10 Luxury Shipping Container Homes

Luxury Shipping Container Homes

Here is our choice of 10 luxury shipping container homes around the world:

1) Triple-Story Container Home

Located in Brisbane, Australia, this luxurious home features 3 levels. Todd Miller, the designer from Zeigler Build used a total of thirty-one 20-feet shipping containers in its design. The 560 square meter home features four bedrooms and four bathrooms along with a beautiful pool and deck. Additionally, the house offers a gym, garage, home office, living room, study, and laundry room. Shipping containers provide an industrial effect to this house while glass fittings give it a luxurious touch. Open spaces, clean lines, and quality finish further add to the beauty of this house.

Luxury Container Home Australia

Luxury Container House Australia


2) Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica

This luxurious shipping container home is set in the surf town Santa Teresa of Costa Rica. Benjamin Garcia Saxe, the architect from Studio Saxe, creates a beautiful balance between modern building techniques and handcrafted natural materials. The cantilevered containers add to the charm of the home’s social spaces below them. The house is built on a hilltop and features a total living area of 961 square meters. The design includes large openings on all levels allowing the occupants to enjoy the surrounding beauty of nature. The luxuries of this container home also include an infinity pool and a terrace overlooking the best surfing break.

Costa Rica Luxury Shipping Container Home

Costa Rica Luxury Shipping Container House


3) Denver’s Shipping Container Home

Made from nine 40 feet shipping containers, this home offers a living space of 3,000 square feet. The 25 feet high ceilings make this home feel grand and luxurious. This two-story container home features 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 living areas, and a kitchen. The luxuries of this house do not end here. It also includes a back patio, front porch, and a private balcony attached to the master bedroom. The best thing about this house is its availability for you to rent it via Airbnb.

Denver Shipping Container Home

Denver Shipping Container House



4) The Flying Container Home

The major part of this shipping container home is flying 1.50 meters above the ground level. Constructed in just three months, this luxurious house features 3 levels each offering 100 square meters of living space. Along with beds and baths, it features a large living room, two-car garage, laundry room, and a sewing studio. The terrace of this container home is covered with beautiful trees to keep you close to nature.

Luxury 3 Shipping Container

Luxury 3 Shipping Container Interior


5) Shipping Container Home in France

This shipping container home is the brainchild of Clément Gillet Architectes, a French architect firm. The 1,120 square feet home is situated in Brittany, France. Built from four 40 feet shipping containers, the house features 3 bedrooms, a living area, and a carport. The clever placement of the shipping containers provides a covered entrance under the cantilevered container. Black and green exteriors along with minimalist interiors give this house a luxurious look.

Luxury Container Home France

Luxury Container House France


6) Container Home on the River Bank

Located in rural Northern Ireland, this container home offers picturesque views with beautiful landscapes surrounding it. The design utilizes four 45 feet shipping containers to provide ample living space inside. Additionally, large sliding doors make it easy to combine the outside living space with the internal area. It makes the house grand and spacious while merging the comfort of the house with the natural rural set up outside. The choice of external colors for different shipping containers provides a royal look to the shipping container house. At the same time, the utilities, different furniture items, and interior decoration of this home add to its luxury

Luxury Container Home Exterior Ireland

Luxury Container Home Interior Ireland


7) Spacious Red Shipping Container Home

This beautiful shipping container home is designed by French architect Patrick Partouche for a single-family. Located in Lille in Northern France, the house is built by joining eight shipping containers while preserving the original doors. It offers a living space of 208 square meters roughly translating to 2,240 square feet. The exterior of the house overlooks a field and the glazed panels connect the occupants with the outside beauty. The interiors of this house create a balance between industrial and modern look. Open spaces, contemporary furniture, modern electrical appliances, and availability of other utilities make it a luxurious dwelling.

Luxury Shipping Container Home Exterior Northern FranceLuxury Shipping Container House Interior Northern France


8) Multi-Generational Container Home Complex

This shipping Container Home is designed by Peter DeMaria and is the largest container home project in California. The duplex is built for Paula Dowd and her family with whom the designer worked earlier in 2005. Just like the previous container home of the family, this home is also located on South Redondo Beach. The 4,400 square feet living space is created by modifying and joining a total of 14 shipping containers. The colored tile panels installed on the exterior of the home helps it blend well with its surroundings. The interior designing, installations, fittings, and color scheme gives it a royal and luxurious look.

Luxury Container Home California


9) Shipping Container Home in Kharkiv

Here is another beautiful home built from three shipping containers offering a living space of 180 square meters. The single-family home is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and designed by Drozdov & Partners. Along with beds and baths, the house offers a kitchen and living area that overlooks a beautiful private pool. It is built in a wooden deck that enhances the overall beauty of this private space. The unique design of this 1,940 square feet container home separates each unit for maximizing privacy. The unique structure and exterior colors of the house give it a rich and royal look. Additionally, the amenities offered, interior designing, and furniture pieces add to its luxury. The use of glass doors joins the internal area of the house with the pool to offer enormous space.

Luxury Container House Ukraine
Luxury Container Home Ukraine


10) Container Home Nestled in Woods

Designed by Fredman Design Group, this container home offers a combination of modern luxury and natural rawness. Many parts of the house are kept open to build a connection with the beautiful surrounding woods. The design also includes natural wood and cut-away pieces from the shipping containers to add a raw touch. The furnishings and fittings throughout the home along with the amenities including a private pool make it a luxurious dwelling. This home is a perfect example of nature meeting luxury for providing an ultimate experience to its residents.

Luxury Container Home in Woods Exterior

Luxury Container Home in Woods Interior


How are luxury container homes different than ordinary container homes

Luxury container homes are different from ordinary container homes in several ways:


Luxury container homes are designed with aesthetics and style in mind. They are often designed by professional architects and designers who incorporate high-end materials and finishes to create a luxurious living space. Ordinary container homes, on the other hand, are typically more functional and utilitarian in design.


Luxury container homes are often larger than ordinary container homes. They may be made up of multiple containers or may be designed to include additional living space such as decks or outdoor areas. Ordinary container homes are typically one or two containers, and may not have as much living space.


Luxury container homes often include high-end features such as gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and smart home technology. They may also include unique design elements such as floor-to-ceiling windows or custom lighting. Ordinary container homes may have more basic features and finishes.


Luxury container homes are more expensive than ordinary container homes. They often use higher-end materials and finishes and may include custom design elements that increase the cost of construction. Ordinary container homes are more budget-friendly and are a more affordable housing option.

Overall, luxury container homes offer a more high-end and luxurious living experience compared to ordinary container homes. However, both types of homes are sustainable and affordable housing option and offer unique and innovative design possibilities.


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