14 Container Home Builders in Florida

Shipping Container Homes Florida

Before choosing a container home builder, it’s essential to conduct thorough research. You need to check reviews and references, visit completed projects if possible, and ensure that they are licensed and insured. Additionally, contact these companies or visit their websites for the most up-to-date information and to verify their current offerings and services.

 Top 14 Shipping Container Home Builders in Florida

1. Connex Custom Builds

Based in Florida offers one-stop solutions for shipping container homes and tiny house builds throughout the US. Their team is dedicated to helping create dream homes made with sustainable materials. Phone: +1 407-906-7155 Website: connexcustombuilds.com

2. Containers in Motion

Containers in Motion is a one-stop shop for all home-building needs, providing quality and professionalism. Services include custom home design, pre-designed floor plans, prefab home building, tiny home building, project management, commercial projects, asphalt paving, greenhouses and storage solutions like sheds and tanks. Phone: +1 561-807-1969 Website: containersinmotion.com

3. Custom Container Co

Custom Container Co is an exceptional choice for reliable and top-quality containers. Their service is unbeatable and prices are competitive. Also, Customers can get storage or shipping containers that meet their specific needs. Phone: +1 321-430-4413

4. CMG Containers

CMG Containers offers creative, eco-friendly building solutions for homes, workspaces, and events. Their unique style is designed to stand out from the crowd and minimize carbon footprint. Operating in Florida and nearby areas. Phone: +1 877-590-5807 Website: cmgcontainers.net

5. Containing Luxury

Containing Luxury is an innovative company that has mastered the art of luxury shipping container homes. Each home is designed with sleek and modern exteriors and luxurious interiors, making them truly unique. Containing Luxury serves Florida, allowing residents to experience living in a stylish and sustainable home. Phone: +1 772-222-6392 Website: containingluxury.com

6. Ecotainer Concept Inc

Ecotainer Concept Inc is the perfect solution for anyone searching for a new home; they specialize in prefabricated and customized solutions. Whether you’re looking for a single-family, multi-unit, or tiny home, Ecotainer Concept Inc. can meet your needs. Phone: +1 305-705-2473 Website: ecotainerconcept.com

7. Container Creations LLC

Container Creations LLC provides a variety of affordable storage solutions for homes and businesses. Their range of products includes stackable bins and durable totes. They ensure secure storage of items while keeping space clutter-free. Phone: +1 888-383-4443

8. Covenant Development

Covenant Development is passionate about turning dream homes into reality. Their team of expert engineers offers a wide range of services, from architecture design to custom fabrication. Services are tailored to meet unique needs and preferences for new homes, commercial buildings, or steel structures. Currently serving Hernando County and nearby areas. Phone: +1 352-641-0752

9. Hudd Construction, Inc

Hudd Construction, Inc. offers home designs, luxury home building, and renovations that reflect their clients’ unique styles and needs. They provide custom homebuilder services for new construction or renovation projects in Alachua County and surrounding areas. Phone: +1 352-505-6441.


CEPODS provides quality designs for different needs, ranging from CLEARBOX and MICROPOTTY to Portapotty. They prioritize sustainability in their designs, such as Sustainable Construction and Pop-Up Boxes. CEPODS offers their services throughout the United States. Phone:+1 786-520-1412 WEbsite cepods.com

11. Movable Roots Tiny Home Builder

Movable Roots Tiny Home Builder provides a variety of services to help customers bring their vision of a cozy and sustainable tiny home to life. Predesigned floor plans and prefabricated home-building options are available. Phone :+1 321-600-4988

12. Global Modulars

Global Modulars specializes in providing top-quality, luxurious modular homes at an affordable price. With a variety of floor plans and customization options, you can create your dream home without draining your pocket. Quality construction and excellent customer service ensure buyers have made the right decision. Phone : +1 866-766-9922 Website: globalmodulars.com

13. Logical Homes (Miami, FL):

Logical Homes is known for its modern and sustainable container home designs. They offer a range of customizable options and prioritize eco-friendly construction methods. Website: lojicdevelopers.com

14. Sundog Structures (DeLand, FL)

Sundog Structures specializes in container home construction in Central Florida. They focus on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly designs. Website: instagram.com/sundogstructures

Shipping Container House Florida

What are the Best Regions to Build Container Home?

Florida offers several regions that are suitable for building shipping container homes. It’s due to its climate, building regulations, and other factors. Here are some regions in Florida where building shipping container homes can be a viable option:

South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach):

Climate: South Florida has a tropical climate with mild winters, making it ideal for container homes.
Building Codes: Miami-Dade County has some of the strictest building codes in the state, which can be an advantage for safety and durability.
Urban Density: These cities are well-developed and offer numerous opportunities for container home projects within urban areas.

Central Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota):

Climate: Central Florida enjoys a mild climate with relatively lower hurricane risks compared to the coastal areas.
Building Codes: Building codes are less restrictive than in South Florida, making it easier to obtain permits for container homes.
Job Opportunities: Central Florida offers employment opportunities and a growing container home community.

Gulf Coast (Naples, Fort Myers):

Climate: The Gulf Coast has a warm climate and is less susceptible to hurricanes than the Atlantic Coast.
Scenic Views: The Gulf Coast offers beautiful beaches and waterfront views, making it an attractive location for container homes.

North Florida (Jacksonville):

Climate: North Florida has a milder climate compared to the southern parts of the state.
Building Costs: Building costs may be lower in this region, making container homes more affordable.

Keys (Key West, Marathon):

Climate: The Florida Keys offer a unique tropical climate but are also prone to hurricanes, so building to code is crucial.
Waterfront Living: Container homes in the Keys can provide a stunning waterfront lifestyle.

Important to Consider:

When considering building a shipping container home in any region of Florida, it’s essential to keep several factors in mind:

Building Codes:

Research the local building codes and permit requirements. Some areas, especially in South Florida, have strict building codes due to hurricane risks.

Site Selection:

Choose a suitable site that meets zoning regulations and has access to utilities.

Weather Resilience:

Given Florida’s susceptibility to hurricanes and tropical storms, ensure that your container home is designed to withstand extreme weather events.

Professional Help:

Consult with architects, engineers, and contractors experienced in container home construction to ensure compliance with building codes and best practices.

Community and Neighborhood:

Consider the community and neighborhood in which you plan to build, as some areas may be more receptive to alternative housing options like container homes.

Remember that while shipping container homes can be an eco-friendly and cost-effective housing option, they still require proper planning and adherence to local regulations to ensure safety and functionality.

Legal Regulations and Building Laws in Florida

Legal regulations and laws for building container homes can vary from state to state in the United States, including Florida. While some aspects of container home construction are governed by federal regulations and building codes set by organizations like the

International Code Council (ICC)

Many rules and requirements are determined at the state and local levels. Here’s why regulations can differ:

Building Codes: Each state adopts its own version of building codes based on the ICC’s model codes, such as the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). These codes are modified and amended to address specific regional concerns. Florida, for example, has building codes tailored to its climate and hurricane risks, which may differ from those in other states.

Zoning and Land Use Regulations: Zoning and land use regulations are set by local municipalities and can vary significantly. They dictate where and how container homes can be built within a particular city or county. What is allowed in one jurisdiction may not be permitted in another.

Environmental Regulations: States have different environmental regulations that can impact construction, especially in sensitive areas such as wetlands, coastal regions, or floodplains. State-specific environmental concerns influence these regulations.

Seismic and Weather Considerations: Regulations related to seismic activity and extreme weather events like hurricanes or snow loads can vary depending on the state’s geographical location and climate.

Accessibility Standards: While federal ADA standards apply nationwide, some states may have additional accessibility requirements.

Utility Connections:

Regulations related to connecting to water, sewer, and electrical utilities can differ based on state and local utility providers.

Licensing and Certification:

Building container homes in Florida typically involves the same licensing and certification requirements as traditional home construction because container homes must adhere to the same building codes and regulations.

Due to state variations, it’s crucial to research and understand the specific regulations and laws governing container home construction in Florida or the local jurisdiction where you plan to build. This may involve consulting with local building officials, zoning offices, and legal professionals who are familiar with the area’s specific requirements.

Keep in mind that the container home industry is still evolving, and regulations can change over time as governments gain more experience with this type of construction. Therefore, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest regulations and seek guidance from professionals experienced in container home construction in Florida or any of your chosen states.

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