10 Beautiful Tiny House Gardens

tiny gardens

Gardens are not meant only for large spaces. Numerous designs of gardens can be built in small areas. These designs can solve various purposes ranging from adding beauty to your house to fulfilling your grocery needs. The designs listed here can be built on all types of tiny houses whether built traditionally or using a container. Let us start exploring beautiful tiny house gardens from around the world.

1) Tiny house with terrace garden

Having a terrace garden in a tiny house is a dream of many. Such gardens look heavenly for the height and openness they offer. Poteet Architects created one such design for a tiny shipping container home in south San Antonio, Texas. Built on a single-container home, the rooftop garden has been raised a little off the container roof. This serves the dual purpose of providing shade during the winter months and maintaining adequate airflow during the summers. This unique feature makes this terrace garden useful along with being beautiful.

Container Home Garden
Source – poteetarchitects.com/container-guest-house/mkxul6zjj80vgyskig0sa9fjoakr5f

2) Tiny Green-Cube House

This tiny ‘green cube’ isn’t a tiny house but a studio space covered in greens. However, the award-winning garden design is versatile enough to be used for your tiny house. It can be mapped perfectly onto a shipping container home as well. This beautiful garden is a creation of Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture. The San Francisco designer built the studio space and the entire garden in a tiny space of 50 by 25 feet. The garden blends the lush greens with white plantings to complement the home’s modern interior.

Container House Garden

Source -sllasf.com/pg.php?id=pgd&im=4

3) Tiny herb garden

This beautiful tiny herb garden can be a source of fresh herbs for your household. The design can be incorporated into a small space anywhere in your home, even on the roof. You can take a DIY route to build it and make small compartments for different herbs. It is important to plan the details depending on the herbs you desire to grow. You can also add some easy-to-maintain vegetables to this garden. This way, you can do your grocery shopping in your tiny home without paying a dime!

 Beautiful Tiny House Gardens

Source – thespruce.com/design-plan-for-a-simple-formal-herb-garden-4121810

4) Garden on Walls

This beautiful tiny house is built by Francine Collins and her husband. The DIY creation includes a little garden surrounding the house. A hedge has been formed on one side of the house. The other three sides feature greenery on the walls. This wooden structure holds the wall plants in fixed wood planters. The surroundings are also covered with flowers planted directly in the ground. The whole design can be utilized for a traditional house as well as a shipping container house. The versatility of the design allows you to use it in a tiny house made out of any material.

Garden on the wall

Source – francieweb.com/tiny-home-gardening/tiny-house-garden/

5) Laid-out garden with mirrors

This tiny house garden features a laid-out design on the roof and walls of the house. The plantations follow a continuous flow throughout to cover the entire house under greenery. Such green cover over your house will act as a shield against the direct sunlight in summer. The surroundings of the tiny house can also be covered with greenery and flowers for an even prettier living space. This laid-out garden also uses reflective glass to make the tiny space appear bigger. The design can be replicated on both a traditional house and a shipping container house.

 Beautiful Tiny House Gardens

Source – buildinghomesandliving.com/tiny-house/tiny-house-garden-studio-with-mirror-camouflage-neat

6) Multi-story garden

This beautiful multi-story garden saves ample space in a tiny house. It is a great idea to build a garden on three different levels of height. Along with saving space, it keeps your tiny house cooler. Built by Guz Architects, the Singapore house came to be known as Meera Sky Garden House. Starting with the ground level to surround your house with greenery, move to the upper level. Here, you can also add some seating space and flowers to surround the chairs. At the topmost level, the garden can include small plantings and colorful flowers. This design is suitable for tiny multi-story houses.

Multi level garden
Source – guzarchitects.com/portfolio/meera-sky-garden-house/

7) Around-the-Path Garden

A driveway garden is a perfect space-saver for a tiny house. This design can be incorporated at the entry of your house. Trees and bushes can be planted on either side of the walkway or driveway. You can also consider adding chairs around a table for spending evenings with your family in your tiny garden. Some grass or little flowers can be added to the path for beautifying it further. Such designs are useful for adding privacy to your tiny house as the entry area gets covered with trees. Also, they allow you to enjoy looking over the garden from your window instead of a busy road. Consider adding wall-length fiberglass doors at the entry of the living space.

 Beautiful Tiny House Gardens

Source – landscaper.org.uk/member-showcase.html

8) Pool-side tiny garden

A little garden can be built alongside your private pool. This design includes a shipping container pool built by Modpools. Such a beautiful space can be created in your backyard or just at the entry of your tiny house. Since people of all ages love water, a pool-side garden can become a favorite spot for your whole family.

Swimming pool garden

Source – dezeen.com/2017/05/03/modpools-repurposes-used-shipping-containers-swimming-pools-hot-tubs/


9) Garden-cum-Living Space

This beautiful garden is part of a 100-year-old tiny house in California. The owner Whitney Leigh Morris is living here with her family for the past nine years though. Since she wanted a quality life for her family, she chose a tiny house and added valuable features to it. A small private garden doubles up as a living space for the family as it exudes extreme comfort. This garden features a perfect design for your tiny house if you enjoy eating food in the open. A small dining table and sofa space make this tiny garden worth spending the whole day in. The only shortcoming we could find in this garden is the number of plants added to it. It would be lovely to fill it up with more colorful flowers and plantings for a filled-up look.

Tiny garden
Source – tinycanalcottage.com

10) Courtyard Garden

This beautiful courtyard garden is built by Earth Designs in North London. The designer added a sitting space for the family to enjoy the beauty of nature. The color scheme of plants is kept basic primarily using green and white. A boundary of trees has also been incorporated on one side of the garden for privacy. All the plantings are simple to manage and require very low maintenance. The overall design of the courtyard garden is kept classic to match the Victorian interiors of the tiny house.

Courtyard garden

Source – earthdesigns.co.uk/kowloonbay_portfolio/courtyard-garden-design-north-london

The Bottom Line

There are many opportunities to build a small private garden in your tiny home. All you need to do is use your creativity to design a perfect garden for your house. The tiny house garden designs discussed above will act as inspiration for your very own tiny garden. Don’t forget to add some sitting space to it so you can spend evenings with your family in the garden.

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