4 Best Floor Plan Creators Online for Your Container Design Needs

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There are quite a few floor plan creators online, how to choose the best one? Here is the choice we made to help you in your research:

1) Floorplanner

Founded in 2007, Floorplanner is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It is the first 2D and 3D planner that doesn’t require you to download heavy software. Floorplanner is lightweight and works well on all the popular browsers. Started with a small team of 4 entrepreneurs, it now has a talented lot of about 25 people. The planner allows you to create accurate floor plans online without using CAD or other complex software.


Drag-and-drop interface

You can easily draw floor plans from scratch with the drag-and-drop interface offered by Floorplanner. Even if you are not an expert, the tool allows you to create beautiful and accurate plans for your house. This feature also helps advanced users to finish their work quickly.

Room decoration

Floorplanner is equipped with a useful library carrying over 150,000 3D furniture items. Additionally, more products are added to this library regularly for variety. Once you are done with the creation of the floorplan, you can decorate your rooms using furniture from this library. Floorplanner provides an option of dragging items one by one or decorating the room with a single click. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to get a final look for your house.

Image export

Floorplanner allows you to export the images of your plan in 2D or 3D format. You can even secure a ‘camera angle’ image for your decorated rooms.

3D functionalities

A single click inside the tool will help you explore your floor plan in a 3D format. Floorplanner provides you with a dollhouse view for a great visual experience. You can even adjust lighting, move furniture, and set camera angles in the 3D view.

Free plan

You can join and use this online floor plan creator for free. Floorplanner doesn’t charge anything for its basic plan as the team behind the tool wants everyone to use it. However, you will be required to choose a paid plan for using the advanced features of the tool.

Help and support

Floorplanner provides customer support via an online message sent through its website. For self-learning, you can visit its blog, Youtube channel, or read the detailed manual it provides.

2) Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator allows you to quickly create precise and detailed 3D floor plans online. It is a multi-platform tool that adds flexibility to your creative ventures. You can work on both a laptop or a mobile device at your convenience.


Precise and fast

Whether you want to finish up your work quickly or need precise measurements, Floor Plan Creator will do the job. You can easily move rooms by dragging for achieving a better look for your floor. Also, the tool allows you to alter the room size numerically for accurate measurements.

Cloud synchronization

As discussed above, the Floor Plan Creator is a multi-platform tool that can be accessed via any device. Not only this, but the tool also saves all your data online. This allows you to work on your computer while at the office and use a mobile device when at the location. You can even check the space for new furniture when shopping for it.

Output options

Floor Plan Creator allows you to export your design as an image, SVG, PDF, and DXF. You can also generate Wavefront.obj files for 3D rendering. Additionally, sharing your project with your colleagues online is extremely easy with this tool.


You can build a floor plan either from scratch or by using an existing plan as a template. Floor Plan Creator allows you to create multiple floors for large projects. It also estimates the level area, perimeter, wall area, and size of rooms automatically. However, you can always adjust these dimensions as per your desires.


Floor Plan Creator is equipped with a symbol library. You can use furniture, doors, windows, and electricals for creating a final look for your floor. The library also allows you to store labels, rooms, and symbols for faster reuse in the future. To modify the size and distance of any aspect of your plan, user-defined dimension lines can be used.

Free plan

Just like Floorplanner, this tool also offers a free plan for basic use. For added functionality, you can also opt for paid plans from Floor Plan Creator. These are extremely affordable considering the value they provide.

3) Homestyler

Homestyler is a completely free software for creating floor plans online. It offers two platforms – one for your computer and the other for your mobile device. So, you can either build a floor plan on their website or over their iOS or Android application.


Virtual reality

Homestyle allows you to walk through your floor plan with its virtual reality feature. The HD photo-realistic renders with 720 panorama view gives you a glimpse of your future home. You can, therefore, view the final look of your house and experience the feeling of being inside it. This helps you make the necessary adjustments for achieving the desired home look.

Real furniture

This tool provides you with a library containing thousands of real furniture pieces from global brands. You can decorate your rooms with these furniture items, floorings, and paintings. You can buy the furniture items added to your plan by visiting the brand’s website linked to each product. Interior designing becomes extremely easy with Homestyler.


A community behind a brand contributes positively to its success. You can learn all the new trends in the interior designing segment from Homestyler’s community. The application also allows you to like and comment on the designs shared by other users. This way, you can help someone improve his dream home’s design. You can also follow your friends and participate in weekly competitions.

Augmented reality

The Homestyler application allows you to scan your surroundings and decorate them in real-time. This helps you adjust the furniture settings quite easily. Once finalized, you can order the products by clicking on the links attached to the individual furniture items.

4) SmartDraw


Since 1994, SmartDraw has been serving the needs of designers online. The company offers you two ways to get started. The first one allows you to work on any computer or tablet while being online. The second one offers you a take-home software that can be downloaded on a Windows-powered desktop or laptop.


Quick initialization

To make it easy for you to begin, SmartDraw comes with dozens of floor plan templates. You can quickly start creating your plan by choosing the most similar design for customization. This makes the task easy for both beginners and professional designers.

Extensive library

There are plenty of visual symbols available in SmartDraw’s library. You can add cabinets, lightings, furniture, HVAC, wiring, security system, plumbing, landscape elements, kitchen fittings, and bathroom accessories. This allows you to get an idea of the finished look of your floor.

Powerful and Intuitive tools

With SmartDraw you can set the size of all the shapes you add to your plan by typing their dimensions. The measurements of lines and wall angles can also be adjusted similarly. Additionally, the plan creator offers textures for flooring, furniture, and countertops as well.

Scaling of floor plan

SmartDraw allows you to change the scale of your floor plan at any time. You can choose among the metric scale and standard architectural scales. You can even print your design on a completely different scale than your drawing.

Free trial

Both the online SmartDraw tool and the desktop version are free to use for 7 days. You can avail of the benefit of all its features without any charges. This will help you decide if the software is perfect for your needs or not.

Customer Support

We don’t often receive support for using a free service. But SmartDraw offers you full support for any of your queries related to floor plan creation. You can get in touch with its experts via call or email.

Comparison between the best floor plan creators

Since you are now aware of the 4 best floor plan creators available online, let us compare their features. This will help you identify the differences between them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

shipping container plan creators comparison

The above chart only represents the contrasting details of the 4 best floor plan creators, excluding their similar characteristics. For observing the full features of each plan, you must consider going through the individual plan details included above.

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