16 Container Pools from China to Buy Now

Playground Container Pool

Did you know that you can buy container pools from China? Let us show you some samples and help you with the process of importing them from China. Some of these pools are actually made from shipping containers and some are perfectly suited for container houses.

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 1.     Underground Garden Outdoor Container Pool

Installing this container pool is a great idea as it is made up of high-quality white acrylic material that will enhance the look of your outdoor area. The pool has a seating capacity for eight people. It is made particularly for adults and cannot be used by children. This luxurious container pool has a small LED installed in it.

shipping container pool from China


2.       Above Ground Jacuzzi Outdoor Swimming Pool

This beautifully designed container pool is a spa pool for adults and can be placed in gardens, bathrooms, playgrounds, or gyms. The pool can accommodate four people. It can be controlled by a controlling system, i.e., a computer. This container is also equipped with colorful LED lights. The container pool will be delivered to you in a protective wrapping film and carton box to safely deliver the product to the customers.

shipping container swimming pool from china


3.      Portable Container Rectangular-shaped Swimming Pool

The material of this container pool is PVC and is corrosion-free. No additional tools are required for its installation process, and it is very easy to assemble the container pool. The package also contains an additional filter pump and ladder with the container pool. It has a long-life span. Now you can enjoy your evening with your family by adding this container pool to your outdoor setting.

buy container pools from China



4.        Large Outdoor Air Jet Massage SPA Swimming Pool


You can place this container pool in the garden or gym area. Enjoy the luxurious services of massage jet. Turn the switch on, and you will receive extreme waves; this strong water flow will provide traditional water force for massage services. You even don’t have to buy an additional drainer filter pump with it.

buy container pools China


 5.     Shipping Container Swimming Pool with Stairs

This container pool is perfectly designed and will give a modern look when placed in your villa, garden, or hotel; etc., the high-quality filtration system, drainage system, and leakage protection system work efficiently so that you can enjoy your evening by spending quality time in the pooling container. It can also e placed at scenic spots or camp areas.


Chinese container pool



6.    Outdoor 40ft Shipping Container Swimming Pool

The container structure is quite easy to move around, and the temperature of the pooling container is maintained. Acrylic view, LED lights, and wavemaker is optional products you can purchase with this pool container. You can even select the color of the product according to your preference.

shipping container pool from China


7. Outdoor Piscina, Fiberglass Lap pool Container


The container pool can be placed in an outdoor setting. The energy-saving effect and the green environmental protection of this pool container are remarkable. The material used to construct this pool is fiberglass, which is unique and original and made to provide comfort and safety to your place. For easy cleaning, the pool is made free of cervices.

chinese swimming poll





8. Buy container pools from China


This special pool container is driven by hydraulic devices to produce a directional flow. Swimmers will swim in a pooling container by counter-current to do their swimming exercise. Due to the push effect of water, it is difficult for swimmers to swim till the end of the pool. The pool requires a very short time for installation. You can set them outdoor, indoor, commercial, or in a residential area.

Swimming pool from China

9. Eifgt Meters Pool Swimming Spa with Balboa System

This modern and stylish designed pool container can be purchased in any color. Customized packaging services are offered to the customers. This pool can be installed outdoors and assessed by a highly professional QC department. You can also enjoy other optional features like insulation foam, thermostat, spa cover, bar counter, etc.

Container pool spa from China


10. Customized Luxury Container Prefab Pool

This luxurious item comprises steel, a C-type purlin, a sandwich panel, and others. It will give your place a modern and stylish look. The floor of this prefab house is made up of fiber cement and is fireproof and waterproof to keep the base secure. Windows of the prefab house are sliding PVC profile. You can order the product in any color you want.

Container swimming pool China

  1. Cheap Factory container pool house 20FT Portable Prefab Container steel frame a prefabricated villa house

This container pool is available in various colors, and we also provide feasible shipment services. Windows are made up of aluminum. This house is of modular system and is perfect for disaster relief dwelling, commercial space, etc.

Swimming pool container with window from China12. Easy Assemble Container Pool with Window

This container house with a pool hits the fashion trend and can easily move to any place and at any time bringing comfortable and convenient life to your home. They are environmentally friendly and save effort and time. It comprises galvanized steel structure square tube, round tube, and much more.

container swimmnig pool with window


13. Plastic Container Swimming Pool


This amazingly designed pool container is available at an unbeatable price. We provide professional services and high-quality products to our customers, and hence, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the pooling container. This rectangular swimming pool is a family pool made up of stainless metal and plastic.

Foldable swimming pool from China

14.  Container Swimming Pool for Kids

This above-the-ground pool is available in blue color is sun-proof and leak-proof. The company also provides customization services for its clients. This three-layer composite sandwich mesh design is highly in demand.

Foldable kids pool from China

15. Family Large Shipping Container Pools


This container pool is available with a variety of features. If you are looking for a container pool that will enhance the beauty of your outdoor area, then this is the perfect option for you. This fiberglass inground swimming pool provides protection and is highly secure.

Import container swimming pool from China


16. Gloss Container Pool Window Customized Acrylic Pool

This product is available in transparent and bright colors. We also provide personalized services for our customers. This luxurious water pool is normal in size and is available in 100% Lucite material.

Window swimming pool from China


Buy a Swimming Pool from China Here!

In addition to these pool containers, you can also order different pumps, filters, vacuums, and spa covers from our site. These are optional services available with these pool containers.

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