10 Common Architectural Styles for Your Custom Home

Every architectural style has a history in it. When you go into the depth of its history, you’ll get all the exceptional and rare styles. One of two ways to describe the type of house is through architectural styles. The other option is to search by building or structure type.

You may find so many styles which can influence you to make your house. From this house style guide, you’ll get the 10 most popular designs apart from modern, Mediterranean, and Greek revival styles.

10 Common Architectural Styles for Your Custom Home

Here are some most typical searched-for architectural styles of a custom home we’ve described-

1)   Ranch House Style

Typical ranch-style buildings will be single-story with an open floor plan and a designated patio area. Long, low-pitch roof lines and wide windows along the front of the house are standard features of ranch designs.

A ranch-style home’s shape might vary. The majority are rectangular, although they can also be made in the form of a “U” or “L.” Although most ranch design homes do not have a second floor, most have completed basements.

The basement, which serves as an additional floor, improves the overall extra space in the property and is ideal for a home theater, gym, or guest rooms.

2)   Modern

Modern architecture was first seen in the 20th century. It became the most famous architectural style after WWII. Modernism is a historical art movement that challenged traditional neoclassical architecture and inspired the style.

Modern architecture is ideal for regions with less snow and ice. However, it may be used practically anywhere as a contrast or compliment to the natural as well as urban environments.

Even though it has a different architectural style, the dog trot barndominium has an open breezeway connecting two living areas. This dog trot barndominium ideas will be better for those who require all the modern convenience. This style will provide you with a unique barndominium feeling.

3)   Mediterranean

Because of their distinct and elegant exteriors, Mediterranean homes stand out quickly in any community. These houses often have terracotta roof tiles and white-painted brick or stucco siding.

Carved doorways, complex stone detailing, metalwork on windows, and wrought iron front doors are all common aspects of these unique residences. They feature a light, warm color scheme and effective use of natural materials like ceramic and wood.

These architectural styles are really evocative of the visual appeal of southern European countries.

4)   The Refined Greek Revival

The Geek styles and democracy inspire this architectural style. From the 1830s, the USA embraced this house style, and after the 1940s, it became more popular.

In this style, you can see tall and large columns, the exterior will be painted, and the designs are symmetrical.

These will be the standard features of these mansions that are sometimes painted white. However, these paints seem like the white marble of expensive public buildings.

5)   Mid-century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern designs have all impacted interior design, graphic art, and housing types. They are built with minimalism and natural elements in mind. They’re also frequently designed in a futuristic or abstract style.

The interior design will be influenced by nature, and the house designs will be asymmetrical. At the same time, designing these styles, the interior level changes between rooms.

These kinds of architecture, as well as interior design and furniture ideas, are still quite fashionable today.

6)   Post-Modern

A chain of critiques of Modern architecture began in 1929, with the start of the Great Depression, and continued until the late 1970s.

Postmodern architecture investigates some of Modernism’s key concepts from a fresh historical and creative standpoint in both speech and actually works.

Various questioning methods were used, including sarcasm at times and a keen interest in popular culture at other times.

7)   Colonial

It is common to see Colonial-style structures in the US, which date back to 1876. Settlers erected these antique homes with symmetrical elements and tall roofs.

The kitchen and family area is located on the first floor, while the bedrooms are located on the second floor.

Colonial homes can be found from Maine to Virginia. These architectural styles are known for their several floors, balancing window displays as well as chimneys, and brick or wood facades.

8)   Farm House

The American Farmhouse architecture is a classic look design. The primary thing about this style is the farmhouses are built to be functional. They’re popular across the United States, and regional variations are frequent, such as wrap-around porches in the South.

A farmhouse can usually be identified by the fact that it is located on a vast piece of farmland.

9)   Contemporary Craftsman Style

For the first time, these houses were constructed between 1905 and early 1930. The Craftsman may have been lost in 1920, but it had a fashionable reappearance in the mid-1980s, and it is still widely popular.

Nowadays, many people demand a mix of Craftsman and other designs, which has reportedly been resolved to “Contemporary Craftsman.”

10)                   Cape Cod Style

In the 1600s, the first Cape Cod houses were constructed. They were modeled after thatched cottages in the United Kingdom but with steeper roofs and larger chimneys to endure the harsh Northeastern winters.

This Cape Cod style includes windows flanking the front door, dormer windows on the top, along with cedar shingles. The majority of today’s Cape Cods houses were constructed after WWII, and they were the first form to be employed in low-cost housing projects.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Custom Home Style Builders?

It’s time to call a trustworthy house builder. Choose someone who builds buildings with honesty and professionalism. Most builders’ goal is to create the home of your dreams and make it all you’ve always desired. The knowledgeable designers will be there for you every step of the journey, offering advice on your decisions and the most efficient use of your cash.

Wrapping Up

If you’re hunting for your dream house style, this write-up about the architectural styles will be beneficial. Just make sure which house style will suit your needs and tastes the most and contact your house builder to confirm it. Check out the characteristics and the details about all these 10 custom home types. All these house styles are unique, which makes the house buyers fall in love with its features.

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