Best 4 Free floor plan apps for Android and iOS

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What Free floor plan apps are there

In this article, we will try to help you choose free floor plan apps that can help you design your shipping container home.

1) Planner 5D

This floor planner is built for amateurs as it is extremely easy to use this platform without any professional skills. You can create your floor plans in 2D and switch to 3D for editing your design later. The supremely convenient tool also offers some advanced features for delivering high-quality results. Planner 5D is available for both Android and iOS users.


Easy user interface

The platform provides an intuitive interface for easy understanding. You can work without going through any tutorials even if you are new to creating a floor plan.

HD visualizations

Planner 5D offers a Snapshot feature for turning your floor plan into a realistic image. This HD visualization will add lighting, shadows, and rich colors to your plan for giving it a photograph-like look.

Rich library

The app offers a rich library with 5000+ items to use in your floor plans. Add furniture, different floors, walls, etc. as per your designing needs.

Customization capabilities

You can easily add and arrange custom material and surfaces in your floor plans. Applying custom patterns and colors to your chosen furniture, floors, and walls is extremely easy as well. You can also adjust their size and fit for achieving the desired interior look.

Large community

Planner 5D has a large community that is growing rapidly because of its excellent services. You can join its community to get inspiration from the designs created by other users of the platform.

Virtual reality mode

Once you are done with the creative aspect of your floor plan, you can turn on the virtual reality mode. You will require Google cardboard or some other virtual reality glasses to utilize this feature of the app. The VR mode will show you the designed floor as it would turn out to be in reality.

Paid features

The basic features and virtual reality mode in the app can be accessed free of cost. You won’t receive full catalog access in the free version. The paid plans also allow you to use the HD rendering feature among many others. You can upgrade your plan whenever the need be.


Online support is available by submitting a query online both via the platform’s website and application. You will be required to submit your email for receiving a response from the customer care executive.

2) Houzz


Houzz is a spoiler for floor planning enthusiasts because of the variety it offers. You will be given a plethora of options to decorate your floor. Millions of high-resolution pictures of house interiors are available for your inspiration. It is truly a bible for decorating the interiors of your dream home.


Interior designing inspiration

Houzz is the best free application if you are looking for interior designing inspiration. You can find the desired style by inputting the room or area you are decorating.

Real products

If you are thinking Houzz is just for inspiration, think again. You will find millions of products that can be ordered online without any hassle.

3D capabilities

A 3D view of your floor is also available via Houzz’s application. The ‘View In My Room’ feature in the app allows you to look at the decorated room in 3D format. This will give you a better idea of items being placed in your future home.

Creating an Ideabook

The app allows you to save your favorite images to your ‘Ideabook’ for future reference. You can explore your favorite ideas when you are ready to apply them in real life.

Paid plan

The free plan allows you to access the app and receive ample inspiration. However, for creating a floor plan from scratch, you will be required to upgrade to a paid plan.

Hiring professionals

Houzz has the power to connect you with millions of home improvement professionals. You have builders, architects, repair professionals, and interior designers at your fingertips with the Houzz’s app.

Drawing sketch

The ‘sketch’ feature allows you to annotate and make drawings on the photos you use. You can, therefore, customize all the images included in your floor plan.

Customer support

You can submit your query online with complete details for receiving a quick reply from the Houzz’s team. Alternatively, the app offers FAQs for self-help. You can also join the app’s community for a quick resolution of your queries.

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3) Home Design 3D


Home Design 3D is available on all devices – PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. It is an intuitive platform for creating a 3D floor plan of your house. The app is beginner-friendly with an easy to use interface. However, professional-level results can still be expected from Home Design 3D.


Quick start

You can either start building your floor plan from scratch or import a blueprint of an existing one. Along with saving your time, the import option will bring in more accuracy to your design.

Detailed floor plans

The app allows you to draw rooms, dividers, walls, etc. with ease. You can also adjust the size, thickness, and height of all the design aspects you include in your plan.

Furnishing and decoration

You can furnish both the interior and exterior areas of your house. The app offers you a wide variety of items with 1500+ pieces of furniture. Hundreds of textures are also available in the app’s floor plan library.

3D capabilities

You can view your floor plan in 3D format and visit it as well. This will give you the feeling of walking through your dream home. You can, then, adjust the building and its decoration accordingly.

Synchronization and output options

You can save your floor plan via Dropbox or OneDrive. Alternatively, it can also be emailed quite easily. Also, all your projects are synchronized across different devices due to their online availability. You can, therefore, access your plan from any device anytime.

Paid plans

The app offers 4 plans namely, Freemium, Classic, Gold, and Gold Plus. The free plan is restrictive with limited features and objects available for designing. You can opt for a paid plan according to your requirements.

Online support

Home Design 3D offers useful tutorials for its users. You can also be a part of its community for receiving and providing help, suggestions, and feedback. Apart from that, a ticket can be raised online for any query you might have.

4) Magic Plan


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Magic Plan allows you to create and share floor plans quickly. You can also utilize its features for preparing field reports and estimates for saving time. Its user-friendly interface can be used to build plans in both 2D and 3D formats. You can easily measure and sketch all your floor plans.


Reporting capabilities

The app equips you with adding images, notes, markups, custom forms, and 360° images to your plans. A structured report can, therefore, be prepared for a better understanding.

Cloud storage

All your projects and data are stored online at Magic Plan Cloud. This enables you to access your data across devices even on the go.


Magic Plan allows you to work with your team on the same project. It provides central access of all your data to your team for efficient connectivity.

Contextual data

Magic Plan provides you with structured data for ensuring efficient workflow. The app automatically structures the data collected by different team members for contextual understanding.

Paid plans

The company offers 3 different plans for sketching, reporting, and estimating. You can try all these plans for free with 2 projects without sharing your credit card details. So, the app is free to download and use with limited functionality.


You can contact the customer care executives of Magic Plan by submitting a contact form online. Resolution to your query will be sent via email. The app also offers some self-help articles and conducts free live on-demand seminars from time to time.

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