5 Free Floor Plan Designers Online for Your Container Home

free container home plans online

Best Free Floor Plan Designers:

We choose 5 free floor plan designers that can help you design your dream shipping container home.

1) RoomSketcher

With an experience of over a decade, RoomSketcher has been serving the needs of customers from all over the world. It is a one-source platform for creating 2D and 3D floor plans. You can even create beautiful 3D pictures and 360-degree views along with the live 3D designs. RoomSketcher provides an innovative and user-friendly platform for designing floor plans online.


Detailed functionality

This platform allows you to illustrate the location of doors, windows, walls, stairs, and all other fixed installations. You can easily indicate wall lengths, room types, and room sizes. Bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, furniture layouts, and outdoor landscaping can also be performed.

Option to order a floor plan

RoomSetcher gives you an option to either create your plan yourself or order one online. You just need to upload a sketch, blueprint, or an existing plan for ordering a high-quality plan from its website. You can expect to receive your food plan from the experts on the next business day.

Click and drag tool

The platform makes it easy for you to design your house by providing a drag and drop tool. You can add, move, and resize items just by clicking and dragging them.

Affordable plans

Accessing the RoomSketcher application is completely free. You can experience its capabilities and even take snapshots for free. However, the advanced features of the application can only be accessed with the paid plans. The affordable subscription plans offered by the company allows you to create professional floor plans and take 3D photos.

Extensive library

RoomSketcher carries a wide variety of items in its floor planning library. You can add furniture, appliances, bath fixtures, kitchen cabinets, outdoor items, and other household accessories to your plan. Resizing the items you add is also pretty easy. You can even place decorative items on your furniture for comprehensive interior designing. For instance, a flower vase can be placed on your drawing room’s center table for adding details.

Customer support

You can contact the experienced support staff of RoomSketcher through its website. An online message can be sent filling up your email for a quick reply from RoomSketcher’s team. Alternatively, you can also look for an answer to your query at the help documentation provided by the platform.

Online synchronization

RoomSketcher equips you with creating floor plans on all devices with online synchronization. All your design projects are stored in the cloud so that you can access them anytime from any device. Also, you can work both online and offline, however, your designs will be synchronized once you are online.

3D images

The final look of your floor plan can be obtained in the form of 3D images. You can add textures, colors, furnishings, and material to the design.

Multiple language support

RoomSketcher is available in 5 different languages including English. You can access the online platform in Danish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish as well.

Panoramic view and virtual tour

RoomSketcher allows you to create a 360 degrees panoramic view of your floor plan. The interactive high-quality 3D tour of your house will help you experience the final look in advance. Additionally, you can easily embed and share your 3D floor plan online.

2) HomeByMe

This floor plan designer helps you create a virtual version of your house in the 3D format before the actual remodeling. It is an extremely user-friendly tool with the ease it offers. You can build detailed floor plans, test furniture, and review the layouts with HomeByMe.


Quick start

You can either start designing your floor plan from scratch or from a scanned plan you already have. The scanned plan can be quickly imported to HomeByMe for modifications. You just need to choose the scale and start plan modifications. In case you wish to obtain a floor plan of your interiors, HomeByMe’s team can do that for you. Its professional will take your home interior’s measurements and deliver its floor plan in 3 working days. The plan will showcase the right scale and you can expect to receive a corresponding 3D HomeByMe project as well.

Adding details

You can add all the little details to your floor plan to decorate your house virtually. HomeByMe allows you to add doors and windows while adjusting their width, height, and opening direction to suit your needs. Additionally, several floors and stairs can be added to the plan design while adjusting the floor height and stair type.

Get a readymade floor plan

If you are short on time, you can also order a readymade floor plan from HomeByMe. You will be required to submit a JPG or PNG floorplan, or simply a rough sketch to order online. The experienced team of HomeByMe will turn your idea into a 3D project within 3 business days. You can, then, decorate it as per your requirements or get it styled from the team itself.

Multi-language support

HomeByMe can be accessed in 4 languages – English, French, German, and Spanish. You can, therefore, select the one you are comfortable working with.

Free plan

HomeByMe offers a free plan for you to get started with your floor plan designing ventures. You don’t need to share your credit card details for availing of the features of the free plan. The plan allows you to create up to 3 projects and 3 realistic renders. For additional features, you can opt for a paid plan that suits your usage needs.

Virtual reality

Along with the HD images and 360-degree images of your floor plan, a virtual tour is also available. HomeByMe allows you to have an immersive view where you can project yourself in your dream home. You can get the feeling of your surroundings in the completed floor project.

Branded furniture

HomeByMe offers a wide range of branded furniture in its catalog. You can choose from the likes of Ligne Roset, Habitat, and Maisons du Monde. The platform also provides you the details about the brand, size, and price of the items you choose. For added customization, you can alter the texture, size, and color of some of the furniture items available to you.

Help and support

The platform offers a self-support system with FAQs, videos, and other useful tutorials for its users. If you cannot find an answer to your query, you can shoot an email to the support professionals as well.

Free Floor Plan Designers

3) Visual Paradigm Online

Visual Paradigm Online is a web-based floor plan designer that is pretty straightforward to use. The online editing tools offered by the platform are very intuitive making it user-friendly for beginners and professionals alike.


Quick start

VP Online is filled with a wide variety of templates and examples of floor plans. You can simply choose a template and begin modifying it as per your requirements. This helps you start quickly with your floor project. You can even embed photos from your computer, URLs, or text in your floor plan.

Drag and drop tool

The online platform features a drag-and-drop tool for adding different shapes to your floor plan. You can easily click and drag the specific shape or connector from the ones available in VP Online.

Extensive library

VP Online offers you a huge collection of designing components as part of its library. You can design your floor plan by altering the Just-in-time Process Map available for use. Visual Paradigm is flexible enough to let you customize your design at every step. You can even add your components to the library for reusing them later.

Completely free to use

Visual Paradigm Online is completely free for personal and non-commercial use. You can make use of all the features of the platform without paying a dime. The free version won’t even bother you with any advertisements. Also, you don’t get access to this free version for a limited period rather you can use it free forever.

Compatibility and storage

This online floor plan designer is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, all your data is stored online for easy accessibility. You can work anytime and anywhere on any device and can even share your floor plans online. VP Online also allows you to integrate your floor plans with Microsoft Office. You can embed your plan in PPT or Word easily and make necessary modifications.

Online Support

VP Online is trusted by a large user community spread across the world. It offers online floor plan videos and tutorials for helping you design your house. Apart from that, you can also contact the company’s experienced customer support staff for any queries. Both email and phone support are available for solving customer issues. User forums are also helpful in solving any basic and common queries.

Paid plans for commercial use

If you want to utilize the advanced features of VP Online for non-personal purposes, you can choose a paid plan. Two paid plans are offered by the online platform with varying capabilities. You can select the one that best matches your commercial needs.

Multiple language support

Visual Paradigm Online platform is available in several languages to help you comfortably create your floor plan online. You can access the online interface in the following languages:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

4) Archifacile

Archifacile is a free online floor plan designer that can be used on any computer system. The simplicity of online software allows you to create a floor plan quite easily. It is a beginner-friendly platform carrying advanced features as well.



Archifacile allows you to add minute details like shutters, doors, and windows to your floor plan. You can add walls to create partitions for rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. The direction of openings the shutters, windows, and doors can also be adjusted.


Once you are done with your plan design, you can decorate your house with furniture items. Archifacile allows you to choose an image for adding an item and define its dimensions as well.

Output options

You can download your floor plan in PDF format once you are satisfied with the outcome. It can also be printed or saved as an image.


Archifacile is available in several languages along with English. You can use the online platform in French, Spanish, and Portuguese as well.

Customer support

A request can be submitted online mentioning your concern along with your email. A customer care executive will contact you back via email for resolving your query. Apart from that, you can post your query on the website’s forum for receiving an answer from other experienced users. Archifacile also offers online educational resources for the self-help of its users.

5) Roomle

Roomle was founded in 2014 in Austria and has been serving the needs of floor planners since then. With its intuitive tools, you can easily create an interactive floor plan and decorate it with the furniture as well. The online platform has been used for creating more than 8 million floor plans until now.



Roomle is an extremely user-friendly platform making the creation of floor plans very easy. Even if you haven’t ever built a plan earlier, you will quickly get hold of this tool. In other words, this platform is beginner-friendly along with offering some professional-level tools.

3D functionality

The online floor plan designer allows you to prepare your plan and deck it up with furniture items. Once done, you can view the finished plan in a 3D format. You can picture your floor plans realistically and make live changes to your plan as well.

Online integration

You can use Roomle both on your desktop and mobile. The online platform is available through the web or mobile applications – both Android and iOS. Roomle also integrates your floor plans online across devices so that you can access your plan from anywhere anytime. Cloud-based synchronization makes it possible to make your plan available on all devices in real-time.

Ordering furniture directly

Along with adding furniture to your floor plan, you can order it from the platform itself. You can add products from the wide range of items available in the Roomle catalog. Additionally, Roomle allows you to place an order for the furniture items you choose from within your plan.

Import options

Apart from creating a floor plan from scratch, you can also import your plan to Roomle for performing modifications. You can, therefore, process your existing plans with the functionalities offered by this tool.

Sharing and integration

Roomle allows you to share your plans online with your friends once you complete them. Also, you can easily integrate your finished floor plan into your website.


The online floor planner is efficient in adopting the language of the browser for your convenience. You can use the platform in the following languages:

Help and support

You can access the online resources offered by Roomle for finding answers to the commonly-faced problems. Several tutorials and FAQs form part of its website as a helpful resource for all the customers. Additionally, help and support can be taken from the online Roomle community. You can post your query for others to answer or help others with their queries. Apart from that, a request can be submitted at the platform’s website for raising a concern you might experience.

Free Floor Plan Designers

Comparing the 5 free floor plan designers

Let us analyze the differences between the above floor plan designers for a better understanding of their features. This will help you choose the online platform that matches the best with your floor plan creation needs.


Floorplan container home creators comparisons chart

This table only represents the contrasting details of the 5 free floor plan designers online, excluding their similar characteristics. For the detailed features of each plan, you must consider going through the individual plan descriptions above.


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