10 Tiny Container Home Toilet Ideas

Tiny Toilet Ideas

Tiny Container Home Toilet Ideas to Help You Design Your Own

Toilets are a necessity in every home whether big or small. Even if you have limited space in your home, you can include all the essential facilities. There are many clever ways in which you can save a lot of space while building a tiny home toilet. You can consider having a powder room or a full-fledged toilet in your tiny home. It all depends on your requirements. Here we are exploring a variety of tiny toilet designs that can be easily incorporated into small houses. Hopefully, these 10 tiny container home toilet ideas will help you realize that it is possible to fit a small toilet in your tiny home.

1) The Heritage Toilet

This tiny home toilet is a part of The Heritage home built by Summit Tiny Homes. The design includes a composting toilet, a sink, and a lot of storage. Whether you are a fan of a bathtub or a shower, the design features both. It incorporates a small freestanding bathtub with a shower attachment. A vanity mirror has also been installed over the sink. Along with a lot of clever storage space, the designer also included a small window in this toilet. You can use this design in a traditional tiny home or a shipping container home.

Tiny Toilet Design 1

Tiny Toilet Design Idea

Source – summittinyhomes.com/gallery?pgid=iqiuljwi-d0db68cd-b3bc-42a8-bffe-68a07f3bc88b

2) Toilet with ample storage

The most important aspect of managing a tiny home is utilizing the small space well. A toilet providing ample storage helps you to store a lot and keep the place tidy. The design presented here is a creation of Perch and Nest builders. It offers a lot of storage space around the bowl sink installed. Along with the small drawers, the design also features big cupboards for storing larger items. You can take inspiration from this design for all kinds of tiny homes whether moveable or fixed.

Tiny home toilet design idea

Source – perchandnest.com/roost-gallery

3) Toilet in a cupboard

Here is a unique idea of a toilet tucked in a bathroom. This tiny home toilet is a part of a rustic modern trailer home built by Adam Leu and his brother. Though it is a sawdust compost toilet, you can use the one that suits your requirements. This idea saves a lot of space and can be a part of any small house – moveable or fixed. You can also consider adding a tiny sink on the other side of the cupboard. The sewage pipes can be fitted into the wall behind the cupboard. The door of the cupboard can be used to include a mirror as well.

Tiny toilet in cupboard

Source – tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/tall-mans-tiny-house

4) Bucket Toilet

Using a composting toilet makes your tiny house self-contained as you don’t need to depend on the sewer system. This bucket toilet called Bambooloo is handcrafted in New Zealand and can be installed easily. Along with adding its beautiful natural charm to space, the toilet also saves a lot of space. It is compact, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly at the same time. To match the interiors of your tiny toilet, you can include other installations made out of bamboo as well. The sink included in this design also replicates a bucket. For storage, a bamboo basket has also been included in the toilet. The addition of a full-fledged mirror makes this tiny toilet look bigger. You can also consider installing a storage cabinet on the wall carrying a bath towel. This way, you can store many more essentials here along with this towel.

Bucket toilet design idea

Source – livingbiginatinyhouse.com/the-beauty-of-the-bucket-why-bucket-composting-toilets-are-a-brilliant-idea

5) Wicker basket Toilet

Here is another tiny home toilet idea that is unique and eco-friendly. Constructed in a giant wicker basket, this toilet is a part of Sharma Springs, Green Village Bali. Though it is a guest toilet in this construction, it can easily be included in any tiny home. The majority of the material used in its construction is bamboo making it suitable for sustainable living choice. Even if you have finished building your home, you can include this design in your backyard. Since there isn’t any requirement of constructing a wall, the toilet structure can be built separately. The bamboo structure makes this toilet look beautiful. The design also includes some open storage shelves. You can incorporate this toilet design into your primary or additional home quite easily.

Tiny home toilet idea

Source – livingbiginatinyhouse.com/the-beauty-of-the-bucket-why-bucket-composting-toilets-are-a-brilliant-idea

6) Toilet beneath Stairs

Building a toilet under stairs will save you a lot of space in your tiny home. This design is a part of a traditional West Austin house built by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects. It features a flushing toilet and a sink with a mirror. The interior colors have been kept white to reflect more light in the tiny toilet. When closed, the toilet door doubles up as a wall as it seamlessly fits into the surroundings. You can recreate this design in both a tiny traditional as well as a container home.

Tiny home toilet under stairs idea


Tiny home toilet under stairs ideas

Source – austinarchitect.com/portfolio/harris

7) All-in-one Toilet

This toilet design comprises a washbasin and a toilet combined with a central core unit. Along with saving space in your tiny home, this unique toilet design also saves water. It reuses the water used in the basin for the flushing toilet. The connected pipes that carry this wastewater are hidden beautifully in the design. You can utilize the open space that joins the two units for keeping your toilet necessities. Consider installing a mirror above the sink and storage cabinets on the side walls. The design can perfectly fit in a tiny traditional as well as shipping container home.

all in one tiny toilette

Source – yankodesign.com/2009/05/21/use-your-water-twice

8) Loft toilet

Utilizing the loft in a tiny home correctly saves a lot of space for the other things. This loft toilet does justice to the underutilized loft space in your tiny home. Constructed in a limited space, this toilet design offers everything you would need in your tiny toilet. It is a full-fledged bathroom built under a loft and features a skylight as well. The glass added to the design brings in ample natural light to the tiny toilet. There is only a single storage basket included in this design. You can, however, utilize the wall space around the sink for installing storage cabinets. You can incorporate this design in a tiny traditional home or a high-cube container home having a loft.

Loft tiny house toilet

Source – victoriaplum.com/blog/posts/best-bathroom-suites-for-loft-conversions

9) Pull-out Toilet

This design is the ultimate space-saver on our list of tiny home toilet ideas. When you have extremely limited space, you can consider adding this toilet unit that hides. You just need a space to install a vanity and the toilet will come out of it. Doesn’t that sound cool! A few brilliant designers created this design called Hidealoo. The area around the sink can be used to place your essential items. You can install a mirror above the sink and use the area around it for installing storage cabinets. This standalone unit reuses the water used in the sink but also stores some freshwater as a backup. So, if there is enough wastewater from the sink, freshwater is not used for flushing. This way, the design saves water along with space. You can use this tiny home toilet design in both moveable and immoveable tiny homes.

.Pull out toilet design  Pull out toilet design

Source – hidealoo.com/standalone#discretionary_unit

10) Prefabricated Toilet Unit

Installing a prefabricated toilet unit can save a lot of labor and space. This unit not only offers a toilet and a sink but also a washing machine. Two open shelves are a part of the design and hide storage drawers as well. A mirror has also been installed over the sink. The space around the sink can be used for keeping your essentials. The modular toilet unit can be easily installed in your tiny home. It is extremely easy to maintain as well. You can also replicate this space-saving design for building your tiny home toilet.

prefabricated toilet design

Source – globalsources.com/Modular-bathroom/bathroom-pod-1174637715p.htm#1174637715

The Bottom Line Tiny Container Home Toilet Ideas

All the above-listed designs are merely an inspiration as there is no limit to creativity. You can create your unique tiny home toilet design with a little imagination. List down the facilities you desire and take help from the above designs to fit them well. Think of adding a lot of storage for keeping the toiletries in the toilet itself. Also, don’t forget to utilize the unused space in your tiny homes like a loft or under-the-stairs. This way, you will be making the utmost use of the limited space available in a tiny home.

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