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These 10 container home patio designs will help you design your own! Patios are an extension of your house and make an important part of your outdoor home space. There can be a wide variety of patios depending on the size and facilities you desire. Shipping container homeowners are also fond of beautiful patios for a variety of reasons. The foremost reason is that these outdoor living spaces expand the indoor area in tiny home constructions. The owners of large houses lean towards enjoying the comforts offered by a patio. Whatever the reason be, patios are a great addition to your home. You can always design them according to your requirements.

Let us have a look at different container home patio designs around the world. They will inspire you to build your very own patio with all the desired features.

1) Hanging patio

If you love the serenity offered by the countryside, you’ll love this container home patio design. Built by Casa Container Marília, the house hangs in the air with the help of several metal pillars. This blends the patio of this house with the surrounding branches. It is living with nature, literally. The shelter of trees over the patio creates a canopy of branches providing you shade throughout the day. The wooden patios of the Hanging House offer mesmerizing countryside views of Campos Novos Paulista, Brazil.

Hanging patio

Source – facebook.com/casacontainermarilia

2) Multiple patios separated by rooms

Why should you be satisfied with a single patio when you can have more than one? This Venice container house features multiple patios separated by rooms in between. The design of the whole construction adds privacy to the rooms. At the same time, these are connected by covered walkways. This is where the scope of adding multiple patios lie – along the walkways. You will be surprised to know that one of these patios even features an outdoor bathtub as well.

The design utilizes wood and stone for giving a natural look to the outdoor space. Additionally, the containers surrounding the patios are painted bright to break the monotony of the steel structure. It also adds a fun and upbeat vibe to the shipping container home patio. The tree growing out of one of these patios further enhances the beauty of the house.

Multiple patios


Multiple patios container homes

Source – goipme.com/project-item/venice-shipping-container-house

3) Patio-cum-living area

Creating a comfortable outdoor living space is the most amazing thing you can do for your family. This container home patio design exudes luxury, style, and comfort. The Sweden home is built from four 40-feet shipping containers and features patios at two levels. A large seating space is built to enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. Not only is this patio design suitable for family gatherings but it can also be utilized for hosting parties. The wall-length glass doors at the ground floor can be opened fully to create an extra-large living space.

Patio-cum-living area


Patio-cum-container house

Source: hemnet.se/artiklar/klicktoppen/2018/09/10/containerhus-med-strackmetall-mest-klickat

4) Fenced patio on the top

The top floor of our house is usually airy and can be best utilized to build a patio. This design features a fenced patio on the top to which several plants have been added. There is enough space to add some chairs around a table to enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the top. Since the original design is built as a student housing complex, fencing adds safety to the patio. You can always use a wooden or steel railing in its place to suit your needs. This design will perfectly fit a tiny shipping container house.

Fenced patio on the top

Source – rejigit.co.nz/vendor/article.php?uid=dr

5) Patio-cum-dining area

Do you dream of enjoying dinner in your beautiful private patio? If yes, this design is just for you. The Kelowna HO4 container home design built by Honomobo houses a breathtakingly beautiful patio. It features a barbecue and some decent sitting space for your family and friends. The wooden patio complements well with the overall steel container house. You can consider adding some potted plants to this patio for further enhancing its beauty.

Patio-cum dining area
                                                          Source – honomobo.com/ca/kelowna-ho4

6) Gracefully-curtained patio

This tiny shipping container house features a curtained patio that enhances the privacy of the outdoor living space. The beautiful curtains add gracefulness to the overall design. A few chairs around a table and an extremely comfortable outdoor lounger form part of the wooden patio. The area is covered with fabric to create shade during the sunny days. You can, however, keep it open depending on the temperature in your region. The extra-large sliding door between the patio and the inner living area is the most useful feature of this design. It helps to create additional living space in this tiny shipping container house.

Gracefully-curtained patio

Source – studioarte.info/portfolio/nomad-living-vale-de-vila

7) Two-sided patio

If you are planning to build a medium-sized or large house, this patio design will fit extremely well. Created by Johnsen Schmaling Architects in the United States, the house is known by the name ‘OS House’. The patio extends beside the two walls of the container house for easier access from inside. The wall-to-ceiling sliding doors can be opened widely for making this patio a part of the inner living space. This gives you enough opportunity to enjoy the weather you love the most. A small bush and some sofas have been added to the patio for spending quality time here with the family. You can add some more chairs depending on the size of your gathering.

Two-sided patio

Sources – johnsenschmaling.com/os-house

8) Patio under a cantilever container

This shipping container house is uniquely designed to include a cantilevered container over a patio. This top container covering the patio provides shade to it along with adding to its beauty. Built by the Peruvian-born designer Sachi Fujimori, the house is known as Casa Reciclada Container House. You can expand the inner living space by opening up the large glass doors adjoining the patio area. A lot of furniture pieces have been added to this patio including sofas, recliners, benches, and tables. You can choose a comfortable set of furniture as per your requirements.

Patio under a cantilever container

Source – livinginacontainer.com/wonderful-two-story-shipping-container-home-peru/

9) Patio with a fireplace

This patio is a part of a beautiful shipping container house in New York that is listed on Airbnb. The best feature of this patio is a fireplace that saves you from the extremely cold climates. A few chairs are placed around a fire ring for enjoying the warmth. Additionally, a wood-fired hot tub also forms part of the patio outside. You can fill it up with stream water. The patio also features a hammock and a yoga platform for a complete rejuvenation of mind and body. The large sliding doors adjacent to the patio can be opened to form a larger living space. You can mimic this design in your backyard and fill it up with a lot of trees to add privacy.

AirBnB Container Home patio with fireplace

10) Patio with a pool

Adding a pool to your patio can make the outdoor space your family’s favorite. This container home patio design is created by Diana Miller and husband in Graceville, Brisbane. The patio has been covered to enjoy the beauty of rainy days. The pool, however, has been left uncovered. For safety reasons, fiberglass railing has been installed around the pool. Light-weight moveable outdoor furniture is added to the patio for extra convenience. White furniture pieces complement the wooden patio extremely well. Big beautiful lights are installed on the ceiling that covers the patio making it look prettier in the dark hours. A few trees have been added on one side of the pool. You can add more of them to ensure privacy. Such a patio design is suitable for both big and tiny houses.

Patio with a pool

Source  – dianamiller.me/grand-designs-australia/

Container Home Patio Designs & Regular Home Patio Designs

One of the many benefits of container homes is their versatility in design, which extends to the outdoor living space. Container home patios are different than regular home patios in a number of ways, and we’ll explore these differences in more detail in this blog article.


Container home patios tend to be smaller than regular home patios due to the limited space available on the property. The size of the patio can vary depending on the size of the container home and the available outdoor space. It’s important to consider the size of the patio when designing the outdoor living space, as it can impact the overall functionality of the space.


One of the biggest differences between container home patios and regular home patios is the location. Container home patios are often located on the roof of the container home. This allows for additional outdoor living space without taking up valuable ground space. Alternatively, the patio may be located on the ground near the container home, but it may need to be designed to accommodate the limited space.


The material used for container home patios can vary, but they are often made from lightweight materials that won’t put too much additional weight on the container home’s structure. Popular options include wood, composite decking, and aluminum. It’s important to choose materials that are weather-resistant and require minimal upkeep. This is especially important for container home patios, as they may require more maintenance compared to regular home patios due to their exposure to the elements.


Container home patios often have a more modern or minimalist design that complements the container home’s aesthetic. They may also be designed to maximize space by including features like built-in seating, storage, or planters. It’s important to consider the overall design of the container home when designing the patio, as it can impact the cohesiveness of the outdoor living space.


As previously mentioned, container home patios may require more maintenance compared to regular home patios due to their exposure to the elements. It’s important to choose materials that are weather-resistant and require minimal upkeep. Regular maintenance is also important for keeping the patio in good condition, as neglect can lead to costly repairs down the line.

Bottom line:

Container home patios are a unique and functional addition to any container home. They offer additional outdoor living space without taking up valuable ground space and can be designed to complement the container home’s aesthetic. It’s important to consider the size, location, material, design, and maintenance when designing a container home patio to ensure it meets your needs and lasts for years to come.

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