

exterior two storey shipping container house Canada

floor plan big shipping container home


8) Double-story container home

This is another design by Meka Modular that features a double-story design. Offering a living space of 1280 sq ft, the house carries two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Along with the material, you can choose the suitable finishes for your home while ordering. The design is called HELA 1280 and it features:
⦁ 2 bedrooms
⦁ 2 bathrooms
⦁ Kitchen
⦁ Dining area
⦁ Living area
⦁ A small office
⦁ Terrace

wood plated container home exterior Canada

container home plan Canada

blueprint plan shipping container home



The Bottom Line

If you are planning to order a prefabricated container home online, you will find a variety of designs. Most of the companies will offer you to choose the type of material to suit your needs. Also, you can select a size, whether big or small, according to your requirements. The house will be delivered to you anywhere in Canada within the pre-decided time.


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