10 Tiny Container Kitchen Design Ideas

Container home tiny kitchen design ideas

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When it comes to what kind of kitchen you want to design for the interior of your new shipping container home, you need to get an idea of what is available. For this article, we put together a list of the top 5 most sought-after kitchen styles. We included a couple of examples of each so that you would get a pretty picture of what there is to choose from. The tiny kitchen cost will likely be dictated heavily based on what style you decided to choose, or whether you will opt for used or new appliances and cabinets.


Country Style Container Kitchen


One of the benefits of a country-style kitchen is that it is perfectly suited for tiny homes. This is because the country-style kitchen is designed to take up minimal space. The use of open cabinets or floating shelves is common in country or farmhouse kitchens. This is perfect for tiny homes or shipping container homes that generally do not have a lot of space to dedicate to a fancy kitchen. Country kitchens also feature unique ways of using wood materials. This is another common thing to see in tiny homes like shipping container homes. Another aspect of the country or farmhouse kitchens is a light and airy feel, this helps to make a container home feel a bit bigger inside.

There are many really useful ideas are based on the country’s look and feel. The farmhouse style helps to create an airy and open look so that your kitchen does not take up too much space in a container home. The Country Style tiny kitchen is designed to help you come up with a good kitchen style for your shipping container home. All of the ideas are based on the premise that a country-style kitchen can look nice and be functional while taking up a smaller footprint in a house.

Interior of the kitchen in rustic style with vintage kitchenware and wooden wall. White furniture and wooden decor in bright cottage indoor.


Modern Small Kitchen


The modern style fits very well with tiny kitchens due to its sleek and minimal design. Grey, natural wood, and whites dominate the color scheme’s throughout many of the most popular modern designs. Sleek lines of the cabinetry, solid white quartz countertop, and simple subway tile backsplashes also can be found throughout many of the most popular modern tiny kitchens. Simple design when it comes to flooring also fits in well with the modern tiny kitchen style. The use of metal materials and unique hanging pendants go hand in hand with the modern style.

A galley kitchen is one of the more common types of tiny kitchens found in shipping container homes. They take up a much smaller amount of space, but the more modern look gives it a much bigger feel. A modern style kitchen can help to make the inside of a smaller home look bigger thanks to the light colors that are typically associated with a modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen interior with white brick tile wall in Scandinavian style, wooden shelf and tableware


Vintage Tiny Kitchen Ideas


Vintage style, also commonly referred to as retro is a unique design style that combines classic appliances from years ago with today’s cabinetry and interior finishes. Many of these older appliances fit well into smaller spaces of tiny homes and shipping container homes. Vintage-style tiny kitchens also use a minimalist approach to design that will also fit well in with smaller spaces. Sleek-looking surfaces are also common features of this style.

Vintage style tiny kitchen style design has a lot to do with optimizing most of the small space that a tiny kitchen has available. This is especially true when you consider the amount of space that would be dedicated to the kitchen in a shipping container home. Color palette and materials are two other focal points for vintage-style kitchens. The white and black and white were very popular years ago. This easily translates to white checkered board flooring and plain white subway tiles are an important part of the vintage design style. Dark wood and grey color were popular as well  Patchwork tiles add to the retro flair…

Vintage container kitchen tiny small
Minimalistic, compact IKEA kitchen


Minimalist Container Kitchen


The Minimalist design style is a unique concept that is incorporated as a way to fool the eyes into believing more is less. You can make a smaller space (such as a shipping container home) look much bigger at the same time you are using minimalist techniques. By using harmonizing colors and wood materials, you can make a space look full without it being overly cluttered. This helps deliver on the minimalist concept and still fit it into a much smaller space. Using colors to make a room look bigger is easy to do when you incorporate lots of white surfaces.

Minimalist kitchen style for tiny homes galley-type kitchens are really popular for tiny homes like shipping container homes. You can double down by adopting minimalist concepts in your galley kitchen. This will make your new kitchen seem much bigger simply by using a lot of white surfaces. The use of many can light instead of fancy pendant lights provides just as much light but reduces the room clutter.

Minimalist Container Tiny Small Kicthen


Boho Tiny Kitchen


The boho or bohemian tiny kitchen is the most unique of all the kitchen styles on our list. Boho has everything to do with artistic creativity and the use of materials. The key to a successful Boho kitchen style is to incorporate plants, textures, and colors to create a relaxing atmosphere. This style is also one of the least expensive ways to remodel a home. This makes it is a good choice when it comes to tiny homes like shipping container homes. Another aspect of the Boho kitchen is that it is the exact opposite of a minimalist kitchen.

Boho Style kitchen is a design style that embraces the bohemian lifestyle. It brings the feeling of a relaxing vibe to the middle of your home. While it may not be for everyone or it may not be optimal for a shipping container home. The use of plants, textures, and colors combinations in the most creative manner is at the center of this type of design style. Mix and match patterns of wallpaper and backsplash tiles help to create a fun and relaxing look and feel.

Modern Scandinavian style home kitchen interior concept. Cozy comfortable boho interior design.


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