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 Ideas for Container House Interior Designs

We hope that these 10 beautiful container house interior designs will help you design your home. House interiors add the feeling of homeliness and comfort to a place of living. With our varied tastes, we are bound to see a wide variety in the interior design of different houses. Not only traditional homes but shipping container houses also offer a lot of different interior styles. The container modification companies offer many beautiful variations and allow you to choose the one you like. You can also share your ideas in advance for getting your dream home interiors designed. Take a look at various container house interiors to get an idea for your new home.

1) Executive-style Container House Interior

This container house features executive-style interiors that give the house a clutter-free look. Keeping the interior colors to basic ones adds sophistication to the whole design. The addition of minimal furniture makes this house look big and spacious. Such interiors are perfect for a working couple as only a little maintenance is required with limited furniture.

Interior Design Shipping Container Home

Source – containerbuildgroup.com.au/luxury-container-homes/the-executive/

2) Mid-century Container Interior

This beautiful-looking container house features mid-century-inspired furnishings. It is built by the developers, John Walker and Katie Nichols with architect Christopher Robertson. The interior walls of the house are modified to create an airy atmosphere inside. A tinge of vibrant colors has also been added to the interiors for giving a modern twist. Furniture pieces have been kept in a way to make the place look spacious.

Mid-century Container Interiors

Source – robdes.com/projects/cordell/

3) Contemporary Container House Interior

This 2,240 sq. ft. container house is designed by Patrick Partouche, a French architect. The interiors of this house feature a modern design with contemporary furniture and modern electrical appliances. Metal stairs and steel poles also form a part of the house interiors to balance everything well. The combination of bare steel construction and red paint gives a beautiful look to the entire house.

Modern interior container home

Modern interior container house
Source – partouche-architecte.blogspot.com/2010/10/container-house-lille.html

4) DIY Container Home Interior

This three-story house built from shipping containers includes DIY interiors designed by the house owner. Will Breaux wanted to construct a home of his dreams and hired a team for the same. Since the team could not understand his vision, he ended up designing his house by himself. A lot of paintings and handicrafts are a part of this house giving it a cozy feel. A wide variety of furniture is added for making the place extremely comfortable to live in.

Source: bionicweapon.wordpress.com/2019/04/05/post-move-in-updates/

5) Extra-Spacious Container House Interiors

This 3,700 sq. ft. living space is known as the PV14 house. The beautiful interiors feature minimal furniture for an extra-spacious dwelling. Furnishings are kept modern for adding a touch of luxury to the place. To balance this sophisticated look, the roof has been kept bare with container steel visible all over. The house design incorporates all the comforts without stuffing up the place.

Extra specious container home design
Source – pv14house.com/

6) Futuristic Container House Interior

This uniquely designed house with a cluster of shipping containers features ultra-modern interiors. Though originally started as an office building, this design is now offered by the designer for all kinds of buildings. Several containers are used in producing this design that can receive maximum natural light in a day. The containers bringing in light from above look extremely beautiful. The part of the interiors that receive maximum light can be used as a home office. The remaining part can be converted into other areas of the house. This interior design is best suitable for a professional working from home. The place becomes quite energetic with a lot of natural light coming in. Additionally, only the essential furniture pieces are added to the house to prevent the blockage of natural light. This futuristic kind of house interior design can be pocket-friendly in the run as much less power is consumed.

Futuristic Container House Interior
Source – whitakerstudio.co.uk/joshua-tree-residence

7) Wooden Container Home Interiors

This shipping container house is built in the form of a cross that makes it difficult to design the interiors. Yet, the designer successfully managed to make a beautiful interior living space. Almost all the furniture is made out of wood and kept in the same state without any fancy paint. This gives the house interiors a seemingly-natural wooden look. This compact design is created by a Tbilisi based architect Dachi Papuashvili. He wanted to create a self-sufficient house. Therefore, solar power and rainwater accumulated serve as power sources for lighting up the house interiors.

Wood Interior

Wooden Container Home Interiors
Source – behance.net/gallery/15650411/Micro-House-Skit-2014

8) Rustic Container Interiors

This container house with rustic interiors is designed by Custom Container Living. Named as Happy Together, the house is built out of two 20-feet shipping containers. With just a coat of paint outside, the house features beautiful interiors giving it a rustic look. The bamboo flooring throughout the house, except the bathroom and entryway, adds to its rustic look. The pine tongue-and-groove walls go well with the design and make the house look even more beautiful. Though kept raw and rustic, the interiors include all the facilities one can ask for.

Beautiful Container House Interior Designs

Source – customcontainerliving.com/gallery/?_gallery=gg-6-69

9) Container Interiors with Raw Luxury

It is rare to find luxurious interiors that are close to nature in some way. This house designed by Fredman Design Group features both rawness and luxury at the same time. It is a delight to live in such a house that is surrounded by nature. Many parts of the house are kept open to provide a beautiful view of the surroundings from the inside. Every piece of furniture exudes luxury and style. Due importance has also been given to comfort while designing the house interiors.

Container Interiors with Raw Luxury

Source – fredmandesigngroup.com/portfolio_page/the-container-home-in-the-woods/

10) Industrial Container House Interiors

This 1,500 sq. ft. container house is built by Tomecek Studio and features industrial interiors. The walls of the shipping container seamlessly blend with the other furnishings. The roof has also been left exposed without adding any wooden board to cover it. This further adds to the overall beauty of the container house interiors. Along with the interior looks, the designer has made an effort to make it a comfortable place for living.

Beautiful Container House Interior Designs

Source – tomecekstudio.com/work/dwellings/shipping-container

The Bottom Line

Every person has a unique taste that decides the looks of his dream house. You can incorporate your ideas into the designs given above to create unique interiors for your house. While adding things of your preference, ensure to add comfortable furniture pieces that are durable as well. After all, your ultimate dream is to create a comfortable living space for your family.

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