10 Studio Shipping Container Home Plans

10 Studio Shipping Container Home Plans

One Bed Studio Container Home

This amazing little 20-foot shipping container can easily be transformed into a tiny home. This one bedroom studio home features a living room that doubles as the bedroom with a foldout bed. The kitchen and dining area are right off the living room. They feature a sink and a small amount of counter and storage space on one side. The stove and refrigerator are located on the other side. There is room for a small table and four chairs between the kitchen and living room area. The other end of the home is where you will find the bathroom. The three-piece bathroom includes small vanity, toilet, and a stall shower.

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20-Foot Shipping Container Turn One Bedroom Studio Home

A 20-foot shipping container has just enough room for this one-bedroom studio tiny home. The living room doubles as your sleeping area utilizing a cozy sofa bed. The small-size bathroom is just big enough to accommodate a stall shower, toilet, and small vanity. The kitchen area has room for a small four-seat round or square table. The kitchen is a decent size with a stove, refrigerator, sink, and counters. There are plenty of windows that let in an amazing amount of natural light and a large sliding glass door that opens to a nice wooden deck.

Shipping Container Studio Plan

20-foot Container Studio Home

This very cozy studio home features a combination of living and sleeping areas and a pocket door that separates the bathroom. There is plenty of room for a full or queen-size sleep sofa that doubles as your bed. The kitchenette features a microwave and a small under-counter refrigerator and a decent amount of counter space. The good size three-piece bathroom features a stall shower, toilet, and vanity. There are plenty of windows and glass doors that allow plenty of natural light into the home. The home is heated by way of two wall-mounted heaters. The main entrance is located on the side of the living area.

Floor plan shipping container home

Airbnb Tiny Studio Home

This unique tiny home design constructed from a 20’ x 8’ shipping container placed on a raised foundation. The home features an extended roof that covers the extended raised porch. The interior is surprisingly spacious with an open floor plan the features a combination living room and bedroom. The full kitchen is large enough for a small dining room table. The kitchen area has a full-size refrigerator, stove, and good size sink with enough counter space. The not-so-small bathroom is a three-piece configuration with a good size stall shower, a toilet, vanity, and a small storage table.

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One Bed Studio Tiny Home

This super cute one-bedroom studio tiny container home is designed to provide a nice comfortable place to live. The 20’ shipping container floor plan provides 20’ x 8’ of living space and includes a 90 square foot wooden deck. The living room and sleeping area take up a good deal of the square footage and include a full-size sleep sofa. The large glass sliding door lets in a lot of natural light and doubles as the main entrance. The kitchen and dining area are right off the living area and includes room for a small table. The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, sink, cabinets, and countertops. The bathroom is a three-piece bathroom with a shower, vanity, and toilet.

shipping container studio plan

Studio Container Home

This unique loft studio home features a combination of sleeping and lounging area. The Loft Studio home features 375 square feet of living space including a special loft sleeping area. There is also a good size wardrobe closet for your clothes and other things. The kitchen area is a good size and features a full-size refrigerator, stove, and countertops for food prep. The three-piece bath is has a tub and shower combination, toilet, vanity with sink. It has three large windows that let in plenty of natural light. The container home is topped with a traditional style wood roof with shingles.

Studio House Construction Plans

250 Square Foot Studio House

This studio tiny home is constructed from a 20’ shipping container. It features 250 square feet of modern living space. The bathroom is really spacious for a tiny home and it features a modern tiled shower, toilet, sink, and vanity. There is a wall-mounted storage cabinet to keep towels and other necessities. The full-size kitchen has a refrigerator, stove, sink, and food prep counters. There is a good size standalone pantry for extra kitchen storage. The combination living room and bedroom consist of a full-size sleep sofa with two nightstands/ end tables. There is room for a television tablet against the wall.

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205 Square Foot Studio Container Home

This studio floor plan features 205 square of indoor living space and 204 square feet of covered patio space. The high pitched roof completely covers all parts of the tiny home. The living space includes a combination lounge and bedroom area utilizing a full-size sleeper sofa. There is also a good size wardrobe closet for storing your clothes and other household items. The tiny kitchenette has a small refrigerator, sink, cabinets, and countertops big enough to fit a microwave to cook your food. The three-piece bathroom includes a great looking tiled showering area, a toilet with a wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet. There is also a sink and vanity with wall mounted mirror.

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Studio Shipping Container Home

This 471 square foot studio container home is a spacious tiny home floor plan. It is designed to provide everything you need in a home that will provide a quality place to call home. The floor plan includes a combination of living and sleeping area using a full-size sleep sofa. There is room enough for side tables can double nightstands and end tables. The kitchen area includes room for a normal size refrigerator, stackable washer/dryer, cooktop, and stove for preparing food. The bathroom is a really good size with a stall shower, toilet, and a decent size vanity and sink.

Container Studio House Design Plans

420 Square foot Studio Container House

This spacious 420 square foot tiny container home has everything a couple could need to live. The bedroom and living areas are combined by using a foldout sleep sofa. This allows for the same space to be used for sleeping at night and then use the same area as a living during the day and evening. The area is also big enough to fit around or square table and chairs. There is also a good size closet that can be used as a wardrobe and linen closet. The normal size kitchen area is big enough for a normal size refrigerator, stove, sink, and lots of kitchen cabinets. The bathroom is a full three-pieces, vanity with sink, toilet, and stall shower.

Container Home Floor Plan

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