Best US States to Build Shipping Container Home

Best US States to Build Shipping Container Homes

Anyone interested in building shipping container homes is certainly wondering about the best states where such projects can become a reality.

The truth is that the majority of states in the US have nothing against homes made out of shipping containers. Of course, as long as local codes and regulations are being respected from the start and to the end of the project. Those that don’t currently accept such building materials may do this because they lack experience or knowledge in this domain.

So, don’t worry about it, as things will definitely change in the future. The demand for shipping container homes will increase in the coming future, so it is expected for these building materials to be accepted easier worldwide.


We chose to start with Alaska because this state has no zoning requirements when it comes to affordable homes. So, if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay and call it your own, Alaska will give you the chance to do so.

You can add to this that the land is also quite affordable over here. All in all, Alaska may be the cheapest place to build a home. Considering that some areas are far away from civilization, having a home built out of a metal container will keep it safe from intruders and ill-intended people.


Believe it or not, California is a state that is very strict when it comes to the way land is used. So, yes, regulations will be rather rigid over here. But, at the same time, it is a state opened to progress that will embrace any kind of breaking-ground solution, as long as it is legal and safe. That being said, it is possible to build a shipping container home in California. Some already did it, so the ice has been broken


When it comes to land freedom, Louisiana is one of the most generous in this chapter. According to studies made in this domain, this state is quite relaxed regarding zoning regulation and how people should build their homes. Due to this aspect, it is certainly one of the best states for building shipping container homes. The local authorities prefer to be hand-off things in most cases. So, as you can tell, there are already container homes across the state at the moment. And most certainly many others will follow.


Texas is another great state for building shipping container homes. Some owners did this up to present times and are currently enjoy this type of residence as we speak. Just like Louisiana, Texas is also very permissive when it comes to building regulations and gives owners a significant dose of freedom.

Thus, you can find homes made out of both small and large shipping containers over here. If there will be any difficulties, then you’ll certainly meet them in the big cities. For a more easy-going approach, small towns and suburban areas are where you should start looking.


This is another laid-back and generous state when it comes to building projects. Tennessee is also ideal for those looking to live away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. A good percentage of land in Tennessee has access to water and the state enjoys all four seasons throughout the year. Which means that high temperatures and dryness don’t last for too long. If you want cheap land to purchase in Tennessee, the west region is where you should start looking for it.

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