10 Shipping Container Studio Designs – Tiny Houses

Shipping container studio

Shipping Container Studio Designs for Tiny Houses

Why shipping container studio designs?  The ultra-compact design of the tiny home and the convenience and money-saving benefits of using a used shipping container as the basic structure of the home is a match made in heaven.

If you are looking for a way to get started by finding a seller that has pre-fabricated tiny homes built using old shipping containers. One of the best places to start looking is online at eBay.com. For this article, we have put together a list of some current listings on several eBay sites around the world. We will include sites in the US, UK, and Australia to mention a few.

  1. 24′ ft Pre-Fab Container Modular Home-192 Sqft

This cute brand new container home is a 24’ house that features 192sqft of living space. It has several sleeping areas including a king-size Murphy Bed. A bathroom with a stall shower and clothes washing facility. A kitchenette with refrigerator, stove and fold down dining table. There is even room for a small sitting area with a couch. The overall dimensions are 24’ long, 8’ wide and 8.5’ tall which gives plenty of room for all of the necessities. The walls and ceiling feature polystyrene foam insulation to keep out the elements and helps to keep the heat and cooling inside. All-glass sliding door and full glass front door with composite deck.

shipping container studio exterior


2. 40 ft shipping container home house

This pre-fabricated container tiny home is 40’ long and 10’ wide and features a fully wood cladded exterior and polyurethane foam insulation. The interior features all-laminate flooring, bathroom with a stall shower and vanity. A large sleeping area, living area, and good size sleeping areas. The price includes a kitchenette with full plumbing and an 80-liter hot water tank. The windows and doors feature all-aluminum frames and double pane glass. The interior heating comes from the infrared in-floor heating. The house is wired to meet US, EU, AU, NZ standards.

Shipping container studio exterior

3. Luxury Shipping Container Home 1 Bd/1 Bath

This large, luxury tiny home is pre-fabricated from a repurposed 40’ shipping container. The interior can be configured in many different ways, with a large bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room areas. The base configuration also features large, insulated and framed doors and windows with double-pane glass. The actual living dimensions are 40’ L x 8’ W x 9.5’ T with full polystyrene foam insulation and plaster wall and ceiling covers. The flooring features waterproof plywood subflooring, wood, and ceramic tile finished flooring. Fully plumbed and electrical wiring with the main breaker panel.

luxury studio container home florplan luxury shipping container studio

4. Studio 160 Sq Ft Luxury Shipping Container Home

This listing features a luxury tiny home that is designed and built around a repurposed 20’ x 8’ shipping container. This 160 sqft home comes complete with all of the necessary amenities that a full-size house has only they are more compact. The bathroom area includes a washbasin, toilet, stall shower with nicely tiled ceramic floors. The walls and ceiling feature foam insulation with marine (waterproof) plywood which is covered with a coating of plaster and finished off with a cover of paint. The windows and doors all have aluminum frames and double pane glass for energy efficiency. The tiny is fully plumbed and wired with a distribution panel with breakers.
lux shipping container home exterior

lux shipping container home intenior

5. 20ft custom shipping container home office

This listing features a 20’ x 8’ home or office depending on your needs. The interior spaces are fully customized to provide multiple spaces. It can be fitted with a bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom/living areas. If you are looking for this space to be a home office, you can have it configured more to have working spaces rather than living and sleeping spaces. The bathroom and kitchen areas can be plumbed and electrical installed to support all of the figures and appliances that are necessary. The walls and ceiling are clad in marine (waterproof) plywood that are all covered in plaster and painted according to your color pallet. Under the marine plywood is 4” of foam insulation. The exterior can be painted to your specification and color.

home office shipping container home

6. Converted Shipping Container – Studio Apartment

This cute little studio home or lake cabin features a full foam insulated walls and ceiling. The cozy interior features a bathroom with a toilet, electric heated stall shower, and sink. The kitchen area is large enough for appliances, cabinet, sink. The price includes either a studio sofa or a standard double bed. Large, all-glass door and several large windows with uPVC framed French glass pans. Comes standard with an all-grey colored exterior, but can be painted other colors.

tiny studio shipping container home

tiny studio shipping container home interior

7. Portable Studio – Converted Shipping Container

Get your own studio-style tiny home created using a repurposed 20’ x 8’ shipping container. The interior features fully foam insulated walls and ceiling. It comes wired and plumbed according to normal building standards with light fixtures, outlets, and wood flooring. The bathroom includes a washbasin, toilet, stall shower, and the bedroom space is large enough to accommodate a large bed. The exterior cladding, door, and windows are your choice. Most of the interior space is open for you to customize the look and feel for yourself.

container studio tiny home

8. Shipping Container Bedroom, Studio, Gym

This cute little tiny home has quite a bit of interior room and it features three distinct areas; living, sleeping, and bathroom. The exterior is completely clad in all hardwood that is native to Australia and front side has two oversized sliding glass doors. The interior walls have a waterproof marine wood and the flooring is all carpeting. The interior is cooled by a complete Toshiba Split AC system mounted throughout the space. The interior can be configured in a number of ways to fit your specific needs.

tiny container home wood plated tiny container home interior

9. Shipping Container Tiny Portable House

This 20’ custom-built pre-fabricated, tiny home features three good size living spaces include a nice, somewhat fancy kitchen, bedroom/living area, and bathroom. A nice large sliding glass door opens off to an attached covered patio. The tiny home is fully plumbed and electrical including the main power panel. The services are all ready to be hooked up to your local municipal services upon delivery of the unit. The walls and ceiling are all fully insulated and fairly energy efficient. The built-in heating and cooling system are designed to keep you comfortable under most circumstances.

tiny studio container house exterior

tiny container home interiors

Who Needs Shipping Container Studio Designs

Shipping container studio designs can be useful for a variety of people and purposes. Here are some examples:


Shipping container studios can be an ideal space for artists looking for a cost-effective and unique space to create their work. The containers can be easily customized to meet their specific needs, including lighting, ventilation, and workspace layout.


Shipping container studios can also be used as a workspace for small businesses and startups. They are a flexible and affordable option for entrepreneurs who want to create an office space or a retail shop.


Homeowners can also benefit from shipping container studio designs. They can be used as an additional living space, a home office, or even a guest house. Shipping container studios are also a popular option for homeowners who want to create a backyard retreat or a pool house.

Event Planners:

Shipping container studios can also be used for events such as festivals, pop-up shops, and art shows. The containers can be easily transported to different locations and can be customized to create a unique and memorable experience for attendees.

Overall, shipping container studio designs can be useful for anyone looking for a versatile, customizable, and affordable workspace or living space.


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