5 Shipping Container House Builders in France

Find here our choice of shipping container house builders in France. Remember to conduct thorough research, check references, and review the portfolios of any builders or contractors you consider hiring for your shipping container home project. Additionally, inquire about relevant permits, regulations, and zoning requirements in your specific location to ensure that your project complies with local laws and regulations.

The French Cocoon

– The French Cocoon manufactures independent living modules in the form of container houses. Customers can get them delivered to their doorsteps. Phone: +33 7 68 94 79 68 Website: lecoconfrancais.fr

Derimo Constriction Containers

– Derimo offers multiple construction services for people in France. They include container house construction services as well. Phone: +33 Website: derimo.fr

Karmod France

– Karmod offers modular construction services for residential and commercial needs. They have special discounts on their container houses as well. Phone: +33 02 38 85 88 80Website: karmod-france.fr

Container Home Builders France


– Jamart has a team of expert builders. They are willing to come to the location of customers and offer their construction house construction services. Phone: +33 03 22 85 10 20 Website: jamart.fr


– Balat offers container house constructions in over 15 countries. People in France can also contact them to get the services available. Phone: +33 948 18 87 86 Website: balat.com

The Best Areas of France to Build Shipping Container Homes:

Building a shipping container home in France can be an exciting and sustainable project, but it’s essential to consider local regulations, climate, and your personal preferences when choosing a location. Here are some regions in France that might be suitable for building a shipping container home:

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur:

This region in southeastern France offers a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm, dry summers. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and sunny environment.


Located in the south of France, Occitanie boasts a diverse landscape, from coastal areas along the Mediterranean to picturesque countryside. It has a relatively mild climate, making it suitable for container home construction.


This large region in southwestern France includes the beautiful Atlantic coastline, providing ample opportunities for container homes with ocean views. It also has a varied climate, with milder winters along the coast.

Brittany (Bretagne):

The northwestern region of Brittany has a maritime climate, which can be a bit cooler and wetter, but it’s known for its stunning coastline and rugged landscapes. It’s a unique location for container home enthusiasts looking for a more temperate climate.


If you’re interested in island living, Corsica in the Mediterranean might be a great choice. It has a mild climate, beautiful beaches, and a unique culture.


Located in northern France, Normandy offers a temperate maritime climate. It’s known for its picturesque countryside, charming villages, and historical sites.


This region in the southeast of France offers diverse landscapes, including the Alps and the Rhône Valley. It’s an excellent choice for those who love outdoor activities and mountain views.


Dordogne, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is famous for its picturesque villages, vineyards, and historic sites. It has a pleasant climate and beautiful countryside.


When selecting a location for your shipping container home, be sure to research local building codes and regulations, as they can vary by region and municipality. Additionally, consider factors like access to utilities, transportation, and the availability of land. It’s also a good idea to consult with local authorities and professionals experienced in container home construction to ensure your project complies with local laws and environmental standards.

Where to look for Shipping Container House Builders in France:

You can find shipping container builders and suppliers in France by conducting an online search or contacting local construction and design organizations. Additionally, you can consider reaching out to architects and contractors who specialize in alternative and sustainable housing projects, as they may have experience with shipping container homes or know of reputable builders in your area.

To find shipping container builders in France, you can try the following:

Online Search: Use search engines like Google to search for terms such as “shipping container home builders in France” or “container house construction companies in France.” This can help you discover local companies that specialize in this type of construction.

Architectural Associations: Contact local architectural associations or organizations in France, such as the Ordre des Architectes (Order of Architects), and ask for recommendations or referrals to professionals experienced in container home construction.

Online Directories: Explore online directories and databases of construction professionals and architects to find those who specialize in sustainable and alternative housing solutions.

Social Media and Forums: Join online forums, social media groups, or communities related to sustainable housing or shipping container homes. These platforms can be a valuable resource for connecting with individuals who have experience or recommendations.

Local Building Supply Stores: Visit local building supply stores or suppliers that specialize in shipping containers or alternative building materials. They may have contacts or recommendations for builders in your area.

Consult with Architects and Designers: Contact architects and designers known for their expertise in sustainable and alternative housing solutions. They may have connections with reputable container home builders.


Remember to conduct thorough research, check references, and review the portfolios of any builders or contractors you consider hiring for your shipping container home project. Additionally, inquire about relevant permits, regulations, and zoning requirements in your specific location to ensure that your project complies with local laws and regulations.

Building shipping container in France

Cost of Building Shipping Container Home in France

The approximate total cost of building a container home in France can range from €60,000 to €250,000 or more, depending on various factors. Please remember that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost can vary significantly based on your specific project requirements, location, and level of customization.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost ranges:

Basic Container Home:

A basic container home, which includes the conversion of a single standard 40-foot shipping container with insulation, flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing, and basic fixtures, can cost around €50,000 to €90,000.

Size and Complexity:

The total cost can increase as you add more containers, complexity in design, and architectural features. Larger or more intricate container homes can range from €80,000 to €150,000 or more.


The cost of the foundation, which can vary depending on the type (e.g., concrete slab, piers, crawl space), soil conditions, and site location, may range from €7,000 to €30,000 or more.


Connecting to utilities, including water, sewer, gas, and electricity, can cost anywhere from €7,000 to €20,000 or more, depending on location and accessibility.

Permitting and Regulations:

Permitting and compliance with local building codes and regulations can add additional costs, typically in the range of €3,000 to €15,000 or more, depending on the municipality and the complexity of the permitting process.

Interior Finishes:

The quality and extent of interior finishes, such as flooring, cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, and furnishings, will vary widely based on personal preferences and budget. High-end finishes can significantly increase the overall cost.


Construction costs can vary based on the region in France. Urban areas may have higher labor and material costs compared to rural or less densely populated regions.

Labor Costs:

Labor costs for construction can vary depending on the experience of the contractors and the local labor market. Skilled labor may cost more.

Transportation and Delivery:

If you’re transporting containers to your site, transportation costs will depend on the distance, accessibility, and logistics involved.

Additional Costs:

Other factors to consider include landscaping, permits for septic systems if not connected to municipal sewage and any desired sustainability features like solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems.


To get a more accurate estimate for your specific container home project in France, it’s crucial to consult with architects, contractors, or builders experienced in container home construction. They can provide you with detailed cost breakdowns based on your unique requirements and location. Additionally, obtaining multiple quotes and conducting thorough planning will help you better understand and manage your project’s total cost.

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