10 Tiny House Bedroom Ideas

Tiny house bedroom

Beautiful Tiny House Bedroom Ideas:

Here are tiny house bedroom ideas to help you design your own.  Tiny houses are cute little constructions that do not harm our environment as much as large houses do. By using a little management skill in the beginning, you can make their maintenance extremely easy. The only problem with tiny houses is the lack of space. Therefore, it becomes essential to incorporate clever designs and ideas when you build a tiny home. It becomes all the more important to design our tiny house bedrooms smartly to save space. Bedrooms are our comfort dens where we get rid of our whole day’s fatigue. They must be comfortable and compact to complement our tiny houses.

With millions of brains working towards creating their homes, several unique small bedroom ideas are generated. Here are some of the best tiny house bedroom ideas that will inspire you to design yours.

1) Bedroom with ample storage

Since space is a major limiting factor in the case of tiny houses, you must utilize it wisely. Adding multipurpose furniture pieces to your tiny house will help you save a lot of space. This shipping container bedroom design is built by Modhouse, Australia. It features a bed containing storage drawers underneath and some storage shelves at the back. The storage drawers can be utilized for storing your clothes and bedding. While the shelves at the back are suitable for storing books and magazines.

The bed has been placed near the window to offer you ample natural light. The bedroom features an all-white design that complements the wooden flooring. The light color also reflects more light to make the room look bigger. No other piece of furniture has been added to the bedroom because of extremely limited space.

Bedroom with ample storage 1

2) Bedroom with glass doors

Adding glass doors to a small space makes it look bigger. This bedroom design is suitable for a tiny home, office, or studio apartment. The model is built by the famed shipping container home manufacturer Honomobo and is named HO1. The bedroom design features a wall-length shelf at the back of the bed for utilizing the small space well. A small kitchenette is also a part of the bedroom.

An attached bathroom also forms a part of the bedroom design. Some potted plants have also been placed on either side of the bed. This brings a fresh feel to the tiny bedroom. The best part of this tiny house bedroom is the absence of a solid wall structure. Instead, wall-length glass doors have been added to the design to give it a bigger look. Since this bedroom opens on the beautiful patio outside, you can open the glass doors to enjoy the good weather.

Bedroom with glass doors

Design bedroom interiors

Source – honomobo.com/us/ho1

3) Bedroom with bunk bed

Bunk beds are a favorite among tiny homeowners. They are great space savers and add a certain charm to your bedroom. This design is built by Modern Container Concepts, Glendale, United States. It features a bunk bed and some storage on the side. A large window brings in ample natural light. The tiny bedroom also houses a kitchen slab and some sitting space. Though this bedroom-cum-apartment is part of a shipping container house, it can be used for a traditional home too.

Bunk bed


4) Loft bedroom

If you are a morning person, this design is just for you. Loft bedrooms utilize the top space in the tiny house that would, otherwise, be wasted. They are fun, and stylish, and help you save a lot of space. This tiny house bedroom design is part of a trailer house built by Walden Studio in the Netherlands. It features a few storage shelves alongside the bed. The big tilted window is the best aspect of this bedroom. The first rays of the sun will wake you up every morning to take over the world afresh. The design can be successfully used for both traditional and shipping container houses.

Loft Tiny House Bedroom Ideas

Source – waldenstudio.nl/contemporarytinyhouse

5) Bedroom Cube

Building a bedroom that doubles up as storage is the best answer to the space limitation of tiny homes. Batik Studio created this bedroom cube that offers plenty of storage space. The stairs to the cube and the space below the bed can be used for storing anything and everything. A few shelves can also be incorporated on the outer walls of this tiny house bedroom. You can utilize this design for your apartment, trailer home, container home, or tiny traditional house. Match the colors of the outer walls with your home’s overall interior design.

Cube bedroom

6) Bedroom with a bed on rails

When you have limited resources you just want to utilize them optimally. This is the idea behind the bedroom with a bed on rails. What’s the need of your bed during the day when you are not going to use it at all? It is best to wind up your bed once to get up and free that space for the day. This bedroom design by Ana White features a bed on rails that can be lifted easily when not in use. This bed-raising system developed by Ana utilizes a garage storage lift system. The space underneath offers a comfortable living area with sofas and an LED. The moveable bed fits pretty well close to the roof and can again be pulled back in the night. Such functional furniture items are the true essence of tiny house bedrooms.

Bed on rails

 Tiny House Bedroom Ideas

Source -.ana-white.com/blog/2017/01/open-concept-rustic-modern-tiny-house-photo-tour-and-sources

7) Bedroom with a pull-out bed

It is difficult to adjust your bedroom space when you live in an apartment. This tiny 37 sqm apartment has all the facilities you would require in a bedroom. The big podium that houses a comfortable sofa set hides a large double bed underneath. You can pull it out at night and hide it back for the day. The podium also carries a big hidden drawer for storage. Additionally, several storage cabinets are included in the design just above the sofa. That provides a lot of storage in a tiny space.

The bedroom includes an LED for your leisure time. It also offers you a study or office nook. To our surprise, there’s a small walk-in closet included in this design. Windows are installed at the right places to bring in an adequate amount of natural light. The color scheme of the room has been reserved with the basic colors except for a brick wall. This wall is used to break the color monotony and add spunk to the bedroom. It has been utilized for storing a bike – the idea seems unique and interesting along with saving space. A head-to-toe mirror and a vase also form part of this bedroom design. You can use this design both as an apartment house or a tiny house bedroom.

Pulled out bed

Tiny House Bedroom Ideas 

Source -lakbermagazin.hu/kis-lakas-berendezese/1371-helytakarekos-rejtett-agy-kis-37nm-es-egyszobas-lakasban.html

8) Bed by the wall

Sometimes it is impossible to create a partition for bedrooms in tiny homes. This design is best suitable for such houses as all the necessary bedroom facilities are built by the wall. The bed carries a lot of storage underneath and on its sidewall as well. The podium on which the bed is built also supports a large table. This space can be utilized for both studying and working. The table also features a few storage drawers. Though the space is extremely limited in this design, it has been utilized optimally. You can consider using this bedroom design for your trailer home, shipping container home, or traditional tiny home.

 Tiny House Bedroom Ideas

Source – bangmuin.xyz/interior-design-condo-philippines/

9) Bed Box Bedroom

Bed Box is a tiny house bedroom design built by Studio AC in Toronto, Canada. Originally constructed for a young professional, this design can be used by anyone having limited living space. A functional box is built by the designer out of plywood that adds a unique character to the bedroom. The room houses a bed and an open shelf behind it. To add a fun element to the whole construction, the entryway to the bedroom is given an arched shape. A curtain track is installed at the entry to add privacy to the room. A potted plant is also placed at the entry of the bedroom. This design is flexible enough to be used in both a traditional as well as a shipping container home.

Box bedroom

Source – archcollab.com/broadview-loft

10) Bedroom featuring a Murphy bed

Murphy beds are everyone’s favorite for tiny spaces. They fold into the wall they are installed upon to free up space for the day. This particular bed design is built by Resource furniture and is known as Altea. It is a twin XL size bed making it ideal for children and adults alike. The bedroom design pictured here features a decent sitting space and a lot of storage in addition to Altea. There’s a storage shelf at the back of the bed that hides behind the bed once you fold it. The white and light gray color scheme reflects a lot of light and makes the room look bigger. This tiny house bedroom design is ideal for everyone who wants to utilize their bedroom space to the maximum.

Pull out bed
Bed on rails 2

Source – resourcefurniture.com/product/altea/

The Bottom Line – Tiny House Bedroom Ideas

Tiny houses have limited space and must incorporate a unique bedroom design for utilizing the space better. Using compact and multi-functional furniture pieces is the key to making your tiny room spacious. Ensure to invest in comfortable items for making beautiful and useful living spaces for your family.

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