10 Small House Living Room Ideas

Tiny House Living Room Ideas

Our living room defines our personality and preferences. We spend most of our time in our living area. It is, therefore, extremely important to build a comfortable living space for hanging out all day long. For small houses, this becomes a challenging task. It is difficult to include all the necessary items for comfortable living in a small space. But people find unique ways to solve this issue. Here we are including some interesting small house living room ideas from various home designers around the globe.

1) Living Room with an outdoor view

Living rooms generally do not have an outdoor view. This is the major reason for setting up an open living space in our tiny homes. How about having an indoor living room with an outdoor view? This small house living room offers you just the right balance. It is a part of the construction ‘The Helm’, a container home built by CargoHome. You can enjoy the experience of this design for a while as it is listed on Airbnb. The living area features a comfortable sofa-set and a storage rack. Some DIY potted plants form a part of the living room and add to its charm. Since the living extends to a small kitchen, you can conveniently enjoy your freshly prepared coffee here. This design is best suited for the houses having extremely limited space to create a partition for the living. It can be built in any passage providing a beautiful outdoor view.

Source: cargohome.com/the-helm

2) Living room with a fireplace

If you live at a place with a low temperature, this design is just for you. Having a fireplace in your living room adds to the comfort of the whole place. This small house living room is part of a shipping container home built by Crosson Architects from Auckland. Named as the Coromandel Bach, the house features an open-plan living space. The bi-fold glass doors of the living can be drawn back to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. Along with a fireplace, the living room offers a full-sized sofa and a dining area. It also features some uniquely designed wooden furniture items giving it a traditional look. The flooring and walls of the room have been made out of wood. Also, the room opens into a wooden deck by the side of a serene beach. You can incorporate this living room design for an apartment or small house. A small pool can also be built by the deck to mimic the beach.

living room container house fireplace

Source – crosson.co.nz/coromandel-bach-coromandel/

3) Beautiful wooden living space

This beautiful small living room was featured in the A’Design Award & Competition for its functionality. The living is part of a container home called Pocket House built by Cristina Menezes. The small space features everything wooden with glass doors complementing the whole design. The room opens up in the deck and the moveable furniture of the living can be used there as well. Along with some sitting space, the design offers a dining area and a kitchen slab. Some indoor herbs are also a part of the living space. The wall-to-ceiling glass doors can be opened for the circulation of fresh air. This design can be used successfully for both traditional and shipping container homes.

Wodd decorated living room container home

Wodd decorated living room container home

Source – cristinamenezes.com.br/br/

4) Living room with a balcony

It is common to find a balcony attached to a bedroom but how about having it in your living room? It certainly is a good idea. This Japanese minimalist design is created by the studio Fertility Design. It presents a great idea for a small living room as the tiny space can be extended to the balcony. Easily transportable furniture can be used in the living room’s balcony so it can be brought into the room. It will prevent your furniture during adverse climatic conditions.

The living room features comfortable sofas, LED, and old wooden suitcases. The suitcases perform the dual function of storage and tabletop. The color scheme of the living has been kept contrasting. The dark colors of wooden flooring and furniture have been balanced with the light colors of walls, rugs, and curtains. The living room also offers a big wardrobe for a lot of storage. The doors of this wardrobe feature several full-length mirrors. Along with adding a modern feel to the room, these mirrors make the room look bigger. You can use this design both for an apartment or a small house.

Living room with balcony
Living room with balcony

Source -fertility-design.com/portfolio.html

5) Tiny living room with a wall library

If you are a book lover, this small house living room is best suitable for you. It is part of a shipping container house in Brooklyn, New York, and listed on Airbnb. The living room features a comfortable sitting space and a tiny wall library. In the middle of library shelves, a television screen has been placed for entertainment. You can utilize this design for a small traditional house, a camper van house, or a shipping container house. Consider adding a coffee table by the side of the sofas.



Living room library

Source – airbnb.co.in

6) Outdoor living room

Spending your day with nature in an outdoor living room is the best experience one can have. This design features a flower-filled colorful living room that is appealing to the eyes. You can create this outdoor living space in your backyard by adding some flowers and potted plants. Hanging some planters and beautiful lights will further add to the beauty of the place. This design offers some sitting space enclosed by plants. It can be included in both a traditional and a shipping container house.

Outdoor living room

Source – blog-stage.homedepot.com/flower-filled-outdoor-living-room

7) Living room by the window side

Utilize the space by the side of a window for building a comfortable living space. This small house living room design is the brainchild of Studio DB. It is a part of 225 sq. ft. house in New York City. An L-shaped sofa seat has been created by the side of the window to enjoy the outside beauty. A mirror and a fireplace are also a part of the living room. You can also add some storage space underneath your sitting space and on the wall carrying the mirror. It is a wonderful design for enjoying your morning coffee or working from home. You can incorporate it into any small house having a window with a beautiful view.

Source – studiodb.com/residential/kips-bay-show-house-2019

8) Minimalist living room

Adding minimalist furniture to your small living room leaves ample floor space. This design features only a sofa, a table, and wall-mounted TV. Soft pastel colors have been used in decor for better reflection of light. The sitting space is comfortable enough to spend your full day here. It is recommended to use functional furniture in this design. You can consider investing in a sofa with storage underneath. The table can also be selected based on the storage space it offers. For adding a contrasting color to the room, you can choose brightly-colored cushions for your sofa. The design is suitable for small houses or apartments.

Minimalist living room

Source – ideahomerenovation.com/portfolio-items/apartment-bright-and-cozy-minimalist-style-living-hall/

9) Three-in-one Living room

The design shown here solves three-in-one purposes. It acts as a bedroom, office, and living at the same time. To manage the small spaces efficiently, Italian designer brand Clei Srl created these transformative furniture pieces. You can transform your bed into a sofa for the day and easily turn your bedroom into a living room. There are some fixed shelves by the side of the sofa and a moveable one on top of it. A large storage space is also available underneath the sofa. Openable office space is also a part of this living’s design that can be used as and when desired. You can include a television set in your room in front of this sofa for entertainment purposes. This design can be re-created equally well for a small house and an apartment living.

Tiny house living room  

Source -clei.co.uk/clei/nuovoliola.htm#

10) Loft living room

Loft living rooms are fun and beautiful along with big-time space-savers. This design is part of a 256-square-foot small house called Kokosing built by Modern Tiny Living. The Ohio-based designers built a loft living room with ample storage space underneath. The built-in benches open up to form a bed for the night. The design also features a wall-mounted television screen and an air-conditioner. The best aspect of this design is the glass windows. They make you feel like you are sitting in the lap of nature with the trees surrounding the loft.

Mini house living room  

Source – moderntinyliving.com/originalkokosing.html

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of ideas to create a beautiful and comfortable living space for your entire family. The inspirational designs included here will help you build a unique living room for your small house. List down the facilities you require for your living and accommodate them in any one of the above designs. You will be surprised by the wonderful results.

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