10 Beautiful Shipping Container Pool Designs

Shipping container swimming pool

Private swimming pools are considered a luxury because of their development cost. With a lot of other alternatives available these days, you can have your private pool at a fraction of the cost. One such option is a shipping container pool. We hope that these Shipping 10 Container Pool Designs will help you design your own pool.

. The giant shipping containers can be modified into beautiful swimming pools at very reasonable rates. Their looks are also quite similar to the traditional pools. There is a wide variety of pool designs offered by container modification companies. You can choose a design of your preference that matches the vibe of your home. Let us have a look at the various container pool designs.

1) In-ground Shipping Container Pool Designs

In-ground shipping container pools are built quite in a similar manner as the traditional pools. The only difference being the use of a container in place of a cemented pool structure. The container is placed inside the pit after digging out an appropriate height of land. This forms a base for the pool. This in-ground pool built by Modpools is created similarly and offers all the modern facilities. It can be installed at your place in a day and will look as beautiful as a traditional pool.

Inground shipping container pool

Source -modpools.com/gallery

2) Above-ground Shipping Container Pool Designs

Above-ground container pools are the most common ones among shipping container pool builders. Such pools are the easiest to create and can be installed in a few hours. They require much less effort in installation and there is no land digging involved. The design created by Hampton’s Garage can be built completely out of the site. It includes a space for storing all the pool equipment. You can choose between the two standard sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet. The company allows you to choose a color for your beautiful shipping container pool.

Above ground shipping container pool

Source hamptonsgarage.com.au/shipping-container-pools.html

3) Partially In-ground Pool

This design by Boxx Pools is best suitable for uneven lands. Along with solving the problem of building a pool at difficult terrains, such designs have a unique personality. The amount of work involved in creating them lies somewhere in the middle of the in-ground and above-ground pools. The installation involves some land digging to fit the container pool inside the higher level of the land. If you have limited space but desire to have a pool, you can get it installed along the stairs. In the design shown, the pool exterior is done in a manner to give the effect of a traditional pool. You can, however, always choose your pool’s look to match the surroundings.

Partialy Inground Pool Container

Source boxxpool.com/gallery/

4) Container Pool with a Viewing Window

This container pool is elevated from the ground like an above-ground pool. This allows us to create a beautiful viewing window on the side of the pool. You can enjoy the outside view of your backyard from within this pool. Also, it acts as a safety feature to keep an eye on your children from outside when they enjoy swimming. The overall design of this shipping container pool adds to the beauty of your house with its unique charm.

Container Pool with a Viewing Window

Source – archdaily.com/117972/devoto-house-andres-remy-arquitectos

5) Cantilevered Container Pool

This very design allows you to swim in the air, literally! The cantilevered pools are created by lifting the container pool to height while installing them. As seen in the picture here, they are joined to your house from one side. Additional support is provided from the ground with construction beams or similar strong support material. Depending on your requirement, these pools can be attached to your house either length-wise or breadth-wise. You can also build a small passage to connect your house with the pool to make it look more beautiful. Such a passage can be covered with a glass wall on either side for safely reaching the cantilevered pool. This will provide you with an amazing view while you are heading for a swimming session.

Cantilevered Container PoolSource – shippingcontainerpools.com.au

6) Container-Entertainer Pool

This beautiful shipping container by UBuild is a complete entertainment package. It features booster jets. Spa, massage recliner, built-in wireless beats, built-in icebox, and refrigerator. The beauty of the pool is enhanced with custom handcrafted seating and decking area. You can always add or remove the entertainment feature you don’t desire for your family. Such pools offer a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Container-Entertainer Pool

Source – ubuildcontainers.com.au/product/20-6-1m-x-2-5m-deck-tainer

7) Swimming-cum-Spa Container Pool

This container pool includes an 8-meter swimming area and a spa pool for a family of up to 6 members. An additional 2 meters of hardwood decking is also available for seating that can be utilized as a barbecue area. The pool built by Container Pools New Zealand also features a chlorine purification system and a child safety ledge. You can choose the colors of both the swimming shell and the spa pool.

Source – containerpoolsnz.co.nz/container-pool-range

8) Playground Container Pool

This is one of the most adventurous container pool design on this list. PD Modular has built a playground over the swimming pool that will bring out the child in you. If you are planning to add a swimming pool to your house for your kids, this is the best. Children enjoy playing water games and this pool offers them all. They can also learn swimming easily while playing and having fun. As the pool features tempered glass, you can keep an eye over your children when they play inside. The manufacturer also provides for the filtration and disinfection system. This pool design includes a wavemaker, colorful lamps, a circulatory spray shower, and a secured equipment storage room. Investing in this beautiful container pool implies daily fun evenings for your family.

Playground Container Pool

Source pdmodular.com/pd.jsp?id=13#_pp=121_453

9) Container Pool with a Cover

Keeping a pool clean is the biggest problem for all pool owners. To help with this issue, Tangle Pools offer container pools with customized covers. Besides looking beautiful, these covers can protect your pool from dust, chemicals, and UV rays. A strong tear-resistant mesh is used to reinforce a premium-grade material for making such pool covers durable. You can choose a simple cover or a fully automatic one to suit your needs and budget. The choice of color again lies in your hands. You can match it with your pool surroundings.

Source tanglepools.com/options/

10) Container Wave Pool

This container pool design by Box360 offers you a powerful jet system at one end. This system creates powerful waves across the pool water turning it into a wave pool. The color of pool water can also be changed with multi-color lights included in the design. The manufacturer also offers a heating system for allowing you to swim throughout the year. This design is named as Premium SplashBox by the company.

Wave container pool


The Bottom Line: Shipping Container Pool Designs

If you have a vision of creating a pool for your family, you have many options available. There are many pocket-friendly pool designs for meeting everyone’s demands. The more complicated designs are suitable for people having higher budgets. You can always instruct the company about adding your favorite features to your private pool. These pools are a great option for spending quality time with your family.

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